The way to the dream body: Aylin in the fitness interview

Aylin shares her passion for fitness and healthy eating with her community on Instagram. With her inspiring tips and experiences, she has achieved her dream body and is a true inspiration for many people who want to improve their health and fitness.

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In this interview we will learn more about Aylin’s motivation and nutrition habits as well as her experiences and advice around fitness and nutrition. Aylin also gives tips for beginners on how to best start their fitness journey and get results fast. You can find more content from Aylin here:

Six years in the gym: the road to the dream body

FIV: Maybe you can introduce yourself briefly in your own words, so that our readers can get an impression of you. Who are you and what makes you special?

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Aylin: Hello you beautiful people, im Aylin, 22 years old and incredibly proud of my body. I’ve been working out in the gym for 6 years now, forging my dream body! On Instagram I take my followers on this journey and gift you with my experiences and knowledge.

Mental strength through regular sports

FIV: On your Instagram account, you like to share your fitness lifestyle. What has been your biggest success since you became passionate about fitness?

Aylin: My biggest success is actually finally looking in the mirror and being happy with what I see. I just love it and am also grateful for the mental strength the gym gives me.

FIV: Certainly a large part of your life takes place in the gym. How often and how long do you spend your time there?

Aylin: I’m there about 5-6 times a week for about 2 hours. But also only so long because I just take my time with the exercises. I think in the time you would either sit in front of the TV or on the cell phone, so you can also just as well in the gym.

10,000 steps rule: stairs instead of elevator!

FIV: You like to collect your 10,000 steps a day. How do you manage to integrate enough exercise into your daily work routine?

Aylin: It’s actually not that hard if you divide it up over the day. It’s not just walks that count, but also the choice of whether to take the stairs or the elevator at work today.

FIV: Weight training is a very demanding sport. Have you ever been injured? If so, how did you deal with it?

Aylin: So far, fortunately, I haven’t hurt myself because I just take my time and practice the execution until I have it down without a doubt.

Proper Nutrition: Protein & Vitamin Rich

FIV: Sport also includes a balanced diet. How do you take care of this in order to achieve your physical goals?

Aylin: I make sure I eat enough protein to build muscle and tone my body. Otherwise vitamin-rich and without renunciation, because I also like to eat chocolate.

FIV: You often stress the importance of eating enough protein a day. What foods are the best for you to reach your goal?

Aylin: Most of the time I make sure to buy protein foods when I shop. Examples are low-fat curd cheese, yogurt, turkey cold cuts, salmon, red lentils, etc. Furthermore, I like to consume protein shakes, which then also simplify this for me.

Training and nutrition plan for your goals

FIV: How important is it to have a personalized training and nutrition plan to achieve physical goals?

Aylin: It’s very simple. Every body is different – has different needs and a different starting point.

There is no universal training plan and just because one plan worked for me does not promise success for others using that plan! That is why it is important to have an individual training plan.

Criticism on social media: the right way to handle it

FIV: Do you also get a lot of criticism on social media? If so, how do you deal with negative comments?

Aylin: I actually get mostly positive feedback and if something negative comes up it’s totally fine. There will always be people who don’t find what you do cool. Not only on social media but also in real life.

Set small goals for the beginning

FIV: With just under 22,000 subscribers, I’m sure there are many who are just getting started with fitness. What tips would you give to people who are just starting out and want to eat healthier?

Aylin: Set small goals that you can reach 100% and increase bit by bit.

Nutritionally, I recommend starting to learn about protein-rich foods and eating more protein. It is also not yet necessary to directly count any calories.

Tips for more motivation to do sports

FIV: You’ve had a stressful day. How do you motivate yourself to do sports in the evening? Do you have any tips for our readers when motivation is lacking?

Aylin: Nobody is always motivated. Neither am I. But I love the results and I love that feeling after the workout. You know you did something good for your body and it will pay off. Also, I have never regretted a workout. Rather, I’ve regretted the ones I didn’t do.

FIV: Thank you Aylin for the exciting interview! We wish you continued success on your fitness journey!

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