Summer Outfit Special – Trend Look Denim

Hello my love!

As the weather is getting better and the temperatures slowly but surely continue to rise, I thought it was time for a little summer outfit special. I chose the fabric denim as a trend look and looked for you how to combine it thr best. Denim is available in almost every cut. Pants, jeans jackets, jeans skirts, dresses, t-shirts, shoes, bags andmore. I have selected my favorite denim pieces from my wardrobe and put together for you outfits that are not only super beautiful but also great for the coming warm temperatures.

Denim, denim, denim

The fabric that simply always goes, because it is super practical, diverse and looks just good. It is available in all colours, all cuts and in a thousand different versions. Whether with cracks, color patches or with patches printed. Jeans has always been a must-have in every wardrobe and always reinvents itself. What I can combine on the fabric, I show you now.

Jeans jacket – Oversized look by Zara

This jeans jacket by Zara is quite simple, but still a real eye-catcher. It is cut in Oversized and gives the outfit something very casual and comfortable. A super casual outfit for everyday life. I have combined the jeans jacket with a torn shirt (Bershka), a black jeans (Reserved) and a small pink bag (Gioia), which adds a touch of elegance to the loose outfit. The look is perfect for the transitional season and suitable for the warmer temperatures, just replacing the black jeans with a shorts.

Combine jeans skirt – belt and clutch

This jeans skirt by Asos is a real denim special. He has super nice details on the pockets and on the waistband. Actually, I’m not a big fan of short skirts, but I must say this is not too long and not too short. It fits super and can be combined great. I chose a slightly more chic version, with a black off-shoulder pullover (Zara), a black belt (Reserved) and a small bag (vintage).

Jeans skirts can be combined super easy very casually. A white T-shirt and sneaker, with a casual Crop hoodie or with a body, the jeans skirt looks much cooler. It is super comfortable and uncomplicated. Perfect for the summer! Here I have a little different combination for you.

Jeans – Distresed x Used

It is now a trend to wear torn trousers is nothing new, but it just comes more and more wearing fashion jeans with special ablutions. I’ve picked a jeans that combines both. The nice thing is, the holes are not so huge but discreetly distributed, which in combination with the washing gives a super cool effect. Also here there are many possibilities to combine such a special jeans and also here I have 2 alternatives for you. On the one hand it is quite simple with a black T-shirt, a black leatherjacke and black Stifletten (both Reserved), which draws the attention fully on the pants.

On the other hand, combined with discreet colors, such as a white leather jacket and a light basic top, whereby the trousers are more integrated into the outfit and not so much as it stands out.

I hope I could inspire you with a bit of inspiration and show you one or the other side of the eternal trend fabric. The trend this summer is definitely in the direction of jeans skirts and jeans jackets, which can also be combined together! If you have any suggestions or suggestions for improvement, please let me know and write it in the comments! I wish you all a good start in the week and a great day! Next week you will find a small Berlin Outfit special and a little surprise.

Your Iva ❤