The Beard Guide – everything about care, styles and trends 

For men, not only the care and styling of the hair plays a special role, because the beard also needs special care depending on the type and style. With a beard, men can achieve an individual look – just like women with their make-up. And after all, a well cared for beard is the pride of every man. Learn here how to care for it appropriately and which shape suits your face best.

Male beard – from rough and dense to soft and fine

Nowadays you can find the most different beard styles from the popular three-day beard to the hipster beard to the moustache, but the full beard remains the men’s accessory par excellence. Although women have a clear preference for the three-day beard. But for the perfect beard look, a lot of care, a healthy diet and especially a lot of patience depending on the length and density of the beard is needed.

The right care for your beard

Which care products are good for the beard? Which products should be used before blow-drying and how do I get more structure into my hair? These questions are answered by Youtuber and Barber Charlemagne. He and his team have over 202 years of experience in the barber trade and are therefore the perfect contact persons.

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Different beard styles depending on the shape of your face

Which beard suits me or which beard suits me and my face? In this video I explain to you what you should pay attention to when choosing a beard and which beard suits which face or is recommended. I hope that I could help you with the beard selection. Share the video with your friends.

Ultimate guide to speed up the growth of the beard

Is it really possible to accelerate beard growth? Many are of the opinion: Yes, it is very much so! See here how Daniel Korte gives five ultimate tips for accelerated beard growth. What role nutrition and age play and what a beard roller is, you can find out here.