New Balance is back on top: an overview of the latest models of the cult sneaker brand

New Balance is synonymous with the best of streetwear – comfort, style, uncompromising. The sneakers with the cult “NB” logo combine tradition and modernity in an ideal way. New Balance has a range of models in its assortment, and the sneakers remain popular. No wonder – after all, they have been distinguished by their high-quality workmanship and unique design for more than a century. The combination of retro inspiration and modern technology means you’ll rediscover the concept of comfort and create plenty of sensational looks. Are you planning to reach for NB’s signature shoes? Discover the cult brand’s latest styles, history, and more!

New models: Classic design combined with modern spirit

Designs inspired by the style of the 80s and 90s have been popular for several seasons. That’s why New Balance shoes in the style of models from the past are a sensational choice. If you prefer classic models with a retro basketball shoe look, the New Balance CT302 sneakers are a great choice. The model combines the best traditions of the brand, retro inspirations and modern spirit. The simple design, which combines a low-cut leather upper with a flat platform sole, is perfectly reminiscent of classic sports models from the 80s.

It’s the perfect mix of what we love most about streetwear – it emphasizes individuality and freedom of expression, and no matter what you pair them with, they will be a strong point of your look and give it a unique character.

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The new sneakers as an expression of individuality and freedom of expression

Pure 90s nostalgia: retro design and ultimate comfort

Or do you prefer retro inspiration in the style of the 90s? Then go for the New Balance 530 sneakers, whose design is inspired by the running shoes from decades ago. This is one of the top models of the brand, which has enjoyed a great popularity in recent seasons and perfectly fits the trend of “ugly shoes”. They are great for everyday outfits and combine a unique look with comfort – the textile upper provides breathability, while the Abzorb sole cushions every step.

Traditional design reinterpreted

New Balance sneakers have several distinctive features: a suede upper, classic lacing, layered sole and distinctive logos in the form of the letter N. The brand boldly experiments with this style and offers models that are a refreshed version of the classic design. An example of this is the New Balance 5740 collection – the traditional look has been given a dynamic character thanks to numerous stitches on the upper.

Also noteworthy is the sole, where the individual layers are arranged in waves. A timeless design with a modern twist will look great with many outfits. If you wear them with sweatpants or leggings, they will emphasize the brand’s roots in running, but they can also be paired with dressier outfits, like chinos and a shirt.

Weiße Sneaker im Retro-Look. © Sizeer

The classic “N Ìs” in a refreshed version

Or are you looking for one of New Balance’s new releases to stand out in the city? The XC72 sneakers are the perfect choice! These New Balance shoes are definitely different from the brand’s previous offerings. They feature a streamlined shape and interesting elements that instantly stand out. The classic silhouette has been given a modern update with a reinforced heel strap and a profile on the front of the upper.

From orthopedic shoe insoles to renowned lifestyle brand

New Balance is a renowned sports and lifestyle brand known for its high-quality athletic footwear and apparel. The history of New Balance began in 1906 in Boston, Massachusetts, when Arch Support Company was founded. Originally, the company specialized in manufacturing orthopedic shoe insoles and specially fitted shoes to alleviate foot problems.

1960s: Running shoes with corrugated sole revolutionize the market

In the 1960s, New Balance began producing running shoes and quickly gained recognition in the running community. With the introduction of the “Trackster” model in 1961, the first running shoe with a corrugated sole, New Balance revolutionized the market.

The beginning of New Balance summarized:

  • Founded in 1906 as Arch Support Company in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Specializes in orthopedic shoe insoles and custom shoes
  • Launch of the first running shoe “Trackster” in 1961

Expansion of the product range & sports sponsoring

Over the years, the product range has expanded and is now known for its technologically advanced and comfortable sneakers. The brand places great emphasis on quality, fit and functionality. Many New Balance models feature the signature “N” logo embellishment that has become a symbol for the brand. New Balance has also made a name for itself in sports sponsorship. The brand has numerous partnerships with professional athletes and teams in various sports, including running, baseball, soccer and tennis.

Today: focus on technological innovation and modern style

Today, New Balance is a globally recognized brand appreciated by athletes, sneaker enthusiasts and fashionistas alike. It stays true to its heritage by producing high-quality products that embody both athletic performance and modern style.

No wonder Kawhi Leonard, IU and Jack Harlow are among the most famous fans of the fashion brand:

A look behind the scenes: How New Balance shoes are made

Because of the comfort and technological innovation, today more and more athletes, such as Coco Gauff, Kawhi Leonard and Sadio Mané rely on the brand and wear their sneakers both on the field and on the court. Insider reporter Fabiana Buontempo visited the New Balance factory in Lawrence, Massachusetts, to learn what goes behind the making of these sneakers.

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