Today’s hottest hairstyles, cuts and stylings – Top Hair Trends

Shrewd, straight and colorful – hair and its styles and hairstyles can be found in recent years in different cuts, colors and facets, but which look is in the end the most suitable and provides a wow factor. Get inspired by the newest and hottest hairstyles and make your hairstyle an individual and unique look.

Hair – long, short, curly and other hair types

Nowadays hairstyles can be very different, especially the hair structure affects the styling or the cut of the hair. Long hair can look boring and just hang down when cut the wrong way, short hair can look too rocky or punky when cut the wrong way and curly hair is always hard to control, depending on the type of curl. It’s hard to get the perfect hairstyle, but the main thing is that the hairstyle pleases the observer and wearer himself without paying attention to any rules. Nevertheless, there are rules or rather trends that have an impact on the look and the hairstyle. Above all, stars like Zendaya, Ariana Grande and others provide the popularity of respective hairstyles, whereby not every one is a real eye-catcher but sometimes a real horror. But at the stars we find a lot of good and successful examples of hairstyles from long, short, brown or even blond up to bright colours and exciting furry hairstyles.

Elegant, cool and playful hairstyles

Find out now which are the hottest hairstyles this year and which ones make your look more individual. This year you will find everything from bobsleigh to bangs, short haircuts and warm hair colours like orange and red tones. Away from the gaudy and freaky, this year’s hairstyles are more natural and elegant than before.

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Short cuts and colorful looks

Actually the long hair was always what every little girl wanted, but a lot has changed in the last years. From long to short, the cute pixiecuts and shoulder-length hair are becoming more and more trendy under the hairstyles. And rightly so, because not only cuts are cool and cheeky, but also the different hair colours to the cuts are a real eye-catcher.

Hip and casual men hairstyles

Not only in the women’s world there are hip hairstyles, no, also the men’s world inspires again and again with different hairstyles for the perfect look. This year, before all the curling, hairstyles are a big topic again, so the short cut on the head is out again and a fuzzy mane in. So now find your trendy hairstyle for this year.