Avenir fashion show: Berlin Upcycling Label – FW 2023 Summer

Avenir Fashion Show Summer 2023 Berlin – The new collection is here! Look forward to a summary of the collection and learn more about the inspiring Berlin upcycling brand Avenir that meets the pulse of time and embodies a sustainable fashion vision. Here you can find all the highlights of the Berlin Fashion Week x Summer 2023.

Avenir x Fashion Week Berlin

We are live at the fashion show of Avenir! The brand stands for sustainable upcycling and makes new products to order from old garments, textiles and remnant fabrics to create a sustainable fashion.

Must Have! 5 Highlights from the runway

Take another look at the most beautiful looks from the runway here.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

Credit: Jordann Wood

Credit: Jordann Wood

Credit: Jordann Wood

Credit: Jordann Wood

Credit: Jordann Wood

Avenir – Sustainable upcycling for a sustainable fashion

Avenir is a fashion brand whose central concept is based on recycling. The motto “Upcycling works, and in so many different ways” is at the heart of the brand. Avenir uses old garments, textiles and remnant fabrics to make new products. In the process, production is exclusively made to order.

Contribution to future viability

The name Avenir comes from the French and means “future”. This reflects the main concern of the brand – a sustainable fashion that has a positive impact on the environment and contributes to future sustainability.

Most of the materials Avenir uses come from the Berlin textile port, mainly denim. The remaining fabrics are sourced from various wholesalers who specialize in remnants. These sourcing methods minimize the ecological footprint and create a variety of unique materials.

Handmade made-to-order orders

Made-to-order orders are handmade in Berlin and form the main part of Avenir’s business model. Each garment is made individually according to the customer’s wishes and needs, resulting in a personalized and unique experience.

With its innovative approach to upcycling and focus on sustainable production, Avenir creates fashion that is both stylish and environmentally friendly. The brand shows that a sustainable fashion industry is possible, setting a positive example for a conscious use of resources and materials.

Berlin Fashion Week Summer 2023

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