Burberry: Inventor of the trench coat – Brand, identity & legendary designer

Burberry is one of the most famous high fashion brands in the world. The brand became especially well known through the invention of the trench coat and the famous check pattern, which is now recognized by everyone. The brand identity of Burberry is characterized by the famous check pattern, which has been shown on the label’s trench coats and scarves since they were first used in 1924. The brand was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry when he opened his first fashion store in the Hampshire region of England. He introduced the famous Garbadine fabric with the motivation to create a weatherproof yet breathable raincoat. The Garbadine fabric is a worsted fabric, for which robustness is characteristic.

Facts about Burberry

The identity of the Burberry brand is marked by the famous check pattern that has been featured on trench coats or scarves of the label since its first use in 1924.

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  • The brand was founded in 1856
  • opens his first fashion store in Hampshire
  • The Latin imprint PRORSUM is sewn onto the logo, which means “facing forward”
  • invented the garbadine fabric

The Burberry Show – London, 2016, ‘A Patchwork’

Burberry jewellery: high quality, noble, representative

Although many articles write that turn jewellery and co in it, we write relatively rarely about what moves us personally about a brand. We personally care, especially Burberry. Not only is it one of the highest quality fashion design brands, Burberry also offers unique jewelry options, individual accessories and the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Of course there are not only fashionable accessories for women, no there are also great pieces of jewelry for men. Yes, also for men please Burberry a rich assortment when it comes to finding a special talent. Whether it’s a first date, a business dinner or an evening event, the luxury design brand always offers perfect items for today’s man. And of course, women always get offers from the hot times brand, which stands for high fashion and emphasizes the personality of another person, through brand, history and lifestyle.

Jewellery, watches and real classics

For the man, the woman or for both partners. Burberry jewellery is a real classic. With various classic looks and light, modern ones, the high-quality brand has been delighting its buyers for countless years. This is not the only reason why Burberry has made a real name for itself in the fashion industry and especially in the high-quality segment, between high fashion and jewelry. People worldwide, especially in the metropolises where trends are born, swear by the brand. Few have placed themselves and their own branding as strongly as the internationally active fashion brand. As we already reported a few weeks ago, for countless years now there has been a special interest in fashion pieces, dresses, trousers, and many more. We ourselves are big fans and wear especially the more elaborate jeans with great pleasure. They are comfortable, flexible and can be a truly individual style. This is what makes the Burberry brand so special

Of course it is not a brand for everyone, because Burberry is expensive. Especially the jewelry is only affordable for people whose wallets
is already filled by a good professional security. Nevertheless, the brand has made a huge name for itself over the years and is now internationally active in many countries and is bought and made worldwide. Whether in an online shop or in a local fashion retail store, people appreciate the brand. In a metropolis of this world. Also in Germany’s major cities, from Berlin, Hamburg, Munich to Cologne. The brand stands for elegance and high-quality processing of materials and cuts. This ensures a long wearing comfort of the fashion pieces and bargains and offers can be found everywhere on the Internet. You only have to take a little time and find the right offers.

What you didn’t know about Burberry – Discoverer by Cara Delevingne and designer for Kim Kardashian

Thomas Burberry opened his first textile shop in Hampshire in 1856. He became famous for the gabardine fabric he had invented and used for his designs. It is a fabric that is very robust and waterproof but at the same time breathable. Thomas brought the fabric and his articles to the international wholesale market. Then came his greatest success: the trench coat! This was invented by him and made Burberry famous. Because probably everyone would like to own a trench coat and of course the classic Burberry.

Since 1998 Roberto Menichetti designed the fashion for Burberry. He was the one who made the popular check pattern so famous. Before it was only known as lining but Roberto Menichetti turned it outwards and people loved it. To this day the camel-black-red-white check pattern is an integral part of the brand.

The successor designer was Christopher Bailey. He designed all collections for the brand from 2001-2018. When he came the label had a slightly old-fashioned reputation, but he changed the whole thing to a worldwide respected label that sets international trends. Every year he surprised the world with an exciting new design of the famous trench coat. Sometimes the trench coat was in bright neon colours, sometimes with lots of fluffy sheep wool. But Bailey does not only focus on the collections but also on branding and marketing. He always adapted to the spirit of the times and developed new ideas. For example, he made sure that his fashion shows were the first to be broadcast in the livestream. He also developed a new concept. called See Now Buy Now. The basic principle is that you see fashion you like and you can buy it directly. Experience fashion directly! Fashion that nobody has to wait for, that’s his idea. Additionally he had the idea to present autumn fashion in autumn and spring fashion in spring and not as usual autumn fashion in spring and vice versa. Actually a simple idea, but the implementation proved to be difficult. Because not many people were convinced by the idea and his own designs also suffered and became a bit boring. After 17 years with Burberry he decided to go a new way.

Since March 2018 Riccardo Tisci is the new designer for Burberry. Before that he worked for Givenchy and even designed the wedding dress of Kim Kardashian. In September he will release his first real collection for Burberry and everyone is eagerly awaiting it, as it has already been announced that a new drop culture is planned. this means that the designs will be released one by one to build excitement. In May the designer had already given a little foretaste. he published a capsule collection with many heritage pieces, i.e. clothes from the past that have been pimped up again. It is clear that this designer is always good for a surprise and is an expert in mixing and combining different styles. Besides, Tisci is a sports fashion fan, so maybe something along those lines awaits us? We are curious!

Absolute trademark: the trench coat

The logo of the brand is a knight in his armour, sitting on a galloping horse and carrying a lance in his hand. On the lance is a flag with the inscription Prorsum. This is Latin and means forward in German. It stands for the fact that the fashion industry is always developing and never stands still.

The trench coat! It simply belongs to Burberry, from classics to the most unusual creations. Since 1895 it has been an integral part of every collection and is even officially registered as Burberry’s trademark.

When you think of Burberry, you immediately notice the beige-black-red-white check pattern. It is an important part of the label and gives them that certain recognition value. The famous pattern is used in almost all designs.

From the first textile store to the absolute luxury brand1856 Thomas Burberry opens his first textile shop

  • 1880 The gabardine fabric invented by Thomas Burberry is used
  • 1891 In London, the brand’s flagship store opens in the famous Haymarket shopping street
  • 1895 The first trench coat model “Tielocken” is designed
  • 1901 The logo of the brand is created. It is a knight on a galloping horse, holding a lance flag with the inscription Prorsum (lat. forward) in his hand
  • 1909 The trench coat, which is now a trademark, is launched on the market. Half a million pieces are sold to the army
  • 1910 The first shop in Paris opens
  • 1915 The label cooperates with Japan for the first time
  • 1924 Burberry uses his famous check pattern for the first time
  • 1930 In America, the label is being expanded and is becoming increasingly well-known
  • 1955 Queen Elizabeth II declares Burberry to be the Royal British Purveyor to the Court
  • 1960 onwards The collection is extended with accessories
  • 1963 Peter Sellers is in the movie “the pink red panther” in a Burberry trenchcoat
  • 1998 For the first time a line for young people is designed
  • 1998 The name is changed from Burberry to Burberry
  • 1998 A jewellery collection and a swimwear line is launched on the market

Models and stars presenting Burberry – Audrey Hepburn and Kate Moss

Burberry worked with famous models and was represented by stars. The most famous is probably Audrey Hepburn. She wore the classic trench coat in the award winning film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Shortly afterwards Peter Sellers also wore the trench coat in the award-winning film “The Pink Red Panther”.

Even top model Kate Moss loves Burberry! She modeled for Burberry’s advertising campaigns and has been associated with the high fashion label ever since. Top model Cara Delivinge was also discovered by Christopher Baileys. She still represents the brand on the catwalk and in campaigns. Burberry and Cara Delivinge simply belong together!

The unforgettable fashion shows

Social media has always been an important part of Burberry’s fashion shows. They were the first to broadcast their fashion shows in a livestream on the internet. Besides, good music was always part of it. Young British up-and-coming stars sang live at his shows and meanwhile well-known singers like George Ezra had their first appearance there. For his last show, designer Christopher Bailey chose synth-pop band Bronski Beats, which inspired everyone. They played the song “Memories” just before the show and when it really got going, the mega hit “Smalltown Boy” exploded and swept everyone away. As a reminder, the designer published a playlist with 200 songs on Apple Music, which reminds us of the unforgettable moments. Of course, the clothes were available for purchase directly after the show, according to the principle invented by Christopher Bailey’s See Now – Buy Now!

The Burberry Foundation is a corporate foundation that has been supporting talented young people since 2008. Christoph Bailey developed this foundation into Burberry Acoustic. With British brands and artists they supported young musicians and even recorded a CD.

The new logo promises a new beginning

The new designer Riccardo Tisci scares people! He created a new logo a few days ago and only a few months after his new start at Burberry. Apparently he has big plans! The biggest change, the knight is gone! The complete logo, which has been part of the brand since 1901, is no longer visible. In addition, the classic Burberry lettering has been replaced by a different font. Instead of the signature “established 1856” the Burberry lettering now reads “London England”. Furthermore, the intertwined initials of the founder Thomas Burberry now adorn the monogram.

The last Burberry collection will be remembered. It is the rainbow collection dedicated to the LGBTQ community that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Burberry will continue to support and advocate for this organization. All of the clothing was rainbow or rainbow colors and even the famous check pattern is mixed with these colors. The catwalk was a sea of colours.

Trend-consciously into the future: New designs & Burberry jewellery

In order to really emphasize your individual style and personal preferences, the perfect piece of jewelry for the evening or for the day at the office or university is essential. Burberry stands out as a brand that represents people’s individual style and offers a high quality appearance to make you feel good in your everyday life, hectic and stressful.


  • 2003: In recognition of his achievements, the Royal College of Art awarded Christopher Bailey honorary membership in 2003
  • 2005: Christopher Bailey is voted British Designer of the Year
  • 2007: In November 2007 Christopher Bailey receives the Bambi for “Best Fashion Designer”
  • 2010: Christopher Bailey is awarded the International Award of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)

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