Do it yourself eyelash lift at home: sets, costs, duration & before-and-after results

The eyelash lift is the perfect solution to get naturally long eyelashes. Especially in recent years, this eyelash extension method has become increasingly popular. The lift is done over several steps and is considered a perm for the eyelashes. Using different chemicals, the lashes gain curl and stay in that shape for several weeks. Especially this year, with lash salons closing or you finding a professional lash lift too expensive, many are turning to the DIY at home option. With instructions such as on YouTube or on the Internet, it is possible for anyone to perform a successful eyelash lift at home. However, patience and precision play an important role.

Advantages & prices of an eyelash lift set

You can get an eyelash lift kit at many shops on the internet where everything you need for a professional lift is included. The special thing about the lash kit is that they are usually much cheaper than a lift in the studio. Since there is enough product in one kit for multiple applications, this is a cheap and easy alternative. A normal eyelash lift costs around 40-80 euros on the shelf. If you extrapolate this, you already come to about 360 euros in half a year. Lifting kits on the Internet have a price of about 20-40 euros and can be used for several applications. We have summarized all the advantages of an eyelash lift kit again:

  • Less expensive compared to a professional eyelash lift
  • Enough product for multiple applications in one set
  • Instructions and tutorials abound on the Internet
  • Quick, uncomplicated and easy to make at home
  • Saves the way/time to the eyelash studio
  • DIY Lifting lasts as long as professional eyelash lifting (1-2 months)
  • Lashlifting sets are offered by many good brands

Eyelash serums for the extension of the lash lift

You can extend the life of your eyelashes by using eyelash serums. You can even do this if you have an eyelash lift. By applying daily, your lashes will become stronger, grow faster and extend the duration of your eyelash lift. The serum is offered by many different brands. The price varies greatly. The price range of the eyelash serums is approximately between 10-80 euros. Take a look at our article about eyelash serums and mascaras, if you want to have even more beautiful, longer and thicker eyelashes with or without eyelash lift.

Duration & effect of an eyelash lift

Eyelash curlers and mascara are a thing of the past! With an eyelash lift you get your desired lash curl for a long time. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and wake up with perfect lashes every morning. Getting a permanent eyelash lift done at a professional eyelash studio takes a lot of time and money. Thus, many choose to do the lift themselves quite simply at home. The eyes get an immediately more open and radiant effect after the lift. The time you would otherwise invest in makeup is significantly reduced with this method. There are lash lift kits from many brands, but they vary tremendously in price and quality. We have tested some eyelash lift kits for you to find out which one is best worth buying. Our tip: Read the various reviews and testimonials before buying. We were convinced by the eyelash lift set from Iconsign, as it not only has great reviews, but also delivers what it promises and is easy to use.

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Curved eyelashes: step by step guide

The eyelash lift is done in four steps. With an adhesive specifically for the skin, you stick the eyelash pad on your eyelid. Since the glue is easily removable, it also comes off very easily from the skin. First, you attach the eyelashes with one on an eyelash pad. This pad is available in many different sizes, so you can choose the curl of your lashes yourself. It is important that the lashes do not lie on top of each other, but next to each other. This is especially important to achieve the best possible result. You can fix the lashes with the help of the comb and bring them into the desired position. Step 2 is to apply the lifting lotion to the lashes. The purpose of the lotion is to break the natural structure of the lashes and thus change it. Leave this on for about 10 minutes. After the exposure time, the lotion is removed from the eyelashes. A second tincture is applied which has the effect that the new lash shape is fixed. If desired, the lashes can be tinted after this step to make them look darker and fuller. The second lotion is also removed after 10 minutes, and voila! Your eyelash lift is ready.

Doing eyelash lift yourself: How it works!

  • Step 1: Attach eyelashes to eyelash pad with skin glue
  • Step 2: Bring eyelashes into desired position with comb
  • Step 3: Coat lashes with lotion to change structure (7-12 min.)
  • Step 4: Coat lashes again with solution to harden shape (7-12 min.)
  • Step 5: Dye eyelashes (optional)

Lashlifting Videos: Tutorials, Tips & Experiences

Eyelash lifting can often prove to be more difficult than it first appears. There are many DIY eyelash lift videos on YouTube that will help you with the application and explain everything step by step. We’ve picked out the 2 best and most informative videos on YouTube.

Lashlift Tutorial: Simple & Cheap do it yourself

In this video it is explained to you step by step what you have to consider with a lash lift and how it works exactly. Watch it!