Refreshing summer make-up: Waterproof mascara & natural glow

Slowly summer is coming to us after all, and as every year the question arises how to find the perfect summer make-up for yourself. Just the kind that doesn’t run and makes you look tired and sweaty. Three make-up tutorials will help you to create the perfect look for yourself. Maybe you’d like to accentuate your eyes with eye shadow in summer, or maybe you like it natural. Here you will find the necessary tips and tricks that can help you.

Perfect make-up even in summer temperatures

Who doesn’t know? One stands in the subway and literally feels the beads of sweat on the forehead just waiting to run all over the face. Or you ride your bike to work and notice that it is much warmer than you thought and that you could have saved yourself the mascara in the morning. The summer has many beautiful sides only when it comes to make-up, so it can often be critical. Exactly here we want to show you what possibilities you have to create a beautiful make-up despite the burning heat.

Fresh through the day with discreet contouring

In hot temperatures you should avoid heavy make-up. Instead, however, with the help of a few tips you can turn a tired and sweaty face into a fresh one. Starting with a light day cream and a concealer, the foundation is already in place. Of course, you can decide for yourself how much make-up you want to apply to your eyes and how much you want to emphasize it. Our tip is to use a waterproof mascara. This way you are protected from the mascara running off. Watch this video and decide for yourself which steps you want to take in your summer make-up.

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Natural summer make-up with vegan products

You would like to conjure up a quick make-up that is suitable for the summer and at the same time you would like to make sure that the products are produced in an environmentally friendly and vegan way? Then we have a suitable video for you here. It shows how you can create a simple and very natural make-up look using only vegan products.

Quick No-Make-Up Look for everyday life

No time for an elaborate make-up, then comes the heat and directly you don’t feel like putting on make-up. But you still want to start the day fresh. Here we have a make-up tutorial that shows you how to apply a no make-up look for very summery temperatures. So you can enjoy a beautiful sunny day with a very natural look.