Burberry Videos: Fashion Shows and Facts

Burberry – Burberry is one of the most famous and appreciated British luxury brands. Since its founding in 1856, the brand has lived through an eventful history and has become one of the most innovative and trend-setting brands in the fashion industry. In this article you will find interesting videos with insights into the fashion shows and exciting facts that you have certainly never heard before – be curious!

Burberry: Exciting fashion shows

Burberry hosts exciting fashion shows every year, showcasing the latest trends and collections. The shows are not only a platform for Burberry’s latest designs, but also a reflection of the fashion industry and its evolution. The change of chief designer at Burberry in 2018 was a milestone for the brand and triggered many expectations and speculations. You can see how the brand has evolved under the new head designer Riccardo Tisci in the videos of the latest fashion shows.

Burberry’s Spring Summer Show 2023 was a tribute to the typical British summer, which consists of rain, big cities and occasional rays of sunshine. The brand presented its collection under the theme “Goths on the beach”, a unique combination of gritty elements and summer vibes. The show was a reflection of British culture and its influences on the fashion industry. It means that people also dress on the beaches because you never know when it will rain or when the sun will shine.” – says the chief designer about the collection.

Burberry’s Fall Winter Show 2023 was a journey into the world of dark elegance and extravagant color combinations. The brand managed to create a somber atmosphere accompanied by a touch of mysticism and sophistication. The show was a tribute to Burberry’s ability to integrate traditional British elements into a contemporary design. The color combinations were as striking as they were interesting, demonstrating the creativity of the brand.

The brand: exciting facts!

Since its founding in 1856, the brand has had a long and fascinating history marked by groundbreaking innovations, iconic designs and famous collaborations. Burberry is also known for its signature check patterns, which have become a symbol of British fashion. Check out interesting facts about the popular brand here:

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