braided hairstyles – everything from semi-open and sideways to the classic plait

Braided hairstyles are usually very difficult and only something for real experts, but nowadays you can find countless tutorials with easy instructions, so that everyone should be able to create a simple, yet daring hairstyle. Find out now which braiding style is best suited for your hair type and can be braided quickly and easily. Let yourself be inspired by the different creations and find the perfect look.

Braided hairstyles – simple, fast and creative

Everybody knows it, they wake up in the morning and wonder which hairstyle fits best to their look or a creative change to the beautiful but still a bit boring open hair. Especially if you have a Bad Hair Day a nice braided hairstyle is the perfect solution. But in the morning you don’t have much time besides breakfast, showering or even styling your make-up, so the firsur should be quick and easy to leave the house or apartment in time. There are many different possibilities, although not every braided hairstyle works on every hair, so you should pay attention to which instructions or videos you watch. When choosing a braided hairstyle, pay attention to the length and density of the hair, because each hair structure by hair can also find suitable braided hairstyles. We have selected three videos with simple braided hairstyles for everyday life and leisure, so now take a look at their different possibilities.

Summery light and endless hairstyle

In this video you will be shown how to make a wonderful wickerwork, very easy and with only a few tools. Such a hairstyle is especially suitable for the summer, because it reaches all the way around the head and the hair does not lie nerving in the neck or cause increased sweating. Now try out hairstyle and make it a special eye-catcher.

Half-open hairstyle with playful braided hair

If you feel like having a whitefish hairstyle but don’t want to give up your open hair, this hairstyle is perfect for you. The wicker hairstyle combines different types of hairstyles with each other, because it is a combination of bun, open hair and a light playful wicker hairstyle, a real eye-catcher on the go.

Classic and elegant Dutch Braids

The Durch Braids are a pretty classic hairstyle, which are often worn at festivals, weddings or even in everyday life. This hairstyle is especially suitable for thick hair and may seem difficult at the beginning but after the first few tries it is a very light hairstyle which can be done in a few minutes. Due to the simplicity the plait looks classic, but still very elegant and noble.