Alexander Wang videos: Fashion shows, Vogue and Youtube channel

Alexander Wang – Alexander Wang is one of the most influential designers in the fashion world and has designed numerous collections that have caused a sensation in the course of his career. In an interview with Vogue, the designer now gave deep insights into his work and his creative process. In addition, Alexander Wang also runs a successful YouTube channel on which he inspires his fans with exclusive insights behind the scenes of his work.

Alexander Wang: Fashion Shows

Alexander Wang is one of the hottest designers in the fashion world and is known for his avant-garde and urban designs. His fashion shows are a spectacle every time, where he blurs the boundaries between high fashion and streetwear. With breathtaking backdrops and unconventional staging, he manages every time to attract the attention of the audience.

For his new collection “Cupid’s Door” the designer furnished the location in boudoir style: Dusty pink velvet curtains and a mesmerizing carpet with zebra stripes, along with cones of light that bathed the whole place in red light. The show was divided into three acts. In the first section there was a lot of denim and faux fur in different textures and silhouettes. In the second part, casual, sporty pieces like sweatpants and sweatshirts in soft, high-pile fabrics, along with short-sleeved vests and pants with animal prints. Finally, a range of dresses with silk fringe and heart shapes.

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Fall/Winter Show – Los Angeles, Chinatown

Neon lights, pagoda-like architecture, hanging red lanterns – the show was themed “Fortune City,” borrowing from the designer’s Chinese heritage. While the location was novel for the designer, the clothes themselves were in keeping with the aesthetic he has developed over his decades-long career. He opened the show with pieces that were instantly recognizable as part of the Wang universe – swinging leather coats with broad shoulders, oversized white men’s buttons with exposed bras, roomy denim shorts over pants, baggy boots and ruched bodysuits. Visitors were invited to seek out souvenirs such as jade Buddhas and waving cat figurines from local vendors, which Wang sought to support the Chinatown community.

Alexander Wang: Vogue Voices

What goes on in the great minds of the fashion industry? In this Vogue video series, stars from the fashion industry are interviewed and tell us everything from their beginnings to their next designs. In the interview, Wang talks about his inspirations, his vision and his work as a designer, giving us insights into his personality and creative working methods.

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Alexander Wang: YouTube channel, interviews

Alexander Wang is not only known for his innovative designs and spectacular fashion shows, but also for his active presence on social media platforms like YouTube. With his own channel, the designer offers his followers a wealth of content, including interviews with other stars, challenges and fashion tips.

Follow Alex Wang on a culinary tour of New York City’s best Asian cuisine – from a traditional Japanese breakfast in Williamsburg to a lunchtime michelada to a traditional feast in Elmhurst, Queens.

The US rapper, singer, songwriter, director and tattoo artist, Brooke Candy gets a complete makeover from star designer Alexander Wang – you can see the result of the makeover in the video.

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