OFF WHITE – the combination of street style and high fashion

With Off-White Virgil Abloh does not follow the rules of the design and art industry. Design with a political message to youth and society is conquering the fashion world – and we watch and marvel. Anyone who hasn’t heard of Off-White until now is probably walking the world with their eyes closed, because the street style and high fashion brand is everywhere. Off-White publishes its collections according to the motto “see now, buy now”, which means that the items are available for everyone as soon as they are worn on the catwalk by the most famous models. Learn all about Virgil Abloh’s influence on youth, his collaborations and latest collections.

Off-White: Ready-To-Wear: Jackets, Sweatshirts & Co.

From head to toe in Off-White – at Off-White you can find everything from sweatshirts to jeans. On the Off-White site you will find clothes divided into Women and Men, Spring Summer and Fall Winter. The Steetwear styles and urban clothing appeals especially to a younger target group. Off-White is known for its minimalist but creative styles – everyone knows the Industy Belt, the fashion with the “QUOTES” and the Off-White X made of two crossing arrows on both sides. Stars also inspire designer Virgil Abloh with his unique articles: we see his styles with Rihanna, Travis Scott, Drake and Kylie Jenner. If you like street style, you can hardly avoid off-white.

Latest collection: Off-White Spring Summer in Paris

The Spring Summer Ready-To-Wear Collection 2020 was proudly presented by Virgil Abloh in Paris. The name of the collection is “Meteor Strike” – meaning meteorite strike, and his collection strikes like a meteor. The hype about the fashion brand from Milan is far from over. The show starts with a video by Dr. Mae C. Jemison, the first black woman to travel into space. She talks about creativity in science and art. Abloh is important to point out to the younger generations that they can achieve everything through education. The inspiration of minimalism from the 90s cannot be overlooked. Especially eye-catching are circular holes in bags, boots and shirts.  FIV Magazine has picked out the video of the SS 2020 Meteor Strike collection for women. Famous faces such as the Hadid sisters, Georgina Grenville and Audrey Marnay are also running for off-white at Paris Fashion Week. What do you like best about the latest collection?

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off-white: stores in Las Vegas, Bangkok & Sydney

Off-White is now also available in stores. From Tokyo to Paris to Dubai – the stores are conquering the whole world. Locally you can usually find the articles that are part of the long-term assortment. The clothes can be bought either in the independent off-white stores or through other suppliers around the world. Internationally there are more than 50 off-white stores, but many articles with limited quantities are only available from private suppliers for a higher price. FIV Magazine has picked out the campaign for the Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Off-White Menswear Collection, maybe it’s love at first sight and you’re looking for a store near you directly through the Off-White page.

Off-White Special Items: Preorders & Collectables

Under the item Special Items on the Off-White page you can find everything from preorders for collections, books to markers for $103. Here you can find the latest off-white collections and collaborations, represented by aesthetic images of the products.

Virgil Abloh – designer, architect & DJ: Always underchallenged

Virgil Abloh is the founder and creative director of the Italian fashion brand Off-White. Although it was founded in Milan in 2015, Abloh is actually from Illinois. And he never wanted to be a fashion designer – he studied architecture and engineering, but these industries didn’t have the right pace for him. So Abloh started out as a creative consultant to Kanye West. First he founded the label “Pyrex”, dissolved it after one year and the luxury brand “Off-White” was born. Off-White stylishly combines street style with high fashion, reflecting what has long been worn on the streets. You wonder why the name Off-White? The designer with 30 ideas a day defines his brand with the following quotation “OFF-WHITE c/o Virgil Abloh Defining the grey area between black and white as the color of Off-White”.

We have selected an interview from Vogue in which the world-famous fashion icon Naomi Campbell meets the fashion designer Virgil Abloh – here you are guaranteed to get to know the creative mind behind the Steetstyle & luxury brand Off-White.

Virgil Abloh makes music: Paris, IL

Virgil Abloh is not just a fashion designer, that would probably be too monotonous for the man with 30 ideas a day. Abloh also works as a DJ and music producer and has his own music under the name Paris, IL running in the background at his fashion shows. On the off-white page you will find links to his collaborations with Guillaume Berg, the creative director of Bromance Records. Together they are making a name for themselves in the dance music scene.

Off-White Homeware: Interior design at Ikea & Co.

Off-white accessories for the perfect designer apartment? In his first collaboration in the field of interior design, Abloh worked with the Swedish furniture store Ikea and designed minimalist accessories for bed, bathroom and tables. But this one homeware collection was not to be the only one, a collection with Vitra, a Swiss furniture store known for designer home and office furniture, followed. Abloh does not limit himself with his interior design collections either, he plays with abstract ideas and creativity. Here you can see a video of the Ikea x Off-White collection. Do you recognize a few well-known statements?

Off White: Biggest Specials & Campaigns

Through various collaborations with major brands, Off-White has secured itself a firm place in the world of design and fashion in recent years. The Off-White FW collection 2016/17 was created in collaboration with the American brand Levi’s and consisted of 12 pieces, half of which were unisex. In 2016 Virgil Abloh collaborated with the Moncler brand and released the collection “Moncler O”, inspired by the Scandinavian fisherman in the far north. But our favourite collaboration is with Nike: Virgil Abloh reinvented 10 sneakers from the US sports manufacturer and gave them a certain something. A personality. The famous “QUOTES” cannot be overlooked, but what do they actually stand for? Abloh plays with irony, his fashion is art and he rebels against standards of the fashion and design world. FIV Magazine has picked out the Nike x Off-White “Football Mon Amour” campaign so you can see for yourself what Abloh’s fashion and collaborations are like.

Off-White Resale: Get 15 times the value

An off-white article can also be a real investment, because often there is only a limited quantity of the products. Often all articles are sold out within minutes of release, but are then offered on the Internet for a multiple price. A good example are the Nike 10 Air Force Off-White: At their release the sneakers had a value of 170 Euro, but were sold out after a few minutes. Meanwhile they cost a good 2500 Euros and have thus almost reached the 15th of their value. So if you are quick to buy and have an idea of the latest trends, you can invest well in a pair of off-white shoes. Natural limited editions sell particularly well, and the lower the quantity, the more money you can ask for them.