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AJOBYAJO: Rebellious street style with extraordinary charm – Seoul Fashion Week FW 23/24

Ajobyajo / Seoul Fashion Week – With its oversized silhouettes and graphic patterns, the South Korean fashion label offers a refreshing twist on the world of Asian street style. Ajo’s designs are always based on the gruffness of being an outsider, influenced by the multitude of Korean subcultures. Here’s a glimpse the fall / winter […]

Greedilous: Geometric patterns with cosmopolitan flair – Seoul Fashion Week FW 23/24

Greedilous / Seoul Fashion Week – Playful designs, vibrant colors and avant-garde cuts are what the South Korean fashion brand Greedilous is known for. This season, the collection of the “Queen of Print” Younhee Park is again characterized by futuristic modernity and geographical patterns. Find out everything you need to know about Greedilous’ fall / […]

Guido Maria Kretschmer Collection: The king is here! Fall / Winter Outfits – AYFW

Guido Maria Kretschmer Collection / AYFW Milan 2022 – Germany’s Sweetheart! Guido Maria Kretschmer I don’t have to introduce you, he is GMK, a brand in itself. Here is his new collection for About You. You can find Guido Maria Kretschmer not only on the About You website, but also in Milan at AYFW. The […]

6PM: First fashion show, ever! Casual Street Wear from Frankfurt – AYFW

6PM / AYFW Milan 2022 – The young, but already very successful brand 6PM may present itself at the AYFW in Milan 2022. For many still a blank sheet of paper, but now with About You, the awareness will rise quickly. What makes the brand so successful, you can now discover on the catwalk of […]

Hugo Boss: Elegant, Cool, Boss + Big Matthew Live On Stage – AYFW

Hugo Boss / AYFW Milan 2022 – Hugo Boss, a brand that probably everyone knows, is now also on the AYFW in Milan zusehen. Already on the second day one could marvel at the looks next to those of other big brands. Hugo Boss also delivers new ideas, even including a live show by Big […]

Adidas by Stella McCartney: African rhythms, patterns and colors – AYFW

Adidas by Stella McCartney / AYFW Milan 2022 – The Adidas by Stella McCartney collection is presented at AYFW. Two great fashion brands meet, the result should not be missed. Who was allowed to be present at the fashion show experienced a great spectacle. All looks, outfits and videos from Milan can be found here: […]

N°21 x Fashion Week Milan 2022

N°21 / MFW 2022 – Alessandro Dell’Acqua presents his fashion brand N°21 at Milan Fashion Week. N°21 Alessandro Dell’Acqua is an internationally known Italian fashion designer who works as a designer for numerous fashion houses, and is also the name of the fashion company N°21, which he founded in 1996. At Milan Fashion Week he […]

Missoni x Fashion Week Milan 2022

Missoni / MFW 2022 – Exciting designs from Missoni were on display at Milan Fashion Week. Missoni The family business Missoni in the field of fashion and luxury goods from 1953 is internationally known for colorful textiles and knitwear made of a variety of materials with colorful stripes in zigzag pattern or herringbone and patchwork […]

Antonio Marras x Fashion Week Milan 2022

Antonio Marras / MFW 2022 – With his designs with interesting backgrounds, Antonio Marras showed up at Milan Fashion Week this year for the new summer collection. Antonio Marras Antonio Marras is an Italian fashion designer of his own eponymous brand. Since his first experiences in fashion, Marras stands out for his experiments, for his […]

Tod’s x Fashion Week Milan 2022

Tod’s / MFW 2022 – Without putting on a big spectacle, Tod’s puts the focus on its new collection at Milan Fashion Week. Tod’s Tod’s S.p.A. is an Italian fashion group known mainly for shoes, bags and leather accessories in the upper price segment A high-quality, elegant leather moccasin with rubber studs on the sole […]

Genny x Fashion Week Milan 2022

Genny / MFW 2022 – Among the numerous brands that come to Milan Fashion Week is also Genny, which has already had a connection with some of the big names. Genny Genny is an Italian manufacturer of ready-to-wear clothing. It was founded in 1961 by Arnaldo Girombelli in Ancona, named after his eldest daughter. In […]

MM6 x Fashion Week Milan 2022

MM6 / MFW 2022 – MM6 Maison Margiela is among the brands that are allowed to present themselves within one show at Milan Fashion Week. MM6 – Maison Margiela MM6 is the sister label of the fashion house Maison Martin Margiela, which Martin Margiela founded in 1988. The designer quickly made a name for himself […]

Moschino x Fashion Week Milan 2022

Moschino / MFW 2022 – With the unusual designs of Moschino, the fashion show at Milan Fashion Week is always a highlight. Moschino Moschino is an Italian fashion brand created by Franco Moschino in 1983 with clothing, accessories and fragrances for men and women. Franco Moschino’s fashion was influenced by Dadaism, Surrealism, Pop Art or […]

Dsquared2 x Fashion Week Milan 2022

Dsquared2 / MFW 2022 – The power duo of Dsquared2 presents their latest collection at Milan Fashion Week again this year. They never fail to impress. Dsquared2 Founders and chief designers of Dsquared2 are twins Dean and Dan Caten. The Canadians founded their brand in Milan in 1991. They create energetic fashion that is bursting […]

Blumarine x Fashion Week Milan 2022

Blumarine / MFW 2022 – Since 1980 Blumarine presents itself at the Milan Fashion Week. In a setting befitting its name, a wonderful spectacle is created. Blumarine Blumarine is the core brand of Blufin S.p.A., an Italian fashion house founded by Anna Molinari and her late husband Gianpaolo Tarabini, who launched it in 1977. The […]

Emporio Armani x Fashion Week Milan 2022

Emporio Armani / MFW 2022 – In addition to Giorgio Armani’s general fashion show, the fashion brand is also presenting one of its lines, Emporio Armani, at Milan Fashion Week. Emporio Armani Emporio Armani is a second line of Giorgio Ar mani from 1981. Giorgio Armani itself was founded in 1975 and is a global […]