Real Estate & AI: Interview with Studio71

In real estate, AI imagery is on the rise. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, algorithms can analyze large amounts of data and interpret the properties of objects and spaces. This can create virtual tours and 3D models that give potential buyers and tenants a realistic idea of the property. In addition, AI images provide […]

Zoe Dvir: VR Avatar, Metaverse, Fashion Show and Future Outlook – Interview

Zoe Dvir – Today we have the honor of interviewing one of the world’s first digital avatars. Zoe is 24 years old and has already participated in some remarkable projects, including the world’s first virtual fashion show, 2021. As a digital avatar, Zoe has set new standards for technology and shown how it can be […]

Imma: Life as a VR Influencer, Japanese Culture and Community Care – Interview

imma – another well-known personality from the Metaverse. She is a virtual influencer who lives in Japan and has a growing fan base there. With her distinctive aesthetic and sense of virtual fashion, she has managed to stand out from other Influencer:ins and create her own identity. In this interview, we’ll get to know imma […]

Ella Stoller: Virtual Model, Future VR, Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence – Interview

Ella Stoller – She likes to change her hair color, has a cute Pomeranian as a pet and works as a model in advertising. Among other things, in commercials for Buffalo London. She has also been in commercials for a food delivery brand, she explains real estate. As a digital avatar, Ella has the opportunity […]

Sua: VR Avatar, Metaverse, life in Seoul and career as a musician – Interview

Sua – She has built an enormous following in the virtual world and is known for her unique contributions and creative demeanor. As a leader in the Metaverse, Sua offers a unique insight into the world of virtual reality and the role it could play in our future society. We’re excited to speak with Sua […]

Lucy: Community, life in reality and live commerce experiences – Interview

The Metaverse – A world in which virtuality and reality continue to merge. Here, virtual personalities like Lucy have a major impact on digital society. With her impressive presence and unique style, Lucy has managed to gain a large fan base and attract the attention of many brands and companies. In this interview, we’ll dive […]

Kyra: VR Model, Metaverse, Life in India and Mumbai Hot Spots – Interview

Kyra – She is a unique personality of the Metaverse and has managed to build a huge following by showing her creativity and unique style. As one of the virtual Influencer:ins, she is an important representative of Indian culture and represents it in a unique and creative way. In this interview we will learn more […]

Yuna: VR Model, Success Factors & CM Models – Interview

Yuna – She shines as a rising star in the social media firmament. In this interview, we learn more about her beginnings as a virtual influencer, what her experiences have been so far and what her future plans are. She is a unique personality and her role as a virtual influencer comes with interesting challenges […]

Airbnb: Increase income and return on investment! Getting started, costs and advantages of Airbnb – Interview

Airbnb – travelers beware! Do you love to travel and explore new places? Then you surely know Airbnb, the globally popular platform that allows travelers to discover unique accommodations. Airbnb has revolutionized the way we think about accommodations and has become a major player in the travel industry. But how has Airbnb achieved this impressive […]

Establish a family foundation: Legally reduce taxes to 15%! Foundation, advantages, interview

Establish a family foundation in Germany – Attention entrepreneurs! Are you an entrepreneur or already a medium-sized business owner and would like to build up your assets in a structured and secure way? Then you should consider setting up a family foundation – an often underestimated instrument that offers you numerous advantages. With a family […]

Metaverse: What’s next? Visualization and Construction – Real Estate & AI (Artificial Intelligence)

metaverse, real estate & AI – Today our real estate expert introduces us to the concept of the metaverse, a virtual world that can facilitate collaboration and communication between project stakeholders. It is already possible to buy and own real estate in the metaverse, and it is expected that virtual real estate trading will continue […]

Real Estate & AI (Artificial Intelligence): Today and the future – Interview with Lukinski

Real Estate & AI (Artificial Intelligence) – How is a villa created and how would it be created if artificial intelligence were in play. This interview with Stephan Czaja of Lukinski provides an overview of the steps involved in designing and visualizing villas and their timeline. Architects typically create 3D visualizations to give their clients […]

Automation of Planning & Construction – Real Estate & AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Automating design with AI – By leveraging generative design technology and other data sources, building plans can be created automatically, which can result in time and cost savings as well as increased design accuracy. However, it is important to emphasize that the use of AI-based solutions does not replace the role of the architect or […]

Intelligent Construction Machinery – Real Estate & AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Smart construction machines with AI – Integrating AI technology into the construction industry can not only improve the efficiency of construction machines, but also the design and visualization of construction projects. By using AI, architects and contractors can automate, personalize and simulate 3D visualizations to give clients a realistic idea of their designs. In addition, […]

Personalized Consulting – Real Estate & AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Personalized advice through AI-based solutions can be used not only in construction but also in other industries such as healthcare, finance, and retail. AI can help make data-based decisions by analyzing and processing information from various sources. Through personalization, customers can receive customized recommendations based on their specific needs and preferences. This can not only […]

Robots in Construction – Real Estate & AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Robots in construction with AI – Robots in construction are a promising application area for AI technology to make the construction process faster and more efficient. In the future, we could envision even more specialized robots in construction that are capable of autonomously performing various tasks. For example, we could imagine an autonomous scaffolding robot […]