Multifunctional Off-White belts for the perfect street style

The heart of the Off-White collections are indisputably the accessories. Shoes, bags and especially belts. In addition to hoodies, caps and the like, the subtleties in signal colors stand out and visually enhance every outfit. Find out how you can perfectly integrate the different belts into your style and which ones are worth investing in.

Multi-talented belt: everyday companion and trend object

For a long time now belts have not only been worn to keep trousers in the right place. Rather, the everyday companions have become an absolute trend object. Already in the punk scene of the eighties, studded belts were used to visually stand out from the crowd. What used to be a means to an end has developed into an object with cultural value. Especially belt buckles offer the chance to integrate a little extra jewelry into your style.

Off-White offers a variety of belts that can be paired with both dressy and casual looks. For style inspiration, check out our Pinterest board. Here we present you collections, looks and our favorite pieces. We also feature other brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and more.

Must-Have Industrial Belt: Bestsellers for ladies and gentlemen

The Industrial Belt is undoubtedly the bestseller among Off-White belts. You’ve probably seen it on Instagram and other fashion platforms. The secret of success is the diversity of the design. Apart from the fact that the belt fits both men and women, it is characterized by the fact that you can wear it in many different ways.

Here’s a little inspiration for the ladies:

And this is how the belt could look in a cool men’s look:

How to Wear Off-Whites Industrial Belt – Video

To make sure you choose the right style Off-White presents you different options to wear the belt. Take a look and let yourself be inspired:

For simple outfits: Arrow Logo Plague Leather Belt

The brand logo with arrows pointing in four directions is a recurring feature in the label’s designs. It is emblazoned on the backs of hoodies, backpacks and adorns bag details. Of course, the logo is also a must on belts. If you want to wear the brand close to you, it’s best to go for the chic leather belt.

A big advantage of the leather accessory is that it can be integrated much better into the area of corporate wear. So if you spend a lot of time in a suit or in business clothes in general, the Arrow Logo Plague Leather Belt is much more suitable than the Industrial Belt.

Top 3 cheapest Off-White belts with prices

With the selection on offer, it is sometimes hard to make a choice about which belts to include in your collection. Just the price tag with which the belts come can quickly deter. That’s why we have collected the cheapest Off-White belts for you and present them to you including prices:

  • Mini Industrial Belt: €135
  • Industrial 2.0 Adjustable Belt: €135
  • Mini New Logo Industrial Belt: €135