Jennifer Lopez x Intimissimi Capsule Collection “This Is Me Now”

Jennifer Lopez x Intimissimi capsule collection – The world of fashion design has a new star on the horizon, and this star bears the name Jennifer Lopez. The incredibly talented singer, actress and dancer has once again proven herself to be a creative force, this time in the world of lingerie. In an exciting collaboration with renowned lingerie label Intimissimi, Jennifer Lopez has designed a unique capsule collection that captures the essence of femininity and confidence. The collection, christened “This Is Me Now,” is available now and offers a sensual journey through the artist’s personal evolution.

A Creative Partnership

Back in the spring of this year, Jennifer Lopez appeared as a global brand ambassador for Intimissimi. But now, with the launch of her own capsule collection, an exciting new chapter in this creative partnership begins. The name of the collection, “This Is Me Now,” is inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming album of the same name, which focuses on her personal growth and maturity. And just like the album, the collection captures the themes of inner strength, self-determination and self-reflection.

“This Is Me Now” – A collection with meaning

What really sets this lingerie collection apart are the intricately embroidered details and the use of high quality materials such as silk and lace. These elements give the pieces a luxurious appeal and provide an unparalleled sensory experience. A recurring detail that appears in the designs is the hummingbird. This iconic bird represents good luck, resilience and vibrant energy, and it has a very special meaning for Jennifer Lopez. It adds an extra layer of meaning to the styles in the collection.

“This Is Me Now” Dark

“This Is Me Now” Light

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Luxurious craftsmanship

The color palette of the “This Is Me Now” collection offers three options: timelessly sophisticated black, graceful champagne and an intense, bold jade green that is particularly close to Jennifer Lopez’s heart. These colors reflect the diversity and beauty of femininity and are meant to embrace and highlight each woman’s individual beauty.

The symbolism of the hummingbird

The campaign for this capsule collection is a real highlight. It is characterized by the integration of the highly anticipated new album by Jennifer Lopez. Under the creative direction of Riccardo Ruini, along with the visionary direction of Francesco Carrozzini and the lens of talented photographer Norman Jean Roy, the campaign images capture Jennifer’s most personal moments in both the making of her new song and the creation of her lingerie collection. Jennifer herself emphasizes how intimate lingerie is, describing it as a kind of “embrace” that empowers women to feel free and beautiful.

Colors that celebrate diversity

In another video of the campaign, Jennifer Lopez talks about the essence of this collaboration with Intimissimi. She emphasizes the perfect symbiosis of American creativity and Italian design, enhanced by the passion to create something unique. “We have worked together to bring my vision of femininity to life and enhance it with the finest fabrics and the most delicate embroidery,” she says enthusiastically.

A campaign of intimacy

The capsule collection “This Is Me Now” by Jennifer Lopez for Intimissimi is undoubtedly a tribute to female beauty, self-love and self-confidence. It encourages women to be comfortable in their skin and proud of their uniqueness. This collection is not just lingerie, but an ode to the strength and diversity of the modern woman.

Behind the scenes: “This Is Me Now” collection

While the stunning campaign images capture the beauty and sensuality of the “This Is Me Now” collection, we also want to give you a behind-the-scenes look. Here you can get a glimpse into the making of this extraordinary lingerie collection, from the sketches and design meetings to the moments when Jennifer Lopez personally selected the finest fabrics and most delicate embroideries.

These “Behind the Scenes” photos show the creative process, the passion and commitment that went into each creation, and convey a sense of intimacy and authenticity that makes this collection so special. Learn how the magic behind the scenes helped create a collection that perfectly captures the essence of Jennifer Lopez and Intimissimi.