Versace – the luxury label of Gianni and Donatella

Versace is a young luxury label that has remained in family ownership to this day. In addition to the exclusive collections, the brand has also become known for its upsetting family life, which brings with it some scandals.

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Gianni Versace: Designer and Style

It all began in Florence in 1976, when Gianni Versace was discovered and supported by a textile dealer in Florence. Until then, Gianni was a nobody in the fashion world, although he had already designed for other brands. After his first show there were divided opinions. There were many critics who considered his work obscene. On the other hand, he not only convinced many people with his daring outfits, but really inspired them. His collection was striking and characterized by pastel colors. The designer was inspired by ancient Greece and the art of Roy Lichtenstein and op-Art. The clothes were often provocative. Bright colours, figure-hugging cuts and a lot of skin were part of it, as well as opulent decorations and extraordinary materials such as metal. He also established himself as a costume designer in the art scene and designed costumes for theatre and ballet performances. He was brave and provoked with his designs but was able to stand out from the other designers. His designs reflected the upsetting family history. Gianni Versace was the first designer to put jeans on the catwalk and caused a stir.

After Gianni was shot in front of his villa, Donatella Versace became the head designer. She holds the image of the label. Their designs are also special, courageous and eye-catching. She personally dresses stars like Jennifer Loopez and Lad Gaga with her designs. Lady Gaga even wrote the song “Donatella” for Versace. Nevertheless, there is always speculation whether there will soon be a new successor for Donatella.

Interview with Donatella Versace

From 2009 to 2012 the designer Christoph Kane supported the Versace line Versus. He was discovered by Donatella and she wanted to promote his talent. After the cooperation both were very thankful for the time and the collected experiences.

Versace was invited as guest designer to design a fashion line for H&M in 2011, like other famous high fashion labels did in the years before.

Important data – the way from the textile business to the luxury brand

  • 1976 The textile retailer Albert Eickhoff becomes aware of the unknown designer Gianni Versace in Florence
  • 1978 The brand Versace is officially founded
  • 1978 The first fashion show takes place in Lippstadt. Among others, the top model Jerry Hall
  • Spring 1978 the first Versace Boutique is opened
  • September 1978 the first men’s collection is presented
  • 1980 Versace establishes itself in the art scene as costume designer
  • 1982 The first perfume for women named after Gianni Versace is launched
  • 1984 The first men’s perfume Versace l´homme follows
  • 1985 Versace gets his own exhibition in the Victoria and albert Museum in London
  • 1989 For the younger generation, a second line is designed
  • 1989 A haute couture line is created in cooperation with the Atelier Versace
  • 1990 Bags, shoes, accessories, tableware, furniture and home accessories are launched
  • 1990 Donatella Versace takes over the second line
  • 1990er The label is one of the internationally most successful fashion brands
  • 1995 In the movie “Showgirls” the actors of Versace wear designed fashion
  • 1995 Madonna models for the first time for Versace
  • 2000 The Palazzo luxury hotel is opened by the Versace company
  • 2004 With a few exceptions, the second line is shut down
  • 2009 Designer Christoph Kane takes up the second line for the new women’s collection
  • 2010 Versace develops its own mobile phone
  • 2012 Christoph Kane leaves the company
  • 2013 A film is made about the family history of Versaces

Versace Collections

  • Atelier Versace – Couture women’s fashion in the uppermost price segment
  • Versace – catwalk line with women’s and men’s fashion in the upper price segment
  • Versace Collection – Ready-to-wear fashion for women (Donna) and men (Uomo) in the upper medium price segment
  • Versus – Young second line in the upper middle price segment for women, licensed until 2009, licensed until 2004 and again since 2013 with men’s fashion
  • Versace Jeans – Sportswear collection in the medium price segment, formerly called’VJC Versace’ or’VJC Versace Jeans Couture’, licensed to Swinger International
  • Young Versace – Children collection for 0- to 12-year-olds

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The Fashion Show 2018

At the last fashion show, the models wore clothes printed with newspaper articles and headlines such as “Super Exclusive” or “Versace spricht endlich”. Top models like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner presented the new collection on a Plexiglas catwalk. From the ceiling hung a sea of blue rain. The show was accompanied by the song “Inhliziyo “by Faka. In general, however, the show was rather boring and did not experience a real climax, the audience had expected more.

Internationally successful models for Versace

Versace is represented by many famous models and stars. Demi Moore, Halle Berry and Jon Bon Jovi are firmly attached to the brand. So is superstar Madonna. It presents the brand and is almost part of it. In the 1990s, top models Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Linda Evangelista were allowed to adorn themselves with Versace jobs. Today you can also see the brand on stars like Kendall Jenner or Karlie Kloss.

The trademark is a medusa head

The trademark of Versace is an intricate Greek medusa head. The designer loved Greece and was inspired by it, so this should also be reflected in the logo.

The brand is also known for the safety pin dress. It is a figure-hugging, long, black evening dress. Typical for Versace it is revealing with a deep neckline and cut out from the armpits to the waist and from the hip down. The special thing about it is that it is held together by seven large safety pins.  Further safety pins decorate the straps and the corset of the dress. The dress was designed in 1994.

The Family History as Film and Series

House of Versace- a life for fashion is a film about the family history of Versaces.

Brand new is the series American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. The series is also about family life, but above all about the brutal murder of the designer. In 1997, he was shot dead by a world-famous serial killer on the steps of his villa in Miami. What remained were his partner and his sister in sadness. His sister Donatella Versace is played by Penelope Cruz, the Oscar winner. There are already 2 seasons of the series. Season 3 and 4 are already in planning. She’s watching Sky Select.

One of the most important awards

  • 2005: Womens World Award in the category World Fashion Award for Donatella Versace