Protection & care for your skin: the right day cream is so important

Protecting & caring for your skin – Every day, your skin is exposed to numerous influences that can be potentially hazardous to skin health. These include environmental influences such as smog and UV radiation, but also your make-up can contribute to the facial skin drying out and then showing early signs of aging. To avoid this and protect and care for your skin in everyday life, be sure to use a day cream.

Dry skin needs a moisturizing day cream

Many people suffer from dry facial skin, which is manifested, among other things, by a feeling of tension. If dry skin does not receive adequate care, wrinkles quickly form, often at a young age. You can prevent these undesirable phenomena by providing your skin with as much moisture as possible, for example with a moisturizing day cream. These protect your skin from negative environmental influences and at the same time ensure that it does not dry out even in bright sunshine. With special products containing hyaluronic acid, for example, you can relieve feelings of tension and make dry and rough skin disappear with regular use.

Day cream also plays an important role in the field of anti-aging

If your skin already shows small wrinkles, care products and cosmetics from the anti-aging category are the right choice. Day creams with an anti-aging effect are enriched with retinol, for example, and are able to soften minor irregularities, wrinkles and rough spots on your face, thus ensuring a youthful complexion. In addition, the skin care specifically for mature skin protects against the appearance of new signs of aging. Your skin will become softer and more even, and any redness and visible veins will also disappear with regular use of appropriate day creams. When buying, you should make sure that the cream of your choice contains sufficient moisture, because too dry skin is predestined for the appearance of premature signs of aging.

Sensitive skin needs special care every day

It is sometimes not so easy to find suitable creams and cosmetics for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin often reacts strongly to environmental influences, but also to ingredients contained in care products, which can intensify complaints such as redness, itching or pimples. A day cream should therefore avoid parabens, preservatives and comparable additives and instead present itself as naturally and purely as possible. The more natural the ingredients, the gentler the product will be on your skin. You can also avoid unnecessary irritation in this way. If you are allergic to certain ingredients, you must avoid them at all costs in order to rule out any undesirable reactions. You can find an informative list of all ingredients for every day cream at a specialist retailer.

Day creams for every skin type: indispensable for your everyday life

For the sake of your skin’s health, you should never do without a day cream that is suitable for your individual needs. Modern, high-quality products form a protective barrier between your skin and the environment and are also ideal as a base for your makeup. Day creams are available for every skin type and are a must in your cosmetics cabinet – as is a suitable night cream that perfects the protection and care of your skin. If in doubt, a visit to the cosmetician or dermatologist can help you find the right day cream.

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