TheRubinRose – Fashion blogger from Munich

The 21 year old Vivian is a blogger from Munich and already has 22,400 subscribers on Instagram! On her blog TheRubinRose there are numerous fashion, beauty and food posts. There’s also plenty for crafting fans – great DIYs from rose crowns to pimped gloves to cool photo backgrounds! We talked to the pretty Munich girl.

“Fashion has always been a big deal” for fashion blogger Vivian!

FIV: In your category “Fashion” you always show new outfits and inspire your readers. Do you have a favorite designer yourself?

I honestly don’t have a favorite designer. I like to be inspired by magazines and celebrities and prefer to buy my clothes online!

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FIV: Was fashion and beauty already an issue in your childhood?

Fashion has always been a big topic with me! As a child I especially loved the color pink and accordingly had some clothes in this color hanging in my closet.
FIV: What does your everyday look look like? What is your tip for styling?

My everyday look is a casual street style outfit! The most important thing for me is that everything is comfortable and I feel good in it.

The lifestyle of the fashionable Munich! Here, different styles come together on the street every day!

FIV: How do you see the city of Munich in terms of fashion? Do you like the style of the Munich people?

I would definitely say that Munich is fashionable! I meet different styles on the street here every day. Everyone seems to be into fashion and that’s what I like so much here!

FIV: Do you have a role model? Also especially in the fashion world? Why?

To be honest, I don’t have a specific role model. I let myself be inspired by different people. They don’t always have to be stars, but can also be ‘ordinary’ people I meet in everyday life.

FIV: Where do you get your ideas for the DIY tutorials? Do you do a lot yourself?

I love crafting! Often these ideas come to me at night and have to be implemented the next day!

FIV: Vivian, what do you think is more important: luck or discipline? Why?

It’s hard to say. I think that the mixture of both is important in life!

FIV: What is your best/worst feature?

Although I am a very ambitious person, I can also be very chaotic.

A day at the seaside with her loved ones makes Vivian wishfully happy!

FIV: What does a perfect day look like for you?

A perfect day includes all my loved ones around me! If the weather is nice and I am by the sea, then I am happy!

FIV: What has been your biggest success with your blog so far?

I’ve been able to collaborate with some name ha brands and meet a lot of great people!

FIV: Your blog has been around since September 2014, what are your next big goals for The Rubin Rose?

I want to continue to work hard on my blog and post regularly online to fulfill my dream of becoming self-employed with my blog.

FIV: Dear Vivian, thank you very much for the interview!