Youtubers like Sarah’s Days offer viewers tips, inspiration and motivation on exercise and healthy eating

Sarah is a sporty and beautiful Youtuber from Australia. Over 380,000 people have subscribed to her. She mainly deals with the topics of fitness, nutrition and health. On her channel she shows her workouts, recipe ideas and reports about her lifestyle. She also gives important tips, finds solutions for problems and makes tutorials. For example, she shows how to make fast food healthier or what simple changes you can make in your everyday life to lose weight or just to stay healthy. She also has tips for beautiful skin. Her YouTube channel has been around since 2013, which has also allowed her to publish her own ebook. Her ebook is about an 8 week challenge that will make you fitter and healthier and thus change your life in a positive way.

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Youtubers like Sarah’s Day motivate their viewers to exercise and eat healthy.

Tess Begg has especially many vegan recipe ideas

Tess Begg inspires her viewers with great recipe ideas. The special thing is that everything is vegan. She also gives tips for life as a vegan and tests vegan products. In addition, she posts her workouts to follow and exciting vlogs.

Sunnys Secret regularly takes her viewers to competitions

Sunny is a German fitness youtuber. Her channel is all about healthy eating, fitness and muscle building. She shares recipes, info and her own experiences with the viewers, because Sunny is regularly on the road competing. Viewers can follow her life closely through many published vlogs.

Maddie Lymburner uploads vegan recipes, workouts and vlogs from around the world

Maddie’s videos come from her home in Canada and around the world as she has been on a great journey for 7 months. She takes her viewers with her on this journey in vlogs. She also regularly uploads what I eat in a day videos, recipes and workouts. Maddie is vegan, so of course all her recipes are vegan.

BodyKiss provides you with everything around the topics of fitness and nutrition.

Anne deals with fitness for girls and women who would like to become healthier and fitter. Anne offers everything you need on her channel: Healthy Fooddiary, different workouts, weight loss tips, warm up songs, healthy snacks, fitness mistakes and and and. Anne also addresses the serious topic of anorexia, which she herself has struggled with.

What’s Sarah’s real name?

Sarah’s name is Sarah Stevenson in real life, too.

How long has she been living with her boyfriend?

In May 2017, the two moved in together.

What’s her boyfriend’s name?

Her boyfriend’s name is Kurt Tilse and he’s a photographer.

Does Sarah have any brothers or sisters?

Sarah has a little sister and a big sister.

Where did she live in her childhood?

She was born and raised in Sydney.

When are Sarah’s video days and what time?

She doesn’t have set video days but she posts her videos regularly.

How old is she and when is her B-day?

Sarah is 24 years old and was born on August 30, 1992.