Litkovska fashion show: Masculine shapes on feminine shoulders – FW 2023 Summer

Litkovska fashion show summer 2023 Berlin – Exciting! After a stunning fashion show at Kraftwerk Berlin, here’s more about the brand. – Look forward to a summary of the collection and learn more about the designer Lilia Litkovska. Here you can find all the highlights of Berlin Fashion Week x Summer 2023.

LITKOVSKA x Fashion Week Berlin

Berlin is a unique place full of creative spirit. – Lilia Litkovska

Lilia Litkovska, a designer from a family of four generations of tailors, preserves the traditions and craftsmanship of this profession with her brand. She skillfully integrates traditions into modern contexts and champions ethics and sustainability. Known for bold shapes, refined cuts and intricate craftsmanship, Litkovska creates a unique connection between women and their clothing. Her industrial chic is indispensable in the international fashion industry. We are excited to see her latest summer 2023 collection presented at Kraftwerk Berlin!

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Must Have! 5 Highlights from the runway

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Haydon Perrior

Haydon Perrior

Haydon Perrior

Haydon Perrior

Haydon Perrior

LITKOVSKA: Masculine shapes on feminine shoulders

Lilia Litkovska, a designer with four generations of tailors in her family, founded the Litkovska brand out of a desire to preserve craftsmanship and tradition. Her designs are known for the motto: Masculine shapes on feminine shoulders. Through her brand, she integrates traditions into a modern context and advocates ethics and sustainability. Litkovska is known for bold shapes, sophisticated cuts and intricate craftsmanship, which she embodies in sleek and whimsical silhouettes as well as edgy yet flowing designs. Her brand creates a unique relationship between women and their clothing, establishing essential industrial chic in the international fashion industry.

Ukrainian culture as a source of inspiration

Lilia Litkovska draws inspiration from various sources for her design. Ukrainian tradition, which symbolizes love in its purest form, serves as a significant source. Traditions are passed down from generation to generation and Litkovska celebrates them as part of the cultural heritage through her brand. She also draws inspiration from global cultures and the considerations that come with them.

Berlin: a place full of creative energy

Berlin as a location has a significant influence on Litkovska’s work. As a place full of creative energy, the city offers the opportunity to develop and implement new ideas. Berlin allows contact and interaction with the international fashion community and the progressive market, which contributes to the inspiration and development of the brand. In recent years, Ukrainian design has gained prominence, which pleases Litkovska, although she regrets that this is happening under difficult circumstances.

Berlin Fashion Week Summer 2023

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