Louboutin: The shoe with the red sole

At that time it was the glittering shoe of Cinderella, today it is the shoe with the red sole. Louboutins! “Shoes with a red sole” is according to statistics one of the most searched terms on Google. But why are the black patent high heels with the red sole so popular? What’s behind the hype of the red sole and what cheaper alternatives there are, you can find out today in our FIV Magazine.

LOUBOUTIN – The shoe with the red sole

Actually it was only the nail polish of an assistant of Christian Louboutin that changed his whole life. One day he got a prototype of a high heel, but found it a bit boring. When he then saw his assistant’s nail polish, the idea came to him and used the nail polish to paint the sole of the shoe red. And so a masterpiece came into being. A shoe of the absolute extra class. Today the shoe is worn by the most famous faces in the world. The shoes convey a special self-esteem for the women and make every woman more self-confident, because red stands for the colour of love, passion and fire. In addition the shoe is a secret flirt signal, because which man does not stand on the Sexy shoe with the red sole. The Louboutin stands for luxurious elegance.

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Louboutin offers a wide range of shoes and co.

Louboutin is a luxury brand that doesn’t cost little, but offers a wide selection of beautiful, glamorous shoes. There are actually not only high heels offered, but also other beautiful shoes. Louboutin shoes never look boring because they are decorated with little stones or rivets, with wacky prints or just stick out through the red sole.

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Apart from shoes, Louboutin also offers handbags. Of course, these are also usually available in an unusual look. There are big bags and small bags. The colourful embroidery or small details also make the handbags from Louboutin an absolute eye-catcher.

Little Money Alternatives

A Louboutin is currently available from 500 Euro per pair. Most people don’t just put that on the table for shoes. Now you can find out what alternatives there are and where you can get them. At Chic me you get the black patent pumps with red sole already from 46 Euro and they look almost like the unique original.
For those who don’t like so much paint, there are also nice alternatives on other platforms. These have a matt material and yet the red sole makes the shoe something very special. There you can buy the shoes from 35 Euro. You can also visit Zalando or ASOS from time to time. The online shops represent a lot of different brands and there you will certainly find them from time to time.