Long eyelashes mascara: This is how it’s done easily

Don’t you have exactly the eyelash curl you want? Especially with the stars and starlets in the beauty business, lashes always look so great, thick and long. Dark mascara lashes are usually exactly what is missing for the perfect finish of any make-up look. How you can achieve this at home, without having to invest hundreds of euros in lash extensions, we show you with a few great tips and tricks in this article!

Learning through tutorials

We all know and love them. The guys and gals who show us new and cool make-up looks every day on Instagram, YouTube & Co. Whether suitable for everyday use and with simple colors or totally gaudy, colorful and eye-catching perfect for the party that is coming up at the weekend. They explain us every single step, how we can achieve the result we see in front of us on the screen at home with the right techniques and products. But even when we do our best, it’s not always possible to achieve the result we’ve set ourselves as an example. Whether it’s because our lips aren’t as thick as those of the person we’re looking at or because our own eyelashes are just a few millimetres too short. But with most of the problems you can easily help with the right products.

Simply get longer eyelashes

Straight it fails with most at the eyelashes. Due to the weak hair growth in the face of most women suffer just these particularly often under, in their opinion, too short and often brittle eyelashes. But with the right product and a little practice, it is quite easy to create the perfect eyelash at home and also not too time-consuming. There are several methods that you can use to get your lashes the way you want them at home. With the right care products, you can make your natural lashes stand out even without make-up. Then an eyelash lift is a good option, which permanently curves the lashes upwards like an eyelash curler. For blonde, light lashes, they can also be tinted even darker, so you always look like you’re wearing mascara. Also the right mascara, or artificial eyelashes from the drugstore or the professional studio are variants to conjure up your desired eyelashes.

Length through care: eyelash serum, castor oil & Co.

There are also some care products that can get you to your goal of long lashes. With the right care you can, if you have a little time, also extend your eyelashes, so that you have great and long eyelashes even without makeup. There are different serums and oils that can help you with this, but also stimulating the root through massages can lead to the fact that your eyelashes grow faster and better and over time become longer and less fall out, which also leads to fullness of the eyelashes.

Pay attention to the ingredients

Often we buy a mascara because we like the name, or the packaging looks particularly good. In advertising, the model suddenly gets the greatest eyelashes and thus enchants all her fellow men, which of course we then also hope. But mascaras often contain substances that can impair the growth of natural eyelashes over the long term. Damaged and particularly fine lashes usually no longer look full, even when mascaraed, and it becomes difficult to achieve the desired eyelash lift. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the ingredients of the mascara you ultimately choose. Here, however, the price does not necessarily have to be telling.

Help it up with Fake Lashes

Those who have broken eyelashes or want it to be even more dramatic can also opt for the false eyelash option. Here, continuous or single lashes are glued close to the lash line to create the appearance of long, full and dark lashes. At the end of the day, these can be easily removed and after cleaning, can be used again the next day. However, this method requires a certain amount of practice and is not for everyone. Who would like to achieve this effect in the long term and is not sure whether he is able to glue on eyelashes, can also be helped in an eyelash studio and can be professionally glued on eyelash extensions, these last up to four weeks. But again, there’s a bit of a downside. The alternative is often very expensive and requires a certain degree of care, so as not to have lost a large part of the artificially added eyelashes after a few days.

Long eyelashes thanks to TikTok?!

On TikTok new trends are set every day, which reach especially the younger generations around the world. Guys and girls who love makeup see great long lashes on their For You page every day and of course want to be able to achieve them at home. The L’Oréal Telescopic in particular is going around a lot on TikTok right now, impressing even those among the users who don’t have such long natural lashes. But of course, mascaras always have the most blatant effect on blond people, who can conjure up a great, dark eye look for everyday and evening make-up with a little help.

Care & Extension in One

As an alternative to a single product or a single method to achieve the final goal are products that combine everything in one. So there are mascaras that have a certain amount of care in their formulation and not only extend the lashes is Tuschen, but at the same time also apply a serum, which can act all day and so also the natural lashes without product visibly extended and thicker thus makes more stable. In addition, there are mascaras, with two different products in a tube, where first a caring and protective primer is applied, which at the same time also supports the extension and then still gives color with a slightly more conventional mascara to make the lashes appear darker and which are often lighter at the tips. So you can exploit the maximum length and care in one.

Perfectly mascaraed eyelashes

In this video, YouTuber and TikToker Julia Beutx shows you how to apply long mascara: