Cutting hair at home: Machine, scissors & Co.

Many know the urge for change. This can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Whether you impulsively order new clothes to change your style. Or, if you successfully change your appearance with a new ear piercing. Many, however, stand in front of the mirror and wish for a change in the area of hairstyle. But going to the hairdresser costs money and you have to wait for an appointment, but you are in a hurry? In this guide, we’ll show you how to cut your own hair at home without it showing right away. With this guide you will get a result that is really worth seeing. We show you which tools you need and which techniques you can use to give yourself a great haircut. But even if you don’t quite dare to do your own hair yet, we’ve got tips for someone else who you would spontaneously let cut your hair.

Which technique should I use?

There are many different ways that hair is best cut. The whole thing revolves around a training that serves exactly this purpose and yet more and more people want to cut their hair at home themselves to save the stress of a haircut, to save money or for other reasons. However, it is often difficult to judge for yourself what exactly you are doing, especially at the back of the head, but here too there are a few tips and tricks to ensure that your own haircut is a success. It is important that you use the right materials so as not to harm your hair and come as close as possible to the professional result.

Video Tutorial

If you’re still not sure how to go about it, check out this video for some tips on the products and tools you’ll need to get a result that’s worth watching.

Scissors, machine & Co: What do I need?

To give yourself the perfect haircut you need a few things. It would be very counterproductive to go about the whole thing with a simple pair of kitchen scissors and no other plan. It is important to get professional equipment if you want to achieve a clean result. In most cases, it’s not just about shortening your hair, but giving it a complete makeover. In order to achieve different goals you will of course need different tools. For shortening the top hair you urgently need professional hairdressing scissors, so that you don’t damage your hair by cutting it the wrong way. To shorten the sides you can either use the scissors, but since just shorter sides are very trendy at the moment, the razor offers itself to cut close to the scalp, or to be able to shave.

Help from friends, partner & co.

Understandably, there are also men who prefer to get help from the girlfriend and a failed haircut on their own initiative neither responsible nor want to endure. With outside help, most promise themselves a cleaner result, because just the back part of the head can be controlled by someone else much better than by yourself. Again, the more precise and thorough the work, the better the result! Again, don’t just grab the scissors and start cutting, it’s important to make sure you cut cleanly and in a pattern. As far as tools are concerned, the same rules apply as if you were cutting your hair on your own. For the pointy and more precise, straighter cuts you need barber scissors and for shorter and more extensive work you need a razor, preferably with several attachments to be able to control the length.

  • Towel
  • Hairdressing scissors
  • Hair clipper with attachments

Video Tutorial

If you think it’s a better idea not to go it alone with your new hairstyle, here’s a video tutorial for you and the person you’ve made responsible for your new haircut, so that everything can go smoothly. You’ll learn exactly what you need and what steps or cuts are necessary so that you end up with a presentable result on your head.