Adidas by Stella McCartney: African rhythms, patterns and colors – AYFW

Adidas by Stella McCartney / AYFW Milan 2022 – The Adidas by Stella McCartney collection is presented at AYFW. Two great fashion brands meet, the result should not be missed. Who was allowed to be present at the fashion show experienced a great spectacle. All looks, outfits and videos from Milan can be found here: ABOUT YOU Fashion Week.

Adidas by Stella McCartney at AYFW in Milan

Right after the big opening show, Adidas by Stella McCartney was the first to show up on the catwalk in Milan.

How was it? Design inspired by the sunniest continent

The hall goes dark. The music falls silent. The magic moment of every fashion show. Just before that, a voice speaks:

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

Ladies and gentleman, the show is about to begin. Please take your seats.

The prelude, after the big About You opening in Milan, makes a real great of the fashion world, Miss Stella McCartney and one of the giants when it comes to sports fashion, Adidas. Both together design a rhythmic world of music, dance and colors. Matching the otherwise dreary everyday life in autumn and winter, Stella McCartney and Adidas take us into a world full of rhythm, patterns and colors.

How would Stella Adidas think? Now we know!

The show: sporty autumn / winter looks

Here you can see the fall / winter looks directly on the catwalk.

Right after the show, it was on with Hugo Boss x About You.

Vlog: adidas x Stella McCartney

Behind the scenes @ FIV YouTube.

Adidas: The three stripes

Adidas is an international German sporting goods manufacturer whose fame could not be greater. From clothing to cosmetics, it has it all. As a major supplier of famous athletes, sports teams and international sporting events, the brand became known. The company can be recognized by the three famous stripes or the logo with the three leaves, which is supposed to symbolize the Olympic spirit.

This is Stella McCartney

British designer Stella McCartney founded her eponymous fashion company in 2001, which today represents boutiques worldwide and sells high-priced clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories and perfumes in upscale retail. In the beginning, she specialized mainly in items for women, until a few years later men’s and children’s fashion became part of the company. Year after year Stella McCartney was awarded with awards and rightly so.

Front row and black carpet

Kayla Shyx sat front row at the Adidas by Stella McCartney show.

photo: ABOUT YOU

Xin Wang and Bao Chii Nuyen together on the Black Carpet.

photo: ABOUT YOU

photo: ABOUT YOU

Looks from the runway

photo: ABOUT YOU

photo: ABOUT YOU

photo: ABOUT YOU

photo: ABOUT YOU

photo: ABOUT YOU

photo: ABOUT YOU

photo: ABOUT YOU

photo: ABOUT YOU

ABOUT YOU Fashion Week Milan

Alongside Paris, London and New York, Fashion Week in Milan is the place to be when it comes to fashion and haute couture. Now there is a new player, About You with a first-class line-up and its own ABOUT YOU Fashion Week. In a few days it starts and we are there for you live, at all the shows. adidas by Stella McCartney, RÆRE by Lorena Rae, LENI KLUM x ABOUT YOU, the Guido Maria Kretschmer Collection and LeGer by Lena Gercke…. Milan, are you ready?