Greedilous: Geometric patterns with cosmopolitan flair – Seoul Fashion Week FW 23/24

Greedilous / Seoul Fashion Week – Playful designs, vibrant colors and avant-garde cuts are what the South Korean fashion brand Greedilous is known for. This season, the collection of the “Queen of Print” Younhee Park is again characterized by futuristic modernity and geographical patterns. Find out everything you need to know about Greedilous’ fall / winter collection here. Also: The runway highlights of Seoul Fashion Week FW 23/24 at a glance.

Greedilous: Autumn Winter Looks 23/34

Loved by celebrities and influencers worldwide, fashion label Greedilous has made a name for itself within the last few years as one of South Korea’s most popular fashion brands. While founder Younhee Park’s designs continue to have an undeniable presence in Seoul, they have recently found their way into international showrooms in Hong Kong, France and the US. Always at the forefront: Park’s love for innovative graphics paired with intricate silhouettes. Not anyway, Park has come to be called the “Queen of Print.” Her collections are progressive and cosmopolitan with strong visual effects that can be found in print, shape, fabric and pattern design.

This season, the theme is “Focus on Yourself,” combining the free-spirited sensibility of the ’70s with glam and rock elements and casual and feminine athleisure details. In doing so, the Y2K trend is interpreted in a retro and futuristic way to express the greed for a culture of self-realization.

The theme of the fall / winter collection of Greedilous: Focus on yourself

Runway: Highlights

Photo Credits: Seoul Fashion Week