Trendguide – Combine leather skirt the right way: Shirt, Patches & Louis Vuitton Clutch

Hello my dears! Today it’s all about leather skirts. In my last column I already briefly told you about my new piece of jewelry, but now I have finally developed my love for the parts and immediately bought another one. I used to think that it would be a bad idea to wear leather skirts in summer, because the material is known to keep very warm, especially under the strong summer sun. But when I tested it in reality, I found out that it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. Since then, I’ve been super happy to wear the skirts and combine them to all weather conditions. I’ve put together 3 combination options for you here, with which you can wear the it-piece super.

Blue leather skirt as an eye-catcher – combine summer outfit

My blue leather skirt is from Zara. I bought it last year, but at first I thought it was a bad buy. This year, I have rediscovered him for me and wear him now very much. In the first look I combined it with a white t-shirt with patches, a Louis Vuitton clutch and a Kapten & Son watch. The look is more casual, but still looks mega nice and is perfect for mild summer evenings.

The second look with the leather skirt I wore on a trip to Luxenburg. On that day it was very windy and therefore a bit cooler, which is why I combined the skirt with a long-sleeved top. Additionally I had my Fashion Drug bag with me and sandals. The look is very simple, but I still like it very much, because it was perfect for a cozy day in the city.

Leather skirt – rocking and elegant

I had already mentioned this piece of jewelry from NA-KD in my last column. Despite all that it fits so well to the theme that I would like to show it here again. He is in itself very rocky by the two belts. Nevertheless, you can combine it very elegantly, for example with a blouse, elegant pumps or a clutch. On the other hand, he makes sihc but of course also super as an it-piece in an outfit combined with basics. The best thing about it is that even though it’s tight and really doesn’t look comfortable, it’s super comfy and not too warm to wear outside in the summer.

I hope I could inspire you a little with this little blog about my new favorite part and show you great combinations for leather skirts. Until then, have a great week and enjoy the sunny weather. Want to see and read more from me? Take a look at my blog.

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Your Iva ❤