Youtuber like Ema Louise love to inspire the viewers with beauty and fashion.

Ema Louise is a very successful Youtuber since 2012. Her channel has over 500,000 subscribers. She loves everything that has to do with beauty and fashion and therefore most of her videos revolve around these topics. Besides beauty and fashion videos, she also covers many other topics, so there is something for everyone. For example, she shows how to edit Instagram pictures beautifully, the coolest new products and gives tips on how to become more confident. She also talks about her future plans, tests vegan pizza and inspires her viewers with a lookbook. In addition to her YouTube channel, 18-year-old Ema Louise also has an exciting blog where she regularly uploads articles on various topics. Lately, she has been traveling a lot all over the world and reports about her experiences on the blog. She gives her viewers and readers the opportunity to repurchase her favorite products and clothes by linking them on the blog. Ema’s most popular videos are the Roomtour 2015 and the Flat Joke Challenge. The videos have already reached over 1 million views.

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Youtuber like Ema Louise overwhelms her viewers with great videos

Diana zur Löwen tests beauty products and makes girls happy

Diana’s channel is all about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The 21-year-old from Cologne often tests new things for her viewers, such as Balea products, beauty apps or clothes from Amazon. In addition to tips on beauty routines, she also reveals her tips for being happy or growing up. She also makes her viewers laugh with challenges and gives nutrition tips.

Thebeauty2go has a varied channel with tips, tests and inspiration on the topic of beauty.

On the channel of Kathi you will find everything that the beauty and fashion heart desires. There are super many videos with different topics and ideas. Everything from DIYs, tips and tricks, fashion, to recipes and personal vlogs inspires the viewers.

Mary M takes her viewers on trips and shopping sprees

Mary is a very likeable Youtuber who gives her viewers many impressions of her life. She takes them on her travels, birthdays and reports about her upcoming wedding. On her channel you can also find many fashion and beauty hauls, where she puts a lot of effort. The one or other funny challenge can also be seen under the videos.


BeautyyBird focuses on makeup tutorials and fashion inspiration

On the Beautyybird channel Yasmin shows her love for makeup, beauty and fashion. You can find many makeup tutorials, hauls and Get ready with me. A few times a year Yasmin also inspires her viewers with great, self-made lookbooks. She also likes to test products and give away important tips, which is very exciting because she lives in the US.

What’s Ema Louise’s real name?

Also, in real life, her name is Ema Louise.

What’s her boyfriend’s name?

Her boyfriend’s name is Paul.

Does Ema have any brothers or sisters?

Ema Louise has a 21-year-old sister.

What does she call her fans?

Ema affectionately calls her fans Cuties.

When did Ema upload her first video?

On April 5, 2012, she uploaded her first video: “Hello, I introduce myself” uploaded.

When are their video days and what time?

Ema posts her new videos on Youtube on Wednesdays and/or Sundays.

How old is Ema and when is her B-Day?

Ema Louise is 18 years old and was born on December 15, 1998.