Yves Saint Laurent: oriental perfumes, unisex fragrances & bright lipsticks

YSL Beauty – Naked on the campaign poster of the first men’s perfume? Perfume advertising that can be misunderstood by many as an attempt to legalize drug abuse? This is the work of Yves Saint Laurent. A master of design, perfumes and – just the shock moment. YSL loves to surprise and shock. With his collections, he breaks with stereotypes and clichés that have been perpetuated for years. He knows what a woman needs to be a woman. Far away from strapped corsets and banned trousers. Want to know more about the shocking, successful, extraordinary establishment of the luxury label Yves Saint Laurents in the beauty world? Below is an overview of the most important career points, the most successful beauty products from each niche and the iconic campaigns & collections of the design talent!

Yves Saint Laurent: the designer, fashion & start at Dior

Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent discovered his interest in fashion and the beauty of women during theatre performances as a child. Born in Algeria, the designer moved to Paris at the age of 17, where he fulfilled his dream. He trained as a fashion and stage designer at the fashion school of the Chamre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. 1st prize in popular fashion drawing competition? Discovery of Vogue director Michel de Brunhoff? Assistant to Christian Dior? These are reasons enough why nothing stood in the way of YSL’s illustrious career. The beginning of his extraordinary career is the appointment as chief designer of the house of Dior.

Depression, alcohol addiction and drug addiction. It comes not only success, it comes a series of psychological problems. Thus, in 1960, he is fired from Dior. But he does not let this get him down. Instead, he fulfills his dream and opens his own couture house. Until his decline in the fashion world in 2002 and his death in 2008, he only tailors exclusively for his fashion house and thus inspires the entire fashion world.

Functionality and masculine silhouettes thanks to Yves Saint Laurent

The design talent revolutionizes women’s clothing. He creates an androgynous silhouette that allows women freedom and movement without losing their femininity, seductiveness and subtle sexiness. In 1966, he was one of the first to open a ready-to-wear boutique. 40 years later, he is the first designer to bring his shows live on the internet. He is the epitome of innovative and forward thinking! His most important creations in his career is the first tuxedo for women. He opens the door for women into the world of men’s cuts. A revolutionary moment in the fashion world. Other recognizable features of his collections are transparent dresses with a nude look and his consistent use of black. With his preference for the colour combination pink and orange, he once again manages to shock. Yves Saint Laurent is certain:

“Fashion is fade, style is eternal!”

Video: Yves Saint Laurents Life, Movie Trailer

The extraordinary leap from Algeria to the catwalks of the fashion capital Paris. The retirement in 2002. The death in 2008 after years of illness. And in between, one of the most exciting and glamorous careers in the fashion world. The following video gives you a little insight into the life of the design talent!

Yves Saint Laurent perfumes: In the shoes of Coco Chanel and Paul Poiret

He makes it his goal to shock and inspire with both his clothing and his perfumes. The empowerment of women through clothing and perfumes runs through his collections like a red thread. After Paul Poiret and Coco Chanel, he also enters the perfume business, realizing his personal love for the perfume & beauty world, but also the financial benefits that come with it. Following you will find a list of the most famous perfumes of YSL.

Y: Yves Saint Laurent first perfume

“lush, heavy and languid perfume!”

With his first fragrance, he shows his unfailing taste, his unusually good judgment of the balance between extravagance and elegance, and his understanding of women.

The heavy, languid and voluptuous perfume is presented in an elegant bottle behind the designer’s first initial “Y”. In the campaigns, however, it is brought closer to the clientele by the indomitable beauty Catherine Deneuve. The fragrance is created by Jean Amic, who uses aldehydes, honeysuckle, green notes, peach, mirabelle plum and galbanum as the main essences. Over time of wearing, it melts into the wearer and emerges as a soft, chic and leathery note on the skin.

Fragrance Rive Gauche: the perfume in a can

1971 – a year in which perfumes are highly respected, presented in elegant glass bottles in the most coveted rows of the display. Not so with Yves Saint Laurent. “Rive Gauche” has been sold in a sleek sort of tin since its birth. The column-inspired bottle is designed in a blue, black and silver graphic pattern of glass and metal. The composition of floral rose, the freshness of bergamot, vetiver and musk result in an avant-garde perfume for the independent and unpredictable woman. See for yourself:

  • Rive Gauche Eau de Toilette Spray (€95)

Opium: Perfume advertising turns out to be a scandal

In 1977, the original version of the Opium perfume is created by Jean-Amic and Jean-Louis Sieuzac. In 2000, it comes to a reinterpretation and a shock in one: model Sophie Dahl poses naked in the intoxication of the opium-induced ecstasy. A campaign that causes a scandal. Due to public complaints, the campaign lasted only five days on the posters, but it will probably never be forgotten! In 2014, the latest interpretation of opium is introduced.

Video: Black Opium Campaign

The reinterpretation is called “Black Opium” and is advertised with Marie Salamagne, Nathalie Lorson, Olivier Cresp and Honorine Blanc with Edie Campbell as campaign faces. In 2015, the “Opium” perfume wins the “Fragrance Foundation Awards” in England for the best new fragrance for women. Convince yourself!

  • Opium Eau de Parfum Spray (€165.77)
  • Black Opium Eau de Parfum Spray (€109.42)
  • Black Opium Neon Eau de Parfum (€159.97)

Yvresse: Orient in a bottle

This oriental-inspired fragrance originally bore the name “Champagne” when it was added to the range in 1983. However, the producers of the sparkling wine of the same name were not enthusiastic about the action and sued YSL. So “Champagne” gave way to the now familiar “Yvresse”. The combination of lychee and nectarine forms the exciting top note, which is sweetened by rose and broken by violet and patchouli. This fruity perfume was conceived for the young, free woman of today.

  • Yvresse Eau de Toilette Spray (€99)

Video Libre: Freedom as perfume on the skin

One of the latest fragrance creations of the house YSL is the fragrance “Libre”. It inspires with its philosophy “freedom without borders” and its play of contrasts. Warm, feminine notes in the form of orange merge with masculine, cool nuances in the form of lavender to create a sensual, cool and at the same time floral perfume. Dua Lipa skillfully brings the philosophy of fragrance to the canvas. Convince yourself!

  • Libre Eau de Parfum Spray (€138)

YSL fragrances for men

After Yves Saint Laurent managed to captivate the female world with his perfumes, he enters the male world with this venture in 1971. And there, too, it is to succeed with its concept, talent and creativity. See for yourself:

Pour Homme: YSL surprises with first men’s fragrance “Pour Homme

Charm, self-confidence and sophistication combined in one bottle. This fragrance is the personal scent of the legendary fashion designer. The composition of lemon, lavender, thyme, nutmeg and vetiver create an aromatic, fresh fragrance with invigorating nuances and warm structure. When presenting his first men’s fragrance, he also managed to shock again. This is how he himself advertises his perfume on the billboards. Splinter Fibre Nude.

“Perfume is worn on the skin, so why hide the body…?”

His realizations are often shocking and met with resistance, but the enthusiasm and love for his work always wins!

  • Pour Homme Eau de Toilette (€99.99)

Y Man: a tribute to the independence and creativity of YSL

An extraordinary, sensual and luxurious fragrance for the self-determined, passionate man. The individuality, self-confidence and elegance of the man is perfectly underlined with this fragrance composition of Primofiore lemon oil, white aldehydes, ginger oil and bergamot oil with a hint of vanilla and incense. The fragrance inspires in different versions:

  • Y Eau de Parfum (€104)
  • Y Eau de Toilette Spray (€79.90)
  • Y Eau Fraiche Spray (€89.92)

Jazz: for the freedom loving man

The spirited fragrance shines with its break between its aromatic freshness and its seductive warmth. The fragrance composition of coriander, basil, mugwort, lavender and cinnamon results in a perfume for the freedom-loving man who loves his life self-determined with an elated attitude to life.

  • Jazz Eau de Toilette (€90.38)

Unisex fragrances: Perfumes for all

His timeless, progressive thinking once again gains the upper hand. So he creates unisex perfume lines and hits the mark directly. A fragrance that everyone can wear. Not only does he design an insanely commercial product, but he also makes a statement about the gender debate and stands up for gender equality.

Oriental Collection: Homage to YSL’s homeland Algeria

Four expressions from the Orient establish themselves as collectors’ items for perfume lovers!

  • Supreme bouquet of white flowers
  • Noble Leather from seasoning and leather
  • Majestic Rose from sublime may roses
  • Spendid Wood from incense

MakeUp: radiant, clear complexion with products & prices

YSL fulfills the desire of every woman – a radiant skin free of blemishes. With its make-up foundation articles, it allows every woman, no matter what age, what skin color, the experience of unique make-up. A make-up that does not change the woman, but emphasizes the natural, individual beauty of each in a unique way.


  • Touché Éclat All-Over Concealer (€32)
  • Touché Éclat High Cover Concealer (€32)
  • All Hours Concealer (€29)

Highlighter that makes you shine

  • Touché Éclat 3D All Over Glow Powder (€41)
  • Couture HighLighter (€35)
  • Touché Éclat Shimmer Stick HighLighter (€29)


  • All Hours Foundation Stick (€41)
  • Touché Éclat Foundation (€46)
  • Touché Éclat All-In-One Glow Tinted (€41)

Lips in gold, red and pink

Whether lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss, lip balm or lip serum – YSL offers the full range for an unforgettable experience for your lips. Here, neither quality, nor innovation, nor creativity is spared. See for yourself:

Bright lipsticks to fall in love with

  • Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Matte Lipstick (€33)
  • Rouge Pur Couture Stud Edition in Red (€32)
  • Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick in Rosé (€32)

Lip Gloss for the perfect care and the perfect design in one

  • Glossy waterproof lip gloss in pink (€31)
  • Volupté Liquid Lipgloss (€27)
  • Glaze and Gloss Lipgloss in Gold (€25)

Eyes: a look into the beauty world of YSL

YSL manages to make the moment unique for its clientele? How? The perfect eye look can work wonders. With its qualitative formulas, sustainable concepts and star-studded campaigns, the beauty products inspire a wide mass. See for yourself!

Mascara: a look into the YSL beauty world

  • The Shock Volumizing Mascara (€25)
  • Mascara Vinyl Couture in blue (25 €)
  • The Curler Mascara (€25)

Eye shadow: glitter, glamour & quality

  • Couture Eyeshadow Palette in Autumn Shades (€51)
  • Black Opium Sound Pulse Couture Eyeshadow Palette (€51)
  • Couture Variation Palette Night 54 in a bright range of colours (80 €)

Video: Make Up Tutorial with YSL and Supermodel Kaia Gerber

The successful model Kaia Gerber cooperates for the beauty division of the brand and provides her face for YSL Beauty. She shoots a make-up tutorial for the company and with successful make-up artist Tom Pecheux, with which everyone can make themselves up perfectly and wear the same look as Kaia.

Bestsellers & most successful products from YSL Beauty

What the Birkin Bag and Kelly Bag are to Hérmes, the following products are to YSL Beauty. They are those products which have achieved cult status over time. They are the iconic, best selling, often most popular products of a label. In the case of YSL, the iconic products are a lipstick, foundation and lipbalm. The clientele loves them, do you? Find out:

Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick: lip make-up as an experience

Lipsticks in glossy sheaths of high coverage, bright color and luminous intensity establish themselves as a feminine symbol. 36,99 € for a unique lip experience of the cosmetic master!

Rouge Volupté Shine Lip Balm: art and care in one

Made from 65% essential oils, this lip balm melts into your lips to create a smooth, hydrated and comfortable total work of art. At 32€, it has made a name for itself in the beauty world. YSL inspires with its quality, comfortable products that are more than just make-up!

Make-Up Artist at YSL

What are make-up items without the right application? No make-up! Yves Saint Laurent has brought the best beauty artists into the team and inspires with their work. They not only apply make-up to models for campaigns or shoots, but also pass on their knowledge to customers via regular tutorials. Convince yourself!

Dell Ashlez: Director of Makeup Artistry

What qualifies Dell Ashlez to be a makeup director? His exceptional talent for highlighting each woman’s natural beauty is just one of his many. He treats his clients with respect, creates a feel-good ambiance, and provides unparalleled, individualized attention. He has been in the beauty industry for over a decade and has participated in many important photo shoots and campaigns. Among other things, he has also applied the brush to celebrities such as Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester.

Nour Agha:National Makeup Artist

The New York-based makeup artist lives for diversity in beauty.

“I believe in the philosophy that everyone is uniquely beautiful!”

With this in mind, she inspires with her work internationally and has worked with any influencers, models and celebrities. Her makeup style is somewhere between the latest trends and inspirations from all over the world. With her personalized techniques and touch ups, she shines in the beauty world!

Cong Liang: National Makeup Artist

China – the beginning of a glorious career in the world of beauty. After studying Bridal MakeUp & Style Design and working in a beauty studio in Beijing Cong’s love for makeup and optimizing women’s beauty was unmistakable. His expertise, talent and passion are the cornerstone of his career. He understands what today’s woman wants and how to gain her trust as a makeup advisor.

“I believe it’s not just about creating a beautiful face; it’s more about creating a moment of magic for the client!”

Special: Digital make-up mirror and exclusive membership

Yves Saint Laurent knows how to adapt to the age. Digital presence, social media inclusion and exclusive offers are becoming increasingly important. Customers don’t want to be just one of many and consume products “blindly”. Inspiration and testimonials from influencers, virtual try-on features and exclusive offers make the brand more authentic and make it easier for customers to identify with it. YSL has understood this – see for yourself!

  • Virtual Try-On: Mobile phone camera aka mirror
  • Rewards Club: exclusive clientele