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AJOBYAJO: Rebellious street style with extraordinary charm – Seoul Fashion Week FW 23/24

Ajobyajo / Seoul Fashion Week – With its oversized silhouettes and graphic patterns, the South Korean fashion label offers a refreshing twist on the world of Asian street style. Ajo’s designs are always based on the gruffness of being an outsider, influenced by the multitude of Korean subcultures. Here’s a glimpse the fall / winter […]

Greedilous: Geometric patterns with cosmopolitan flair – Seoul Fashion Week FW 23/24

Greedilous / Seoul Fashion Week – Playful designs, vibrant colors and avant-garde cuts are what the South Korean fashion brand Greedilous is known for. This season, the collection of the “Queen of Print” Younhee Park is again characterized by futuristic modernity and geographical patterns. Find out everything you need to know about Greedilous’ fall / […]

FIV Issue #27 with Riccardo Simonetti: Glow Up! + Berlin Fashion Week Looks

FIV Magazine #27 – In this issue #27 we have for you, all about Riccardo Simonetti’s new show Glow Up in ZDFneo! We also have the looks of the Berlin Fashion Week. Everything for your spring / summer outfit in 2023. We were on site and show you the collections and looks, directly from the […]

HOERMANSEDER x ABOUT YOU: Berlin Fashion in Milan – AYFW

HOERMANSEDER x ABOUT YOU / AYFW Milan – Sexy. Party. Extravagant. Berlin! What is the best way to sum up Hoermanseder! Designer Marina Hoermanseder is also part of About You and then, of course, can not be missing at the AYFW in Milan. Among the guests were some models who gained fame through GNTM, including […]

#RethinkFashion by Perwoll: Second hand fashion on the catwalk – AYFW

#RethinkFashion by Perwoll / AYFW Milan – All pieces are second hand! True to the motto #RethinkFashion by Perwoll. Yes, not only fashion brands and celebrities can develop collections: Big brands can evolve, too. The mild detergent brand Perwoll has made it its mission to develop sustainable fashion. With Soulin Omar among their guests, they […]

LeGer by Lena Gercke: Casual Fashion for the City – AYFW

LeGer by Lena Gercke / AYFW Milan – She was the first GNTM winner and she closes the shows of ABOUT YOU Fashion Week 2022 with her collection: Lena Gercke. With her latest collection she is now also at the AYFW in Milan. Besides Lena Gercke herself, you could meet quite a few other celebs, […]

Guido Maria Kretschmer Collection: The king is here! Fall / Winter Outfits – AYFW

Guido Maria Kretschmer Collection / AYFW Milan 2022 – Germany’s Sweetheart! Guido Maria Kretschmer I don’t have to introduce you, he is GMK, a brand in itself. Here is his new collection for About You. You can find Guido Maria Kretschmer not only on the About You website, but also in Milan at AYFW. The […]

Denim Tom Tailor: Denim Looks in Milan – AYFW

Denim Tom Tailor / AYFW 2022 Milan – One of the many brands you can find at About You is Tom Tailor. They also get to showcase at AYFW in Milan. Maybe you already know Millane Friesen or Celine Bethmann, who got to sit in the front row. After Levi’s also Tom Tailor presents outfits […]

A lot less by Lena Meyer-Landrut: Fashion and new look for Lena – AYFW

A lot less by Lena Meyer-Landrut / AYFW Milan 2022 – “Like a satellite” Lena floats above things and tries to make the fashion world a little more sustainable with her collection. Together with musician Lena, About You created its own label called “a lot less”. With the outfits About You now also comes to […]

Leni Klum x About You: Fall / Winter Collection in Milan – AYFW

Leni Klum x About You / AYFW Milan 2022 – Leni opened #AYFW and also presented her own collection. A collaboration with the blossoming model Leni Klum was something About You couldn’t pass up. Together with her they brought out a whole collection, which is now presented at AYFW 2022 in Milan. With them in […]

Levi’s: The Jeans Company now with About You in Milan – AYFW

Levi’s / AYFW Milan 2022 – Levi’s, one of the most famous brands in the world may not be missing at the AYFW. The company is mainly about jeans, but they can do much more than that. At the Milan 2022 fashion show, they show what they can do. With in the audience VIPs like […]

Puma x About You: Live in Milan @ Fashion Week – AYFW

Puma / AYFW Milan 2022 – At the Fashion Week of About You, sporting goods may not be missing, of course. Watching for this is one of the most successful brands in the sports world: Puma. On the Black Carpet appeared among others Julian Braun and Bene Schulz from the Elevator Boys, with Emma Brooks […]

Lascana: Hot looks for your fall & winter – AYFW

Lascana / AYFW Milan 2022 – Whether nightwear, swimwear or shoes, at the fashion show of Lascana the ladies are just right. With great looks, the brand shows itself as part of the AYFW, which takes place for the first time in Milan. In the front row sat Victoria Swarovski and also former GNTM contestants, […]

RÆRE by Lorena Rae: Victoria Secret model becomes designer – AYFW

RÆRE by Lorena Rae / AYFW Milan 2022 – About You is known for collaborating with celebrities and presenting outfits or even entire collections together with them. This is also the case with model Lorena Rae. Find all looks, outfits and videos from Milan here: ABOUT YOU Fashion Week. RÆRE at the AYFW in Milan […]

6PM: First fashion show, ever! Casual Street Wear from Frankfurt – AYFW

6PM / AYFW Milan 2022 – The young, but already very successful brand 6PM may present itself at the AYFW in Milan 2022. For many still a blank sheet of paper, but now with About You, the awareness will rise quickly. What makes the brand so successful, you can now discover on the catwalk of […]

Hugo Boss: Elegant, Cool, Boss + Big Matthew Live On Stage – AYFW

Hugo Boss / AYFW Milan 2022 – Hugo Boss, a brand that probably everyone knows, is now also on the AYFW in Milan zusehen. Already on the second day one could marvel at the looks next to those of other big brands. Hugo Boss also delivers new ideas, even including a live show by Big […]