Top 5 trend hairstyles for men: short, long or with curls?

Hair trends for men: Not only women can make a type change with their usually long hair and, for example, dye their mane and cut it off. Also men can always go with the trend and give their appearance a new shine. With the following haircuts such as the curly look, the bowl cut or the bro flow, you can change something about your face and your type to give yourself a new look. Try something new and dare a real type change! We’ll tell you how to do it and which of the hottest trend hairstyles suits you and your personality.

Hair trends for men: what hairstyle is in?

Do you want to change your look, try a new style or just have a new hairstyle? Then you should dare something new to give your look and also your personality a fresh touch. We present you here the top 5 hottest trend hairstyles so that you can start modern and stylish. Whether you want to try something out of the ordinary or spice up your hairstyle. Dare something and see how it works. Because even men can have a type change with the help of a new hairstyle and thus start into a new phase of life.

Top 5 trend hairstyles: curls, bowl or boy band?

Curly look: In recent years, the so-called curly look for men has become increasingly modern and trendy. The hair looks very casual and yet chic through this cut. You can easily style the look at home with the help of a hairdryer / curling iron, or get a perm done at the hairdresser.

Classic Short-Cot: This look is very classic and has always been on the trend list in recent years. Currently, this cut also emphasizes casualness and the hair does not have to be cut short.

Bowl cut: This trend is very modern and current. The cut resembles the former top cut and is making a comeback nowadays. The styling is very simple with this hairstyle and you are sufficiently equipped with some gel.

Bro Flow: The Bro Flo is one of the absolute trend hairstyles and some celebrities have already adopted this cut. The hair is medium long and looks very voluminous due to the cut. Depending on the occasion, you can style this hairstyle more casual and chic.

Boy Band Cut: This hairstyle is absolutely vintage and is currently celebrating its comeback. It is reminiscent of old boy bands such as the Backstreet Boys. Especially young, fashion-conscious men wear this cut and put it with the right styling skillfully in the scene. With this hairstyle, the hair is about the length of the ear and separated with a middle parting.

Curly look: the more casual the better!

The absolute trend hairstyle is currently the so-called curly look. The motto is: Courage the length! The longer the hair and curls are, the more casual and unwanted this look. The hairstyle is currently absolutely in fashion and very modern. Especially for men with naturally thick hair, it is very easy to style curls and it looks very natural. The standard hairstyle has shaved sides and the volume is concentrated on the top half of the head. Should you want even more casualness and volume, you can let some curls fall into your forehead so that the look looks more unintentional and natural. If your hair is thinner and shorter, a perm from the hairdresser can help.

How to style? Curling iron, blow dryer or perm

There are a few ways to create the curly look. For example, use a curling iron with a very small diameter, so you can style well with short hair. Another option would be styling with a hairdryer. Use a styling pomade in wet hair and style it with a hairdryer as you like. With a diffuser, the curls become even more precise.

Video Tutorial: How to create the curly look?

In this video you will learn everything about styling and creating the curly look. Just try it out yourself and let yourself be impressed by the result.

Classic Short Cut: Variations, Cuts & Co.

The short cut has always been a standard among men’s hairstyles and is an integral part of the repertoire. Nevertheless, there are always and also currently some variations and different cuts, which make the short cut every year anew popular and modern. This year, the emphasis is on casualness and wildness. Here, no accurate cut and a lot of gel is needed, because the motto is: the wilder and unmade, the better. The focus is on soft transitions and fringy tips. The sides can be 1-2 cm and the top hair 6 cm long.

How to style? Wild and casual with the help of a hairdryer

The styling of this trend is very simple and above all uncomplicated. If you want to have more volume, you can ensure and create this with the help of a hair dryer. Simply grab a normal or round brush and comb your hair while blow drying. Afterwards you can fix the hairstyle with a little pomade or money to make it stable. Even if a few fringes fall in the face, this looks very casual and wild.

Video Tutorial: Structured haircut for men

Want to update your look and give yourself a new haircut? Then take a look at this tutorial to easily cut the short cut at home. Otherwise, you can also play it safe and go to the hairdresser.

Bowl-Cut: Comeback of the pot cut

The old pot cut or bowl cut is currently making a big comeback and is as modern and popular as in. However, this newer variation only resembles the original pot cut in a few, distinctive points and is currently being reinterpreted and cut in a modern way. Women have led the way with this trend and now men are following suit. The cut stands out due to a certain extravagance and the retro feeling and is therefore very popular especially with young people. However, you should bring a certain fashion sense and personality to be able to wear the look.

How to style? Simple styling at home

Styling this hairstyle is very easy and once you have the right cut, you can easily style and trim your hair on a daily basis. The hairdresser will clip your hair at about the level of your ears and cut this around your head. Once you are home and have washed your hair, all you have to do is set it with a little gel and then you can leave the house.

Video: The Modern Bowl Cut

Curious now? Want to try out a modern style and give your hairstyle a new touch? Then try out the Bow Cut. In this video you can see how it is cut and styled.

Bro Flow: Trendy hairstyle from Hollywood

Longer hair has become more and more fashionable in the past years and also this year, the bro flow is one of the trend hairstyles, because more and more stars wear this look. With this type, the hair is not shoulder-length and you can also not create a man bun, but the casual style is still considered more and more hip and popular. For men with medium length hair and a dense hair structure, the bro flow is ideal and can be styled perfectly. The cut looks particularly voluminous and is suitable ebeBronfalls with slightly wavy hair. Give your look a new touch and try out a new hairstyle. With the Bro Flow you will look very fashionable and casual at the same time. With the right styling, the cut looks very natural and looks like little effort.

How to style? Casual or rather chic?

In this hairstyle, the hair is stepped back and and the sides are made a little shorter. That’s it for the cut! There’s also not much to do when it comes to styling and you have several options to create the perfect look at home. If you want your hair to look more casual, you can create volume by rolling your hair at the roots while blow-drying and then just fix it with a styling cream. If you want your hair to look more chic and done up, you can pull a parting after showering, blow dry your hair straight and use more gel.

Video Tutorial: Style your hair in Bro Flow

You currently have slightly longer hair and fit the requirements for the bro flow? Then just try out the styling for this trend hairstyle. Who knows, maybe this will be your new style?

Boy Band Cut: Hairstyle of the Backstreet Boys

The boy band cut is currently one of the most popular trend hairstyles. You want a style change and go with the fashion and trend? Then you should try this hairstyle. The name of this look goes back to the hairstyles of the earlier boy bands. Inspired by the famous Backstreet Boys and co. this cut has been rediscovered and is more fashionable than ever. The Boyband Cut is especially for men with thick and slightly longer hair. Ear length is already enough there. Especially with the young social media stars you can see the trend hairstyle more and more often, which set a fashion statement.

How to style? No tools needed!

Prerequisite for this hairstyle is a certain hair length and preferably a thick hair density. For this look you don’t need any additional tools like a curling iron or a straightener, but you can simply let your hair dry with a hair dryer or air dry. Part your hair in the middle and comb it on both sides. For the perfect beach look, thin out your ends and cut them in a layered style. This will give your hair a more natural fall and look.

Video Tutorial: Modern Boy Band Cut

Want to know how to cut and style the modern boy band cut? Here you will find a tutorial to try out this trendy hairstyle yourself.