Facial cleanser: The best facial cleansers for all skin types

Facial cleansing – The very first and most important step of a good facial care routine is a good facial cleanser. In order for creams, serums and masks to penetrate the skin well, the face must be cleansed down to the pores. That’s why it’s essential to use the right facial cleanser for your individual skin type for clear and radiant skin. In this article, you will learn how to properly cleanse your face and how to find the right facial cleanser for your skin.

Facial cleansing: Tips for clear skin

There is a lot to consider when cleansing your face, because the skin is very sensitive, so you should make sure to clean your face with facial cleansers with good ingredients, because these are gentler to your skin. Here you will also find tips on what you need to pay special attention to when cleaning and a few good product recommendations:

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  • Find your individual skin type 1:55 – 2:15
  • Find a suitable facial cleanser for your skin 2:16 – 2:31
  • For combination and oily skin: Youth to the people kale + green tea facial cleanser 2:45 – 2:59
  • Dry skin: Krave beauty matcha moisturizing facial cleanser 3:00 – 3:16
  • Cheap drugstore alternative: Simple Micellar Gel Facial Cleanser 3:17 – 3:28
  • Tip: To find the right facial cleanser for you, look at the ingredients!
  • Do not use facial cleansers with the ingredient: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Always apply your facial cleanser to your wet face (preferably in the shower)
  • Application: Take a little product, lather it in your hands and apply it
  • Wash off your facial cleanser after about 1 minute and continue your facial care routine directly

Dermatologist recommends: facial cleanser for all skin types

When it comes to facial care, it’s important to listen to experts like beauticians and dermatologists, because skin is very sensitive and needs to be treated with care. Dermatologist Dr. Shereene Idriss explains why you should cleanse your face, how facial cleansers work and which products suit your skin type:

  • 0:00 – 2:25: The reason why you should definitely clean your face
  • 2:26 – 6:47: Effect of facial cleansers
  • 6:48 – 7:28: Advantages of facial cleansing with two different cleansers.
  • Facial cleanser / oil based: Removes make-up and sunscreen residues
  • Water-based facial foam: removes dirt
  • 7:29 – 16:10: Recommendations for dry, sensitive, oily and normal skin.

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