Fashion styles for every taste – these looks are still popular

The fashion world is so diverse that even dandies and fashionistas don’t always know what to wear. People with little knowledge of fashion find it all the more difficult to decide on a look. Fortunately, there are fashion styles that are easily achievable and timeless. Let’s take a look at some of them here.

Bohemian style

Bohemian style is all about comfort. So anything you feel comfortable in is allowed. For many, the style is far more than just fashion. It symbolizes freedom, joy and peace. To a certain extent, this makes it a lifestyle that is strongly inspired by non-conformism. Bohemian style, or boho style, can be found in many subcultures such as hippies, artists and eco-activists. Mainly natural materials are worn, including cotton, linen and silk. Accessories such as hair bands, wicker bags and straw hats are also an important part of bohemian style. As freedom is closely linked to naturalness, make-up is not essential for the boho style. When it comes to hairstyles, there are no guidelines for either women or men. Hair can be wild and tousled.

Capsule Wardrobe

Minimalist styles have been established in the world of fashion for decades. However, the capsule wardrobe is still quite young and has only become popular in recent years. When it comes to style, everything in your closet should be versatile so that you can create as many combinations as possible. It doesn’t even have to be a lot of clothes. It is far more important that they go well together. As a result, unusual cuts or bright colors have no place in a capsule wardrobe. Instead, neutral tones and simple designs are used. If you like it more extravagant and want to emphasize your individuality, you should choose a different style. If, on the other hand, the focus is on functionality, capsule wardrobe is the best choice.

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French chic

As the name suggests, this fashion style comes from France. Few looks in the women’s world have attracted as much attention in recent years as French chic, as it embodies elegance, naturalness and femininity. With its simple sophistication, it subtly emphasizes a woman’s beauty. This sets it apart from styles that rely on eye-catching and extravagant elements. In addition to the typical French colors of blue, red and white, black is also frequently worn. Red nail polish is suitable for giving the simple look a little more zing, but all in all, make-up should be as natural as possible.

Street style

Street style is worn in many major cities such as London, New York and Paris. Basically, it is nothing more than the style of the big cities. Street style outfits include many extravagant items of clothing such as eye-catching accessories, perforated jeans and oversized jackets. It is primarily about nonchalance, but unlike bohemian style, the focus is less on naturalness and more on urban coolness. The style is intended to express the dynamism, energy and versatility of city life. There is no shortage of possible combinations. As long as individuality is not lost, almost anything can be integrated.


Vintage is not just a fashion style, but also inspires furnishings, art, jewelry and many other areas. As with the Renaissance, it is about a return to the past. Vintage fashion is characterized by a timeless charm. How exactly this charm turns out depends on design features, the decade of origin and the condition of the garment. Vintage is admittedly a bold fashion style, as wearers opt for pieces that often deviate strongly from the mainstream. In return, they have a style that emphasizes individuality and originality. Incidentally, certain items of clothing from the past come back into fashion sooner or later. A good example of this is flared trousers, which were considered extinct and suddenly experienced a revival.


Preppy is a fashion style that has its roots in the American school system. It originated at the elite universities of Harvard, Princeton and Yale. The fashion style is associated with education, prestige and tradition. Originally only worn by students, the look has since gained wider acceptance. It is only in the lower social classes that it is hardly noticed. The classic garments of this fashion style include blazers, chinos, mini skirts, polo shirts and wool coats. There are also chic accessories such as leather belts and silk ties.


Rockabilly is a combination of the words “rock” and “hillbilly”. The fashion style combines country with rock or rural with rebellious elements. It used to be considered scandalous, but is now regarded as a timeless classic. Rockabilly has a close connection with vintage, as it adopts many designs and influences from the 1950s. The characteristic features of rockabilly differ greatly between women and men. Women usually wear pencil skirts, blouses and dresses with polka dot patterns. For men, the hair quiff is the most important element, but jeans and leather jackets are also a must. Rockabilly is an eye-catching and nostalgic look for anyone who has little to do with capsule wardrobe, French chic or other modern styles.

Romantic style

Hardly any other fashion style is so feminine, playful and dreamy. This look is mainly worn by women, as it embodies femininity. This is also reflected in the clothing – jeans, T-shirts and the like are out of place in the romantic style. Instead, dresses, skirts or tops with floral patterns are worn. When it comes to accessories, bracelets, necklaces and earrings in gold or silver are in demand. The romantic style is particularly suitable for spring, but it can also be a charming choice in winter. Make-up is part of the fashion style, as long as it is not too overpowering. Nude or pink shades are best.

Sustainable Style

The impact of climate change has greatly increased the importance of sustainable fashion. The best proof of this is the sustainable style, which is being worn more and more frequently, especially in industrialized countries. In contrast to other styles, there are no clear guidelines for the visual appearance. Much more important is the focus on sustainability. With sustainable style, wearers attach importance to fair working conditions, sustainable materials and environmentally friendly production methods. This means that many conventional brands are not an option. For many wearers, sustainable style is much more than just a look. They wear it to show their attitude towards climate and environmental protection. The style is the first choice among eco-activists.

Styles at a glance

Here is a quick run-through of all the styles:

Fashion style Description
Bohemian style Emphasizes comfort and naturalness, uses natural materials and accessories such as hair bands and straw hats. Make-up is optional, no specifications for hairstyles.
Capsule Wardrobe Minimalist style in which versatile items of clothing are combined in the closet, neutral tones and simple designs are important. The focus is on functionality.
French chic Elegant and natural style from France, emphasizes beauty in a subtle way, uses typical French colors and discreet make-up.
Street style Casual urban style, with extravagant garments and accessories, expresses the dynamism and versatility of city life.
Vintage Timeless fashion style, emphasizing individuality and originality, inspired by past decades, deviating from the mainstream.
Preppy Associated with education, prestige and tradition, it includes classic garments such as blazers, chinos and polo shirts.
Rockabilly Combination of country and rock, inspired by the 1950s, eye-catching and nostalgic, characteristic features for women and men.
Romantic style Feminine, playful and dreamy, using dresses, skirts and floral patterns, gold or silver accessories to match the femininity.
Sustainable Style Sustainable focus, emphasis on fair working conditions, sustainable materials and environmentally friendly production, demonstrates attitude to climate and environmental protection.