Beard styles: trends, cuts & tips for the perfect care

Men’s beards are also very trendy in 2021. Whether short or long – the style options for the male face are large. Especially in the current Corona everyday life characterized by lockdown and increased home office, your special beard type should not be neglected. So you want to make but also from home and especially in digital meetings in the point of “beard” a good figure, or not? But which beard style should it actually be? And what different beard styles for men there are at all? We have brought you seven different beard styling tips and also tell you which beard trend is no longer in this year.

Beard Types: The Top 7 Beard Types

For every type of man the right beard style. From the classic mustache, which once again enjoys great popularity this year, to the tried and tested as well as served “3-day beard” to an almost forgotten trend – the sideburns. Either you love them or you hate them: One thing is for sure, in 2021 you will be riding the trend wave with the side beard.

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1 mustache

A certain retro style. Nevertheless, the popular string part among men is one of the popular beard types at all. And this has been the case for years. Here, too, there are no limits to creativity. Whether a short or long mustache, the alternatives are great. Long mustaches with curved end tips are also quite a trendy and stylish approach for men this year. In a way, it makes for a special eye-catcher and, in combination with stylish hairstyles, can definitely give you a casual yet elegant look. Another plus: The classic cord part is timeless and will most likely stay in the top of men’s bar trends for a long time to come.

You want to try it yourself? Here you can find the right tutorial:

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

2 The Fu Manchu

The next beard trend for men with the somewhat unusual name “Fu Manchu” can be classified under the category of mustaches. Its origin is the thin upper lip beard from the Asian region. This forms a thin line on the top of your lip, which continues next to your mouth and continues down towards your chin. Noticeable. The “Fu Manchu” is often worn in combination with chin beards. Just like the classic mustache, the thinner version reflects a form of flamboyance and highlights your trendiness. Maybe the “Fu Manchu” is exactly your beard type for the year 2021?

4 The Chin Strap

Away from moustaches to the “Chin Strap” The chin beard is also to be found alongside the moustache in the trend highlights for men’s beards in 2021. This is countermarked by a narrow beard line along the chin area. The “Chin Strap” is especially recommended for men who have angular facial contours. This gives your face softer and harmonious facial features and thus says goodbye to the strict continuous contours. With regard to the care of the “Chin Strap”, a little patience is required. Here it is recommended to use a wet razor and to bring the chinstrap regularly into shape.

You want to know how it works? Here you can find the right instructions for the Chin Strap Beard Style:

5 sideburns

Either you love them or you hate them: pukes. For a long time, this beard type kept in the background and quite covered. Now the striking side beard is making a whole new comeback Not everyone seems to be a fan of perhaps the oldest beard trend of all time, yet this can spark true miracles. For men with more rounded facial shapes, sideburns make for an all-around narrower face and makes the overall facial appearance look more angular. On top of that, sideburns are best suited to be combined with other beard shapes. The sideburns are considered a more alert all-rounder among the beard trends.

6 Full beard

The well-groomed full beard has long since fully arrived in society. Whether top stars or “Otto normal consumer” everyone can grow and for a long time. The well-groomed full beard is used in every everyday situation. Whether the wild rock star type or the seasoned businessman in the office. The full beard somehow always fits. However, patience is required. If you really pursue the dream of a full beard, you have to let it grow for a really long time. Regular care plays just as important a role as patience. The regular trimming and pruning are the keywords here to sustainably do the full beard something good and to maintain it for a long time.

7 The 3 days beard

The three-day beard is a real classic below the beard trends 2021. Thereby, the popular beard trend seems to be just right especially for the fashionable but rather plainer type man. The three-day beard is a safe option for everyone. In the ranking of the most popular beard trends, the inconspicuous beard look plays defectively in the upper rankings. Should you then once no longer feel like the short beard, it can be quickly and multifaceted modify and change to other beard types, Another certainly not unimportant aspect, is the three-day beard in terms of outfit and styling. For every occasion the perfect facial hair.

You want to know how it works? Here you will find the instructions for the perfect 3-day beard:

Which beard do women like best?

If you ask the female world, which beard trend would be preferred, so it could be said that here too the classic “3-day beard” has the nose in front. Studies in the field also show that the female sex prefers the combination of soft skin and a discreet tickling beard quite. In contrast, perfectly contoured beards, as well as those in which the color was helped. These are according to common opinion of fashion and lifestyle magazines no longer in the trend and are also this year to the absolute “No-Go’s” for the male beard.

Nevertheless, each type of beard brings its own charm. And as is well known, it depends on the person under the beard and how it is worn or presented to the outside. Whether short or long, thick or thin for every type of man there is the perfect beard – Which is yours?