Stylish hoodies: how to turn the baggy sweater into your IT piece

Hoodies – Hoodies are mostly associated with the terms “cozy”, “casual” or “gammellook”. But contrary to their reputation, the hoodie can become your perfect IT piece and are indispensable from today’s streetwear scene. Whether on the catwalk at Balenciaga, Off-White and Co. or on the street, the stylish perennial favorites are omnipresent in every season. Hoodies are clearly controversial pieces that usually cause little stir. Whether they are worn by the young, the young at heart or the elderly. Today, there are so many combinations in which these modern yet extremely comfortable pieces can be worn. But what is it about the cozy hooded sweatshirt and how do you style it? Read all about one of your favorite pieces in your wardrobe here!

Comfortable outfits with hoodies: the casual look

As part of a layered outfit, the hoodie can be surprisingly modern and modest at the same time. A comfortable hoodie made of high-quality material and with impeccable workmanship is the ideal garment for every day. Not only in summer on cooler evenings, but also as a layered look in winter, the hoodie is perfect to combine. For the right look, wear a zip-up hoodie, better known as a ziphoodie, over a plain white t-shirt and a jacket or thin sleeveless vest, a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of trainers.

How can the hoodie be combined with a casual leisure look?

  • Multi-layered “onion look
  • Hoodie with zipper
  • In combination with T-shirt and a thinner jacket


Printed Hoodies: The sporty look

If you are into the sporty style, you can definitely consider an outfit that consists of a printed sweatshirt and sweatpants. Sweatshirts that are suitable for sporty outfits are made of soft, dense fabrics.

But not only printed hoodies can make your outfit a special eye-catcher. If you want individuality, creativity and your own style, you can have your own hoodie printed at Printful. Choose a motif or photo of your choice that represents yourself. How do you want to feel when wearing the IT piece? Strong and feminine, loose and casual or elegant and exciting? The printed motif determines the effect.

For urban casual outfits, on the other hand, monochrome hoodies – black, red, white, navy – with a pair of black sweatpants and a pair of leather sneakers come very nicely. Your outfit is guaranteed to be comfortable and effective.

How can the sporty look be combined?

  • Hoodie in combination with jogging pants
  • Print your own hoodie (Hoodie with print)
  • Plain hoodie with sneaker

Your own style: The hoodie as an accessory

The hoodie doesn’t always have to be an integral part of the outfit. If you want to integrate it discreetly into the outfit, it is perfect as an accessory. That means you dress according to your taste and then tie a hoodie around your waist, for example. This trend is especially great for fickle weather. Also, you can roll it and wear it around your neck like a scarf. This way, you’ll keep that part of your body warm if you’re someone who gets cold quickly. In the latter case, it is better to wear it in the same or similar color as your shirt. If you want to go with the trend, you can also wear the sweater like a crossbody bag, namely crossed from the shoulder to the hip and tied in the front.

How to wear a hoodie as an accessory?

  • Tie around the waist
  • Tie around the shoulders
  • Wear crossed

Hoodie and leather jacket: The trend for men and women

You want a modern, stylish outfit? Then the streetwear outfit is recommended. You’re guaranteed to look like you’ve stepped right off the catwalk of the international catwalks. A combination of hooded sweatshirt, leather jacket and wider or tighter trousers is one of the most suitable outfits for any season. You can experiment with different outfits by choosing hoodies in different colors under the outer layer of clothing. If you are particularly bold and experimental, you can even combine a Chelsea boot with brogue leather cutouts or boots with oversized buckles. These create a modern and authentic look.