Jeremy Fragrance: scented candles – test, rating & experience

Experience the power of our Clean Candle with a wooden wick!”Movie Night” is not just a candle, but a sensory journey in a class of its own. The aroma combines refreshing bergamot and lemon with the sweetness of vanilla and even more surprising nuances. This combination of scents creates an inviting and sensual atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a romantic evening. My girlfriend loves scented candles, so have a try!

The magic of the wooden wick

What makes “Movie Night” even more special is the wooden wick. When the candle burns, it creates a fascinating sound reminiscent of a crackling campfire. This acoustic element enhances the overall experience and creates a calming and romantic mood. You can also see that above in the photo or post image.

Your personal experience

After trying “Movie Night” by Jeremy Fragrance, I can say that it is a remarkable way to create a special atmosphere. The aroma is subtle yet appealing, inviting you to relax and enjoy the moment. The wood wick adds a unique dimension to the experience and provides an even deeper connection to nature.

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Germany - Spain - USA

Sensual fragrance experience

“Movie Night” by Jeremy Fragrance is much more than just a candle. It is a tool to create a sensual and romantic atmosphere, whether for a special evening for two or simply to pamper yourself. With its refreshing and sweet notes, as well as its unique wooden wick, this candle offers a fragrance experience in a class of its own. Treat yourself to the luxury of a “Movie Night” and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of this candle.

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