The best perfumes for the first date: men’s fragrances & women’s fragrances from cheap to expensive

The best perfumes for the first date – Nervousness is particularly high before the first date. The hairstyle, the outfit everything has to be perfect to make a good impression. The first impression is especially important when dating, so that it comes in the best case also to a second date. Whether man or woman on the first date, you want to enchant, touch and maybe even seduce the other person a little… The right scent can help you achieve this. But which scents are best suited to seduce the opposite sex?

The best fragrances for men: With these scents you wrap them around your finger

It has long been proven that the smell of a person strongly determines whether we like him or not. According to a study, 92% of women and 93% of men even feel it is a turn on when their partner wears perfume. Of course a good smell is not enough to convince your partner of you. But a well chosen perfume underlines your efforts and can support you on your first date.

Yves Saint Laurent & Hugo Boss: With summery perfumes to success

According to one study, one third of all women prefer a fresh scent in men. When it comes to fresh perfumes, they rely on aromas such as bergamot, apple in combination with Mediterranean-sounding notes such as cedarwood or myrtle. Floral nuances can also enrich this fragrance. Fresh fragrances have a summery, sporty and invigorating effect and offer a high success factor for the first date.

Y by Yves Saint Laurent: fresh & male

Since 2017, Yves Saint Laurant’s Eau de Toilette y has been one of the most popular fragrances for men. The composition opens with a tangy, fresh top note of bergamot and geranium notes, subtly spiced with a hint of grey amber and frankincense. This combination makes Y a fresh and interesting fragrance. The heart note combines the fresh, spicy notes of sage with – actually mainly feminine scent elements – violet and lavender. The lush flair of fir and musk blends with amber, frankincense and cedar wood to create a gentle, deep base note that unfolds harmoniously on the skin. It is precisely this interesting and fresh blend that makes Y by Yves Saint Laurant so attractive and irresistible. Frontman of the band Maroon 5 Adam Levine also stands for success, creativity and masculinity, just like Y.

  • Top notes: Bergamot, Ginger
  • Heart notes: sage, violet
  • Base notes: amber, frankincense, fir, musk, cedar
  • Scent: fresh, aromatic

Infinite by Hugo Boss: A harsh classic

Infinite by Hugo Boss is a refreshing and at the same time profound fragrance. In the prelude, tangerine and apple combine with cinnamon and sage to create an exciting mix that glides into the heart notes of patchouli, rosemary and lavender, thus combining warm and aromatic notes. In the base note, olive and sandalwood provide a warm and soft finish.  Classic masculinity and profundity – this is what actor Chris Hemsworth, who is the face of Infinte, also stands for.
Boss Botteld Infinite is also one of the first fragrances to be developed with a technology that extends the shelf life of the top and heart notes, thus preserving the first fresh impression of the fragrance. Hopefully, this first good impression will be retained after the first date, making for a successful evening.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

  • Top note: apple, cinnamon
  • Heart note: Patchouli
  • Base note: Sandalwood
  • Fragrance: fresh

Versace & Diesel: Woody scents for the modern man

Fragrances with a woody note were the second best received by the women surveyed. 25% found this fragrance most attractive for men. The scents of sandalwood, cedar or fir wood are characterized by dry, warm and pleasantly soft notes and are at the same time surprisingly versatile. While sandalwood or rosewood have more sweet notes, cedarwood is characterized by a rough and spicy aroma.

Eros from Versace: pure seduction

Eros is the Greek god of love, also known as Armor. So what scent could be better for a first date than Eros? The perfume combines classic masculine scents like cedarwood and amber with fresh elements. The top note of mint leaves, green apple and lemon peel initially exudes a fresh scent. After a short gestation period, the warm heart note with vanilla and amber emerges. The woody base note gives the fragrance an intensely masculine character. With Eros nothing can go wrong when dating.

  • Top notes: mint leaves, lemon peel, green apple
  • Heart notes: tonka bean, amber, vanilla
  • Base notes: cedar wood, vetiver, oak moss
  • Scent: woody, oriental

Only the brave of Diesel: Dramatic bottle & great effect

The bottle of only the brave by Diesel is a clenched fist. The message behind it is clear: the fist stands for strength and courage. And as the name suggests, only the brave get further in life and love. Because he who does not dare does not win. At the centre of this fragrance is the play with breaks and contrasts. Fresh lemon and tangerine aromas meet in the heart and base notes with animal and classic masculine aromas of cedar wood, amber and leather. The perfume is fresh and dynamic at the same time, as well as warm and powerful.  A daring, but also skilful blend.

Liam Hemsworth tears down walls in the accompanying spot and tames a wolf to impress a woman, after all, only the brave ones finally reach their goal.

  • Head note: tangerine, lemon
  • heart notes: cedar wood, coriander, violet
  • Base note: Amber, Styrax, leather
  • Scent: oriental, woody

The best scents for women: Coquette floral fragrances are most popular

Women are best advised to apply a floral perfume on the first date. 33% of men find floral fragrances irresistible. Such aromas are classic, elegant and timeless and belong to one of the most popular fragrance families. They are as versatile as the floral world itself. From delicate scents like rose to tart aromas like orange blossom, there is everything.

Chloé and Dolce & Gabbana: elegant & feminine perfumes

Finding the right perfume can sometimes be a difficult task. Yet feminine and light fragrances still count as the absolute classics in the world of women. Men also agree with this.

Chloé by Chloé: The floral classic

Chloé from the designer house of the same name is a timeless classic and combines pure elegance with French charm. At the centre of this fragrance is the rose, combined with vibrant accents of lychee and freesia. The fragrance is rounded off with amber and cedar wood, giving the creation a warm and elegant note. The coquettish lightness of the floral aromas with the seductive woody notes stand for femininity and elegance.

Actress and model Haley Bennett radiates French lightness and charm in the accompanying commercial. Pure romance!

  • Top note: freesia, peony, lychee
  • Heart notes: rose, lily of the valley, magnolia
  • Base notes: Ambergris, cedar
  • Fragrance: floral

The One by Dolce & Gabbana: Typical Italian elegance

As exciting as an Italian feast strolls over the actress Emilia Clarke in the commercial, is also the fragrance creation The One by Dolce & Gabbana. A fresh top note in combination with the floral heart note make up the playful femininity of this fragrance. The warm base note of vanilla, musk and amber embodies luxury with a modern, fresh note. The One is a unique fragrance that skilfully combines floral and oriental scents. Glamorous, opulent and simply unforgettable.

  • Top note: Tangerine orange, bergamot
  • Heart note: Jasmine
  • Base notes: vanilla, vetiver, musk, amber
  • Scent: floral, oriental


Calvin Klein & Yves Saint Laurent: spicy and oriental scents

Men like it second best when we smell spicy and mysterious. Sensual compositions with warm notes of exotic spices, flowers and woods are irresistible. Essential aromas like cinnamon, vanilla, almond and patchouli meet contrasts like musk and lily and make spicy perfumes exciting and mysterious.

Obsession by Calvin Klein: Another must have from the world of women

Obsession by Calvin Klein is a fragrance that won’t let you go so quickly. An oriental prelude of bergamot, basil and vanilla combined with the heart note of jasmine and orange blossom creates an exotic and exclusive fragrance. The earthy, warm base is formed by frankincense, vetiver and musk, creating a mystical and feminine impression. For years Obsession has stood for pure sensuality and seduction – just like Kate Moss who embodies the face of the fragrance. But as seductive as Obsession smells, it is also mysterious and enigmatic at the same time.

  • Top note: Bergamot, basil, vanilla
  • Heart notes: Jasmine, orange blossom
  • Base notes: incense, vetiver, musk
  • Scent: oriental, spicy

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent: a fragrance that is addictive

Black opium is a fragrance of contrasts. It is provocative, rebellious and loud. But it also stands for elegance and depth. In a powerful prelude of orange, pepper and coffee notes, it arouses attention and interest. These strong aromas are replaced by feminine ones with a heart note of jasmine. Together with warm and woody scents of vanilla, patchouli and cedar wood, this fragrance finds a seductive and addictive conclusion. After the first olfactory impression, you only want one thing: More!

  • Top note: orange, pepper
  • Heart note: Jasmine
  • Base notes: vanilla, patchouli, cedar
  • Scent: Oriental, Spicy

Finger away from citrus scents!

Perfumes that smell strongly of citrus fruits are definitely not a success factor. Only 7% of men like this scent, for women it is only 5%. Especially lemon is a popular scent for bathroom cleaners and nobody wants to smell like a toilet bowl on the first date. Light notes are perfectly ok, but as a fresh scent they can even be very seductive for men. But you should make sure that the perfume as a whole fragrance composition does not only smell like lemon.

In the video you will find more scents that you should rather avoid on your first date.