No 5, Mademoiselle & Gabrielle: sensual fragrance creations from the house of Chanel

Chanel N°5 is the star among perfumes, but what other great fragrance creations does Chanel have in its range? And what ingredients make the classic fragrance so popular and legendary? Which popular Hollywood beauties can you admire in Chanel’s commercials? We answer these and other questions in our article about the perfume creations of the French haute couture house Chanel.

Perfume by Chanel: fragrance variety for her and also him

Besides bags, perfume is also one of Chanel‘s most popular products. You wonder why? We’ll show you! Sensual, floral or oriental? Chanel has the right perfume for every woman!

What is special about the fragrances of Chanel? A perfume from Chanel is not only a fragrance, but also an attitude to life! Confident, feminine or seductive – Chanel brings out a different side of the ladies with each fragrance. Choose your perfume and see which side of you you want to bring to life!

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Thousands of Chanel customers around the world are already convinced, we now also convince you of Chanel’s world of fragrances! Our tip: The fragrances of Chanel are also wonderful as a gift for her – and also him. Discover the men’s world of Chanel fragrances and find the right scent for your loved one.

You can also discover the men’s perfumes and other perfume creations of the French luxury fashion house on our Pinterest page! On Pinterest we provide you with moods of the coolest trends in the fashion and beauty world. Take a look at our pinboard on the topic of Chanel perfume!

No 5: Fragrance classic for you – the perfume must-have

The perfume classic Chanel N°5 is considered the essence of femininity. Vanilla, May rose, jasmine – behind the fragrance is a unique composition. A bouquet of May rose and jasmine with aldehyde notes, combined with a sensual base note of vanilla. This has been the recipe for success for almost 100 years.

Minimalist yet distinctive is the bottle of this iconic fragrance. A simple white label on a rectangular bottle. A fragrance that is still considered legendary and timeless today. Wear this eau de parfum on your skin or on the lining of your clothes – whether for the grand entrance or in everyday life.

No 5: Fragrance for unearthly sensuality

A dance on the moon, a stunning dress and a love story – let the clip inspire you and float through everyday life with the Chanel fragrance:

Coco Mademoiselle: rebellious & confident with the help of jasmine & vanilla

While Chanel N°5 embodies femininity, Coco Mademoiselle represents the freedom and self-confidence of women. Rebellious, with a playful side but still beguiling and seductive. That is Coco Mademoiselle. This fragrance could hardly be more opposite to the classic N°5: Woody and oriental instead of floral. Powerful instead of discreet. However, the two women’s fragrances have one thing in common: Both convince with an enormous sensuality and make not only the wearer addicted to this fragrance.

What ingredients make this fragrance so diverse and captivating? The heart notes of rose and jasmine combined with a large dose of patchouli, vanilla and tonka bean provide the warm and powerful side of the fragrance. Fruity citrus notes give the fragrance freshness and a lightness.

Whether applied to the wrists, behind the ears or on the neck – this perfume gives you a unique attitude towards life.

Mademoiselle x Keira Knightley: Seductive, Sexy, Sensual

None other than Keira Knightley, the beauty from films such as Pirates of the Caribbean or Pride and Prejudice, is featured in the advertising campaign for Coco Mademoiselle. Together with partner Alberto Ammann, she shows the sensuality and seductive side of this fragrance:

Gabrielle Chanel: Radiance through fresh orange blossom & tuberose

Named after its founder, this fragrance is full of vitality with its warm, floral note. With this perfume you literally glow from the inside out: the nectar from four different white flowers makes this perfume a sensual and intense fragrance experience. Orange blossom for the sparkling and fresh note, jasmine for the exoticism and incomparable intensity, ylang-ylang, which makes you shine and the velvety tuberose for the touch of femininity.

The bottle is like that of the Mademoiselle and the N°5 in a simple design, the shape of the bottle is square and consists of ultra-fine glass. The label and the cap stand out with an elegant gold tone.

Margot Robbie for Gabrielle Chanel: dreamy scent of white flowers

Oliver Polge, perfume creator of Chanel put together this fragrance for a self-determined woman who goes her own way. Fittingly, the young actress Margot Robbie advertises the women’s fragrance in this spot. Lightness, weightlessness and a natural glow with the help of the white flowers you see here.

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