Adidas: Shoes, jersey, tracksuit – The fashion brand for athletes

Shoes, jerseys, tracksuits – wherever you look, nowadays the German fashion brand is an indispensable part of the streets. From the Stan Smiths, which are among the best-selling shoes, to expensive items like the Yeezys, everyone knows the three world-famous stripes. We are talking about Adidas. Almost 70 years ago, the company was founded by the two Dassler brothers and is now conquering the whole world. In the meantime it has become a cult brand, worn by people of every generation. The trends of the 90s are returning with shoes like Superstars or the monochrome tracksuits. International stars like Beyonce or Kylie Jenner can’t keep their hands off their shoes, but also in the German music scene you can see the three stripes again and again.

Top 5: Adidas shoes you must know

The first thing that shoots straight into your head when you think of sneakers are the typical Adidas shoes. Superstars, NMDs or Adiletten, at every season and occasion there is the right shoe from Adidas. Superstars have been in continuously since the 90s. The love for the shoe even goes so far that music legends like Run D.M.C. produced their own song for the sneaker. With their song “my adidas” the hype about the superstars only grew even more. Adidas 2013 was revolutionized with its energy-releasing shoe sole for the Ultra Boost models and the lifestyle shoe NMD. All the way to the most hyped-up shoes of today’s youth; the Yeezys, designed by rap legend Kanye West, the Adidas empire is constantly growing.  But which shoes have made the cash registers explode with their success? The following 5 classics provided unbeatable sales figures, so here are some facts about the trendy kicks!

  1. Superstars
  2. Ultra Boost
  3. NMD
  4. Stan Smiths

The ultimate Adidas Sneaker? Still is: Superstars!

Superstars: Hype

One of the most famous shoes, the Superstars, have always been in great demand. Whether small sizes for babies or men shoes in size 45 everyone knows them, every second person has them.

In 1969 they were made exclusively for basketball players who complained about pain in their toes because their shoes were too tight and not comfortable enough. Wearing them outside of training and exclusivity made the leather shoe extremely hyped in the 70s. So he quickly managed to assert himself with the street dancers and it didn’t take long until he arrived in the hip-hop scene. Run D.M.C. even wrote his own song “My Adidas” and at the end of the 80s he again procured an enormous call for the superstars.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

So the shoe made it from the playing field to the music stage every second foot until today.

  • 1969 first collaboration with basketball players
  • Hype gained by street dancers
  • Run D.M.C. writes own song “my Adidas”

Ultra Boost: Revolution of the running shoe

The Ultra Boost are available for the first time since 2013 and have revolutionized the normal running shoe. Not only have world records been set in Berlin and London, but since 2018 the focus has also been on sustainability. The first Ultra Boost was made from recycled waste. The numerous models also have some advantages. First of all, they absorb the energy of the runner and release it again after every step! This is what makes them so exceptional and distinguishes them from imitations.

Furthermore, they are very durable, flexible and can withstand extreme weather conditions. No matter if storms or snow hit us again, the Ultra Boost still give you the feeling of running on cotton wool.

NMD: The running shoe for the city centre

NMD is an abbreviation for Nomad and this is what the design and the idea wants to convey. Similar to the Ultra Boost, we also have the energy-emitting shoe sole here, which makes you walk on clouds. The difference, however, is that the shoe is a pure lifestyle shoe for everyday use.

The shoe was inspired by three shoe models from the years 1984-1986, whose best elements have all been combined. This is exactly why the shoe is perfect for long city explorations. Like the nomads, it allows you to walk long distances in the urban jungle without annoying pain.

Stan Smiths: Timeless tennis legend

Actually, the Stan Smiths who are so well known today were originally called Robert Haillets. They were named after the French tennis player who was at the top of the world ranking list between the 50s and 60s. In 1965 he was replaced by Stan Smiths and in the following years he became so popular that his contract was extended three times, so that Stan Smiths will now work with Adidas for the rest of his life. For the 40th anniversary there was even the signature and hashtag Stan Smiths Forever on the inside of the shoe! This timeless design has managed to blow it all up again in 2014, even after 2 years of absence from the market, and make a big comeback!

Did you know that in the 6 months Stan Smith didn’t wear his legendary moustache, the picture was taken for the tongue label! His biggest trademark was only added in 2014 with the Stan Smith Vulc Sneakers from the skateboarding series.

  • Original name: Robert Haillets
  • Since 1965 permanent contract with tennis legend Stan Smiths
  • 40th anniversary: New signature and hashtag in the interior
  • Schnauzer has regained cult status

Yeezys: Kanye West’s marketing strategy

Sold out worldwide and that after a few minutes! Camping shoe lovers, collectors, Kanye West fans or resellers fight for the coveted shoes. Not even online shops like JD Sports or Adidas themselves are coming after them, the demand is just too big. While the retail price starts at 220 Euro, you can easily find Yeezys between 800-1500 Euro. But what is the secret of the brand?

There are three main factors that contribute to this incredible Fame:

  1. The limited availability
  2. Doubled value on the reseller market
  3. Kanye West as the A-list celebrity who is the face of the label.

Everything builds on each other. The limited, limited-edition items mean that their value on the reseller market is quadrupled or quintupled. This whole marketing strategy only works because the sneakers are directly associated with the Kanye West name.

Collections: Women, men and Adidas Football.

Adidas is very diversified and sells fashion items for football, basketball and tennis as well as accessories for men and women. With little money you get what your heart desires. Adidas is also making a big name for itself in the sports sector in America. With millions of fans, American football is the national sport of the Americans. People from all over the world watch when it’s Superbowl Time. The incredible half-time shows with stars like Shakira, J-Lo, Lady Gaga or Beyoncé cause a sensation every year. That’s why Adidas has taken advantage of this and has produced a collection for US football on the American market.

Soccer: tracksuits, soccer balls & Co.

You can only hit the bull’s eye with football. Billions of fans worldwide and who probably has the most famous soccer balls: Adidas. Due to its high quality, Adidas football is used as the official World Cup ball and in many international games. Adidas soccer balls can be found for as little as 20 Euros, but on average you have to reckon with up to 50 Euros. The expensive versions like the Adidas CL OMB, which is the official UEFA Champions League football, cost around 90 Euro.

Adidas produces tracksuits for every sport. Whether basketball, soccer, tennis or for the gym, the tracksuits differ in material and price. They all have one thing in common, they conduct sweat to the outside and provide a pleasant, dry feeling. For a long time now, the well-known words of Karl Lagerfeld have therefore no longer been valid:
Especially on the Internet, you will come across various combinations that make everyday life look cool and casual. Many women prefer the tight-fitting, figure-hugging leggings, but the trend of the 90s with buttons on the trouser leg is slowly coming back.

Everyday fashion: women and men

Body Self-Confidence is the topic in the fashion industry. Adidas also focuses on this and advertises with Plus Size models for various sports articles for women of all sizes. Every year, Adidas comes up with a theme especially for International Women’s Day to bring out the power of women. What it will be this year can be seen on their online site on 8 March.

The men’s world can’t do without the fashionable sweatshirts and hoodies this year either. You can find them from 65 Euros on under the search term Originals. The gems are available in basic colours like beige, black and white. Slowly, towards summertime, there are also more gaudy colours like red and orange. What should also not be missing are the Originals jackets in vintage look. These are available with removable hoods for the few sunny days in this rainy time.

Accessories: backpack, bags & Co.

A huge selection of bags and backpacks for everyday use can definitely be found at Adidas. Spoilt for choice with so many different models and colours! It is not only a stylish accessory, but also makes it easier to fill your trousers and jacket pockets, especially for the dear men, as you can find trendy fanny packs for 25 Euro.

You can find something for everyone between these models:

  • Classic backpacks
  • Satchels
  • Bags/ Festival Bags
  • Duffel bags
  • Shoulder pads
  • Designer bag

collaborations: Prada, Gosha Robshinsky, Stella McCartney & Co

Whether Prada, Chanel or Stella McCartney, Adidas gets all the big labels, even internationally. The relatively inexpensive brand works together with luxurious leaders and thus creates items whose value multiplies to such an extent that people pay small car prices for them. Adidas is actually not a typical luxurious brand. With its prices the majority of the population can afford to dress well. But recently, Adidas has managed to multiply its cult status and value through various collaborations with star designers and luxury brands. Vegan shoes, genuine leather bowling bags or modified tracksuits with Cyrillic script make Adidas prices skyrocket.

Prada: shoes and handbag from the luxury label

Once again a limited offer with only 700 pieces, the “Prada Superstar Sneakers” and the matching “Prada Bowling Bag for Adidas” are now sold for more than 2,000 Euros. The Superstar has been specially selected for the 50th anniversary and made in Italy according to Prada standards from the finest calfskin. As a luxury brand, Prada stands for exclusivity worldwide. Actually quite contrasting to Adidas, which is the number 1 sports brand worldwide. How do so many different brands manage to produce a product that always seems luxurious? The snow-white calfskin and the typical Adidas Superstar shape together form a real eye-catcher! Precisely processed material that makes this simplicity look so high quality.

The result of over 100 years of Italian craftsmanship and German precision!

Gosha Rubshinsky: Adidas in the Russian-speaking world

Gosha Rubshinsky, a name that has made a big splash, especially in Russian-speaking countries, but also internationally. The Russian designer has revolutionized the sportswear world in Europe with his brand of the same name. Wide fonts in Cyrillic that run across the entire chest. During the 2018 World Cup, he designed the white-blue-red sweaters with the various Russian cities in honour of the World Cup taking place there.

His unmistakable style is reminiscent of an ironic version of post-soviet streetwear. With his collaboration with Adidas, which has been an integral part of the Russian fashion world for more than 40 years, he hits the bull’s eye with the Russians. Bright colours on tracksuit jackets, a real no-go? Rubshinsky ensures a comeback of 90s fashion. Gosha tries to represent the Russian youth culture from the time of the Iron Curtain. With his fashion he has made a significant contribution to international streetwear. As a result, the artist is also in great demand and makes further collaborations with brands like Burberry and Kappa. Although his fashion is so youthful, the prizes are anything but the pocket money of a 16-year-old.

Stella McCartney: Vegan sneakers and sustainability

Who’d have thought it? Vegan sneakers are the new result of Stella McCartney and Adidas. For them sustainability is an important topic in fashion. The fashion activist has been working with Adidas since 2018. Right now, at a time when voices such as Greta Thunberg are betting on change and the media can no longer be imagined without them, McCartney surprises in contrast to her competitors who handle calfskin. Other of her projects relate to fashion made from recycled garbage. Especially in the fashion and beauty world, this is a rarity and a step in the right direction.

The current Stan Smith collection now has its portrait on the left shoe tongue and is a colourful variation on the typical Stan Smiths. Rainbow-coloured laces and stars of the same colour decorate the vegan shoe. What else is coming up? We are curious.

Stars: Kanye West, Beyonce & Co.

Adidas is known for working with many stars. Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Beyonce, Pharrell Williams or Adidas x Yeezy legend Kanye West are all crazy about the brand. Stars are always trying to create creative new collections with Adidas with their own brand. Often enough, these collaborations result in unbelievable actions among fans. Camping fans outside, sneaker fanatics setting their alarm clocks at 3am, auctions for limited models, nothing can stop people from getting the much sought-after parts.

FIV has put together the top stars for you to work with Adidas and create screaming fans:

Charrell Williams

The “Happy” star has just started a collaboration with Adidas and enjoys Instagram with 200k Likes. For a long time there was speculation about what the new shoes would look like, but the secret was revealed by his last mail. For the 50th anniversary of the Adidas Superstars he proudly presented a model of the upcoming project “Change is a Team Sport”.

In addition, his design for Chanel, on which he worked with Adidas, sold out so quickly that its market value increased 23-fold. A pair of Adidas Human Race NMD Pharrell x Chanel cost over 23,000 Euros and are among the most expensive sneakers.

  • “Happy” Star points to Instagram’s new model of the Adidas Superstars
  • New project: “Change is a Team Sport”
  • Most expensive pair: 23000 Euro NMD x Pharrell x Chanel

Kanye West

Everyone knows him and not only through his music and his important role in the Kardashian house. Kanye West is not only one of the longest working stars with Adidas, but also the most successful. According to Forbes, his Yeezy shoe collection has earned him over 1.5 billion US dollars at the end of 2019. He could only achieve this after leaving his biggest competitor “Nike”. The family business Yeezy polarizes not only by its enormous awareness through the Kardashians clan, which has several million followers, but also by its marketing strategy. Yeezy is a part of his rap lyrics, just as it addresses current debates and analogies to past crises. Thousands of Hutus in a small part of the Kibeho camp were the inspiration for one of his shows.

  • 1.5 billion US dollars turnover with Yeezys
  • Before cooperation with Nike
  • Yeezy addresses debates and analogies to past crises


Beyonce is one of the most famous celebrities working with Adidas through her collaboration with her own brand “Ivy Park”. Especially in the sportswear sector and the co-design of various sneakers our Queen Bey is convincing. She herself was in favour of a collaboration, as both Adidas and Ivy Park represent the same values such as power and empowerment. She admires the great success of the brand, which proves its position as market leader again and again through unlimited creativity and social responsibility towards people of all kinds.


Adidas is a real cult brand. Accordingly, chief designers but also CEOs must constantly look for new trends. In this interview you can see Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer. The Adidas CEO talks to the Wall Street Journal. The main topic is his personal sneaker collection. Hainer also explains what he never learned as a boss at Adidas and whether he would rather go hiking with Kanye West or sing karaoke with Lionel Messi! For more cool info check it out !