Sneakers by Alexander McQueen: British design excellence

Alexander McQueen was seen as an exceptional talent in the fashion world. As part of the movement of designers using their fashion shows not just to showcase their designs but to generate media attention for their brand, the ‘bad boy’ regularly shocked even the most established of the fashion industry. Find out what the label’s shoe designs look like and why they’re a must-have for your wardrobe here.

It-Pieces: Trainers made of high-quality calfskin, suede and nappa leather

What is often called a sneaker in the US and Germany is commonly known as a trainer in the UK. Both names describe the same type of athletic footwear that is widely used in streetwear. But it hasn’t been a secret for a long time. Almost everyone has a pair of white sneakers on their shoe rack these days. The footwear is super easy to combine and goes with almost any outfit. Even in many office environments, sneakers are no longer outlawed.

The avant-garde and often socially critical shows were titled ‘Highland Rape’ or ‘Jack the Ripper stalks his victims’ and featured models in torn dresses and exposed breasts. Additionally, McQueen managed to create new silhouettes, a trait that separates the wheat from the chaff in the design universe. Just as ingenious as his other designs are his shoe and sneaker creations.

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Dégradé polka dots sneakers for the summer wardrobe

The material nappa leather describes particularly supple animal leather with a distinct leather structure. And supple leather is exactly what you want from the perfect leather. In the universally combinable and perforated design, the shoes are the perfect companions in spring and even in the hot summer months.

Comfortable with style: Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers

Even if the label likes to take a look at the past and is inspired by Victorian fashion or brings the sunken city of Atlantis back to life. Before the sneaker wave that has overtaken the fashion world, Alexander McQueen also could not avoid. The label has a huge selection of the leather shoes with contrasting heel application. So the possibility is also offered to conjure up a bit of color in the simple outfit.

For even more coloration, the predominantly white sneakers are also available with colored laces and soles. The latter offer a little extra gimmick, because the profile of the kicks is provided with a leopard print. In addition, the name of the fashion house is applied to both the tongue and the heel application.

Sneakers on the catwalk: Alexander McQueen Fashion Show

Sneakers no longer belong only on the street, but have also arrived on the catwalks of high fashion brands. Admire the first-class designs by Alexander McQueen here:

Customizable oversize sneakers for men

For the men’s ready-to-wear collection Alexander McQueen has come up with something very special. Not only is there a wide selection of oversize sneakers, in color combinations and designs that are not found in the women’s collection, there are models that are easily customizable to your own taste.

Although the label doesn’t offer the same services as Nike, Vans or Converse for example, the brand still allows you to live out your own creativity a bit with the removable heel caps.

Menswear SS 21: Omnipresent sneaker models

Since the introduction of casual shoes in the collections of Alexander McQueen, it is hard to imagine the men’s collections without them. Whether with a suit or with casual jeans, the sneakers simply always go and look good every time. Having a pair of sneakers in your shoe rack means always having the right pair of shoes ready: