Esther Perbandt fashion show: “Black is colorful” Philosophy & gender non-conforming fashion – FW 2023 Summer

Esther Perbandt Fashion Show Summer 2023 Berlin – After a stunning fashion show, here you can expect more about the designer Esther Perbandt and a Summery of the new collection, which she presented at the Berlin Fashion Week 2023. Here you can find all the highlights of the Berlin Fashion Week x Summer 2023.

Esther Perbandt x Fashion Week Berlin

We are live as Esther Perbandt brings autonomy and individuality to the forefront. Embodying gender non-conforming (post-)feminism, she redefines the non-binary silhouette while maintaining timeless elements of elegance and style. Look forward to unique and characterful, captivating deconstructed silhouettes combined with classic tailoring details!

Must Have! 5 Highlights from the collection

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Esther Perbandt: Gender non-conforming fashion, interdisciplinary projects & musical passion.

Born in Berlin, shaped in Moscow and refined in Paris, she has had a fascinating journey. From her childhood and adolescence, she was influenced by the open-mindedness of her parents, who were involved in feminist movements and strived for greater inclusion. These early influences shaped her character and sparked her avant-garde aspirations. Esther Perbandt’s imagination was sparked by growing up without a television, but with a huge costume box and many other creative tools. By the age of twelve she had already found her calling as a fashion designer and did everything necessary to achieve this goal, despite the risks involved.

“Black is colorful” & gender non-conforming designs.

Esther Perbandt describes her fashion as an act of gender-unspecific (post-)feminism. Her avant-garde style focuses on personality, autonomy and individuality. She deconstructs the non-binary silhouette and redefines it with classic menswear details, while preserving timeless aspects of elegance and style. Through her “Black is colorful” philosophy, she uses the color black as a platform for artful creations that combine timeless elegance and a rebellious touch.

Overcoming limits and challenges

Interdisciplinary collaboration plays a central role in Esther Perbandt’s work. Numerous collaborations in the fields of film, music and theater attest to this, including projects with Rammstein and their frontman Till Lindemann, photographer Sven Marquardt, composer Sven Helbig, film directors Nicholas Mockridge and Zoran Bihac, choreographer Sasha Waltz and conductor Theodor Currentzis. Constantly overcoming limits and challenges is what drives the fashion designer.

Music as a source of inspiration

Esther Perbandt is a strong personality who brings her perspectives and passions to the table. She draws on many years of experience and encounters and is firmly rooted in her values and ideals. The love of music plays a significant role in Esther Perbandt’s life. She has proven her talent many times and finds inspiration in music to recharge her batteries, reflect and connect with life. Music and fashion are closely connected and tell stories. Esther Perbandt seeks inspiration in the past, present and future to constantly expand her creative horizons. Her own music also enriches the experience of her fans and supporters.

In fashion, Esther Perbandt follows different paths, especially in creating haute couture looks for numerous events and in the field of costume design.

The future may be uncertain, but one thing is certain: Esther Perbandt will always surprise and delight us. Her unique vision, avant-garde style and artistic versatility make her an outstanding personality in the fashion world.

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