Workouts for at home: Tips for beginners & exercises without equipment

Especially in times when we are all more at home and work from home, the question arises how we can best keep ourselves physically fit. Of course, this requires discipline and ambition, but with the right exercises, sport at home is really fun. In addition, you save a lot of money and the pressure – having to drive to the gym – is eliminated. Instead, you can flexibly choose when you want to train. It is important to note the necessary motivation that you need to have in order to consistently stay on the ball and pull yourself together. Here we have the perfect exercises for you, which you can easily do at home without equipment. Whether you are a beginner, beginner or advanced: We have the perfect training for everyone free of charge, if you want to lose weight or simply get fitter. Questions about the right nutrition and correspondingly good cookbooks we have clarified one of our further articles. Feel free to stop by there as well.

The best, free workouts without equipment for home: From beginners to professionals

There are a lot of advantages to a workout at home. You can flexibly decide when you and what you want to train. So you are not bound to opening hours that you have to follow your daily schedule. So if it’s not jumping workouts where you might disturb your fellow men from below, you can do your fitness program at any time of the day or night. And you don’t have to wait at any machines because people are already using them.

Train your entire body: Here it depends on the inner bastard

The most important thing you need is discipline. You need to keep at it and motivate yourself every day. Even if it is hard, you should always have your goal in mind. If you want to train your whole body, here is a total body workout in 30 minutes. Sascha Huber will train the whole body with you step by step, so that you feel every part of your body after 30 minutes. As motivation you can see the relatively short time span in which you can very productively exhaust your whole body.

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Training sessions: What productive workouts are there for at home that are easy to do without equipment?

Sixpack Workout: Reach your goal without equipment

If you want to focus more on training your abdominal muscles, you can follow this eight-minute abdominal workout. It shows how you can quickly and efficiently train the region of the abdomen without the need for any additional equipment. Join in and hold out. If you think about how fast eight minutes can be done, this should be motivation and incentive enough.

Back training: An accentuated back can be delightful

A good musculature in the back is decisive for a very good overall fitness. So if you want to focus on your back in one day, you can do so easily and, above all, quickly. Again, you don’t need anything except a portion of discipline and motivation. The back training shows you how to train the upper back, the latissimus (large back muscle), the back shoulder and the trapezius muscle (muscles on both sides of the spine) with six exercises and again without any equipment. Targeted back training not only strengthens the back, but has a positive effect on the entire body. Always remember that the body is a coherent organism, whose elements should be trained immediately.

Exercises for strong legs: Anyone can do it!

The legs are still missing at the end of the exercise. After all, they are part of our body too, right? They carry us wherever we want, so we should train them too to make them even stronger. Sometimes you only need a pole to lean on or a chair to support. So you have no reason not to go through this workout with four exercises.

This is how the stars train: Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth & Co.

How do the stars actually train? Do they have other workouts than we do? Have a look at what we found. From Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth to Tom Ellis.

Henry Cavill

He doesn’t cut a bad figure in the movie “Witcher”. You can see what workout he’s doing in this video.

Chris Hemsworth

His personal trainer explains in the video which exercises Chris has to do for certain film roles.

Tom Ellis

He explains to us in this video himself which workout plan he follows to get such a well-trained body like he has one.