Buffalo London: Shoes, sneakers and ankle boots with platform on trend

Buffalo – Chunky platform sneakers: hated by some, celebrated by others. Buffalo Shoes celebrated its heyday in the midst of grunge style, the techno scene and the Spice Girls. With the 90s revival in the fashion world, the shoe label is also celebrating its rebirth. What is the philosophy of Buffalo Shoes? Which items are in the label’s assortment? Which collaborations are celebrating success? This and much more will be revealed to you in this article. Chunky soles, 15cm platform and more!

Buffalo: Platform-soled sneakers and boots with a 90s vibe

Detested by some as a fashion sin, celebrated by the other half as a mid-90s IT piece. The label owes a large part of its success story to the British girl band “Spice Girls”. The infamous Buffalo sneaker with the chunky sole – everything from the founding until today.

Timeline Buffalo: Evolution from cowboy boots to platform sneakers

The shoe label celebrated its launch in 1967 and was first able to celebrate success and achieve great popularity in the 90s. The unique and memorable funny, chunky, platform sneakers established themselves as the label’s signature. A design with recognition value. The following is an overview of the most important stages in the career of the shoe label.

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Germany - Spain - USA

  • 1967: Sale of cowboy boots on the German market
  • 1979: Foundation of Buffalo Boots GmbH in Wiesbaden, Germany
  • 1984: international success
  • 1985: Expansion of the range to include specially designed sports shoes
  • 1995: Birth of the iconic “Classics” sneaker with platform sole
  • 90s: celebrity clientele like Cher, Madonna and Spice Girls

“Buffalo London”: English brand from Germany

Buffalo shoes of any kind are associated without hesitation with 90s London grunge style, Spice Girls and short and skimpy party clothes. So it might be obvious to think that the label has its origin in the UK. But far from it. The company neither starts with chunky sneakers nor in British surroundings. Buffalo Boots GmbH is founded in Frankfurt, with a focus on selling cowboy boots. Only with growing success and international expansion does a range of new products open up – the beginning of chunky platform sneakers.

“Buffalo Classic”: chunky cult shoes in the 90s.

With the launch of the sports shoe line, the company enters a new terrain – the fashion world. The Buffalo Classic, as it was initially named, inspires with the typical chunky platform sole. A 5cm platform sole, genuine leather upper and durable rubber sole combine to create a cult shoe that is both stylish and durable.

90s hype: part of the identity of subcultures

What many don’t know is that behind these chunky platform sneakers, is more than just a haphazardly put together design. With these shoes, one has turned away from the mainstream and directed the first steps against the conventional phenomenon of fashion and the establishment. Their philosophy reflects a non-conformist ideology – one conveys a bold, optimistic vibe.

Buffalo Shoes: New Shoes, New Designs, Trend Pieces

After its heyday in the 90s, the chunky shoe has also made it into the 21st century. What the “Ugly Style Trend” is all about and where the shoe enjoys particular success – you can read that and more here!

Shoes of the festivals: trend parts for techno scene and grunge styles

With their chunky soles, the sneakers promise consumers comfort, durability and rebellious style all in one. No wonder the shoes became the flagship of the techno scene in Germany and the grunge style in the UK. Launched in 1995, the sneakers can be found at every festival since. Until today! The sturdy sneakers are the perfect footwear for dance marathons at music festivals. Stamina until sunrise and beyond makes the heart of music & fashion lovers beat faster.

Platform shoes become trendy again: former “fashion sin

What led to the chunky footwear being consumed by the fashion elite again? The revival of biker shorts, ugly sneakers and gymnastic wear has already started the renaissance of the 90s. So it was only a matter of time before Buffalo shoes jumped on this trend bandwagon. The fashion world likes to look to the colorful past when the present only comes with pessimistic thinking. But the chunky Bufallo shoe is more than just another trendy part of the “Ugly Trend”. Buffalo boots symbolize something bigger: the cry for stability, literally, for possibility and for a sense of belonging. Billie Eilish, Gigi Hadid and co. show how they include the trendy sneaker in their everyday wardrobe and the philosophy behind it in their mindset. We like!

The company’s international marketing director Alexandra Preusche puts it in a nutshell:

“Our brand was carried into the mainstream by a group of influencers – in the ’90s, it was the Spice Girls – so we loved the idea of re-creating this and bringing it into the spirit of today through some of the industry’s top influencers!”

Buffalo philosophy and values

Buffalo Shoes stands for more than clunky shoes, platform soles and grunge style. The label consciously distances itself from classic beauty ideals. The way towards critical, reflective and revolutionary thinking is the style of the label. See for yourself!

Spice Girls: Influence on music and fashion

As much influence as the grunge scene, techno world and other subcultures have had on Buffalo boots, the shoes owe their very big breakthrough to the Spice Girls. The dizzying rise to mainstream fame can be traced back to the British girl band. Along with their growing success comes the inseparable link between Buffalos and Britishness. Whether it was filming, music videos or stage performances, Spice Girls and Buffalos were inseparable. With this breakthrough, they not only positioned themselves in the fashion world, but also in the empowerment realm for women. The “Girls Power” instrumentalized by the Spice Girls has rubbed off on Buffalo’s philosophy.

Philosophy: Women power, self-love and freedom

At the latest now, the image of the shoe label is set in stone: independence, freedom and fun are the top priorities. Buffalo shoes establish themselves as a symbol for a newfound female empowerment and for the “Girl Power” revolution initiated by the Spice Girls. The rugged shape and unisex appeal move away from the classic, old-fashioned and clichéd image of women. Femininity acquires a new definition: independent, self-determined and free!

Collaborations with the fashion world: shoes & ankle boots for stars

20 years later, the chunky footwear is experiencing a revival. Since 2017, the selected “Buffalo Classics” have been released in new limited editions month after month. Notable collaborations show the relevance in the fashion world. Buffalo Shoes has collaborated with the following designers, labels, influencers and magazines. All these collaborations show how great the fashion potential of these shoes is and to what extent Buffalo Shoes has fought its way to become one of the pioneers in the shoe industry. With success!

  • Marina Hoermanseder
  • Fashion Magazine 032c
  • Puma
  • Lisa&Lena

Video: Behind the Scenes Buffalo x J1MO71 by Lisa & Lena

The German twins, who celebrate great success as influencers, are collaborating with the successful shoe label. Exclusive sneakers with lettering, colorful details and more characterize this collection. The video below gives you a glimpse backstage. Exclusive backstage moments, lively hustle and bustle and likeable protagonists make you look forward to the launch of the collection. See for yourself:

Shoes & Sneakers: more than just chunky sneakers

Buffalo Shoes and chunky platform footwear. Period. What many don’t know is that Buffalo Shoes goes beyond producing sneakers and chunky boots. In addition to the iconic platform sneakers, the label’s lineup also includes dressier designs. From elegant ankle boots to patent Chelsea boots and animal print high heels, Buffalo Shoes has created a footwear world that every woman can dream about. See for yourself!

Sneaker: Platform, Plateau & Platform

  • “CLD Chai” sneaker in black with platform sole (€99.90)
  • “Crevis P1” Sneaker in beige / orange (120 €)
  • “CLD Chai” white teddy fabric sneaker with gold details (€99.90)

Boots: rough boots, elegant ankle boots and co.

  • “Milla” Chelsea Boots in black leather (120 €)
  • “Margarita” calfskin ankle boots (€130)
  • “Mac” lace-up boots in white leather (150 €)

High Heels: Buffalo Shoes without platform sole

  • Patent leather pump in nude (€99.90)
  • “Josephine” Sandals in Snake Print (€79,90)
  • “Jeanie” heel sandal in neon pink (€79.90)

Bags: Handbags, Belt-Bags & Backpacks from Buffalo

Buffalo has turned next to shoes also to the counterpart of those – the bag. The clientele can enjoy a lower price segment here. Low price, however, does not mean less style and quality. The bag assortment ranges from classic clutches with an edgy twist to trendy fanny packs and practical but no less stylish shoulder bags. See for yourself:

Clutches: Buffalo in glitter, animal print and metallic look

  • Snake look clutch in beige (€39.90)
  • “Cleopatra” clutch in black patent look (€49.90)
  • Rectangular clutch in silver metal look (€49.90)

Fanny packs: practicality, style and comfort combined

  • “Nada” Fanny Bag in silver (€49.90)
  • “Kori” mini bucket bag in black&white pattern (€39.90)

Shoulder bags: Neon colours, animal print and patent look

  • “Kara” Crossbody Bag in Neon Green Animal Print (€59.90)
  • “Kiwi” mini bucket bag in black (€59.90)
  • “Naharas” shoulder bag with chain detail in black (€59.90)

Iconic products and specials in the Buffalo world

Buffalo Shoes has had different career highs since its launch back in the 70s. Accordingly, iconic items have gained a cult status. Buffalo Shoes stands for an innovative, exemplary and revolutionary thinking. Thus, they are not satisfied with the success of “old” classics. They adapt to the zeitgeist and create a vegan shoe line, all in the spirit of sustainability and morality. See for yourself!

Buffalo and its cult shoes: shoes in white with platform sole

The shoe range goes far beyond the production of sneakers. And yet – the establishment as a cult shoe remains reserved for the chunky platform sneakers. Following are the iconic classics in the 21st century!

  • Buffalo 15cm high “Rising Tower” in nubuck in white (270 €)
  • Buffalo “Classics” in beige suede with rubber sole (170 €)
  • Buffalo “Classic High” in blue leather with high shaft (200 €)

Vegan shoes: It-piece in the 21st century

The awareness of sustainability and the environment is a topic in the media that can no longer be ignored. So it was time for Buffalo to take the first steps in this direction. The label’s cult shoes are getting a makeover – not in terms of style, but in terms of moral values. Thanks to innovative thinking and a professional design team, the new sneakers shine in a vegan leather look. We like!

  • “B.NCE S3” Sneaker in white & grey (€99.90)
  • “CLD Chai” sneaker in black with thick sole and red details (€99.90)
  • “Loke U” classic sneaker in black (€79.90)

Campaigns: Buffalo with a mission

Buffalo Shoes does not consider itself to be part of the classic, superficial fashion industry. This is also recognizable in the presentation of their campaigns. On the one hand, they focus on innovative collection campaigns with well-known faces including a story. On the other hand, they mobilize their community to think critically and address socially critical issues. See for yourself:

Video: Be real #notliked

This campaign is supported by various celebrities and focuses on the problem of social media. Degenerating self-dramatization, outdated ideals of beauty, and pressure to perform or socialize are all addressed in these videos. Convince yourself:

Video: Buffalo London FW20 Campaign

Buffalo Shoes stands for more than just stylish footwear. Buffalo sells and conveys a lifestyle. Amid colorful carousels, cotton candy and friends, the chunky shoe has found its place. A feeling of freedom – see for yourself: