Boxer shorts trends 2024: The new styles

Boxer shorts are not only an essential element of the male underwear collection, but have also become a symbol of comfort, style and personality. The world of boxer shorts is in constant flux, and every year the leading brands and designers launch new trends and innovations to meet the needs and preferences of men. Here we present the must-have styles that not only offer great comfort, but also impress with their unique design.

Comeback! Boxer shorts style from the 90s

Trends always come back. Many styles from the 90s are becoming more and more popular. In this case: jeans that sit loose and a little lower on the hips – and the boxer shorts protruding underneath. For a long time the style has not been seen, but it seems to be back! Especially branded boxer shorts with logo on the waistband like Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren provide an eye-catcher in this trend.


Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

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For the athletes: supporting briefs

Men’s briefs are a popular form of underwear characterized by their tight fit and skimpy cut. One reason why men’s briefs are so practical is because of their tight fit. Due to the tight cut, they provide good support and stability. This ensures a comfortable feel and a secure fit, especially during sports activities or everyday life.


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Insecure? Boxer Briefs: The mixture of both

For men who appreciate the comfort of boxer shorts, but do not want to give up the figure-hugging features of briefs, boxer briefs are the ideal choice. They offer the perfect combination of briefs and boxers. Boxer briefs are characterized by their close fit, which allows them to fit close to the body, similar to briefs. At the same time, they offer a touch of boxer shorts style with their slightly longer leg. This combination makes them a versatile option that can be worn under any pants.


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Versatile styles: the world of boxer shorts

Want to learn more about the many styles? Here you will find everything you need to know about boxer shorts!