Jeremy Fragrance: Date for Men * Women – Test, Rating & Experience

Date by Jeremy Fragrance – Work hard, play hard! “Date for Men” is your powerful and energetic fragrance that revolutionizes the world of fragrances. This intriguing fragrance by Jeremy Fragrance is a perfect blend of fruity aromas and oriental masculine sensuality. Designed to fit seamlessly into any dating situation, it seduces with a flirty fruity opening, seductive heart notes of patchouli and cardamom, and a long-lasting masculine finish of oud and vetiver.

A seduction of the senses

“Date for Men” starts with a fruity opening that immediately grabs your attention. The sweet orange, lemon and tangerine provide a fresh and lively note that perfectly prepares you for a successful date. This fragrance invites you to play and flirt.

My perfume experience & rating!

If you love high quality perfume, then I can only recommend it to you. I wear it myself and love it, have even reordered a few times. In the end, behind the fragrances is someone you can see the attention to detail and every nuance of the scent, Jeremy Fragrance.

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Germany - Spain - USA

4.9 / 5.0 stars from me

With discount also directly 5.0! Let’s continue with the review:

How does it feel?

Sensual depth

The heart notes of this fragrance are as remarkable as they are seductive. Patchouli and cardamom give “Date” a sensual depth and add a mysterious note that will fascinate your date. These fragrance notes symbolize strength and sophistication and make “Date” an unforgettable experience.

Long lasting seduction

Date for Men fragrance shows its true strength in the base notes, which leave a long-lasting masculine impression. Oud and vetiver give this fragrance a striking and charismatic presence that will keep your date in your memory long after the meeting.

A composition from expert hands

The perfumer behind this impressive scent, Jeremy Fragrance, has used an extensive palette of fragrance notes to create “Date”. Notable ingredients include artemisia, cardamom, elemi, juniper berry, geranium, ginger, lavender, pine, red berries, benzoin, coffee, copaiba, Cyprus grass, gurjun balsam, cinnamon bark, clove leaf, clove bud, clary sage, lemongrass, guaiac wood, myrrh and agarwood. This fascinating blend gives “Date” its unique personality and appeal.

Your personal experience

After testing “Date for Men”, you can safely say that this fragrance leaves a lasting impression. It is so layered and complex that it gives an aura of confidence and attraction. This fragrance is the ideal companion for you if you want to make a date special.

Overall, “Date for Men” by Jeremy Fragrance is a fragrance that masters the game of seduction. It is a masterpiece of perfume art that encourages you to appear confident and charismatic. Try “Date” and let yourself be enchanted by its irresistible appeal. Seduction has never been so easy.

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