Best Social Club Ibiza! Cannabis & Cappuccino in GREENtime Ibiza: 7 Island Tips

Social Club in Ibiza – Imagine you are on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea and you don’t have the same problems with cannabis as in other countries! Welcome to Ibiza. You are addicted to cannabis or marijuana? Then you shouldn’t ask on the street, but go specifically to a good social club. You have never heard of social clubs? Then you should definitely read this article! Here you will learn how to buy cannabis in Ibiza.

Buying cannabis in Ibiza’s social clubs

In fact, the law in Ibiza is such that it is legally tolerated to consume cannabis within certain limits. For this purpose, there are so-called social clubs. Small cafés, if you will, where you can buy cannabis.

We were in Ibiza for you and this is our little guide for you incl. the best social club in Ibiza!

Welcome to Ibiza: Airport and Island

When you arrive at Ibiza airport, you land in Eivissa. Eivissa is the largest city on the island, next to Santa Eulalia. Both cities are only 20 minutes away from each other. In general, you can get around Ibiza quickly.

Ibiza airport and city:

Eivissa and downtown:

Beach, sun, good weather, party and beach clubs

Most people come for the beach, sun, good weather, parties and beach clubs. All this you can experience in Ibiza, from spring through summer and into autumn. Only. Winter is not a season here (so very, very few tourists). Nevertheless, it is still warm on average 15 degrees. Ibiza itself consists of these two large cities, plus Sant Antoni. Sant Antoni, however, is already a little smaller and also a little more designed for cheap tourism.

In the big cities you can really find everything you need. Beach promenades with small cafes, delicious paella and especially many clubs. You will love the island! A small tropical paradise in the Mediterranean.

Largest cities:

  1. Eivissa (airport, southeast of the island)
  2. Santa Eulalia (Southeast)
  3. Sant Antoni (Southwest)

Laws in Ibiza: Relaxing into the sunset

In fact, the island was once especially popular with hippies and dropouts. This gives it until today this special charm. In addition, of course, the impressive nature of rugged rocks. Even more spectacular than the island world of Mallorca. Maybe that’s why the laws are a bit more relaxed than in the rest of Spain.

Now for the important questions:

Social Clubs Ibiaz: The most frequently asked 7 questions

The 7 most frequently asked questions at a glance:

  1. Where can you find social clubs in Ibiza?
  2. What does a social club look like from the inside?
  3. What is the best social club in Ibiza?
  4. How do you get into a social club?
  5. How much cannabis can you buy?
  6. Is it okay to smoke weed outside of the social club?
  7. How much does marijuana cost at the social club?

Where can you find social clubs in Ibiza?

You can find social clubs in the big cities. But there are not many, only a small handful. These social clubs also don’t have a typical entrance in the shopping street, they are relatively hidden and quietly located. After all, this is not about drug tourism, but about a relatively regulated environment in which cannabis is dispensed.

What does a social club look like from the inside?

You can think of social clubs as small cafes. Only without the typical walk-in crowd and the big window facade, like at Starbucks.

You can drink coffee, eat delicious pastries from locals, you get information about cannabis, but also alternatives like CBD. You have the possibility to sit down with friends, music is playing in the background. So the name “Social” is also a bit of a program! Local residents meet here all the time, after all. Like in a small coffee shop around the corner.

So it’s not just about buying cannabis, social clubs are so much more.

By the way, you can find such social clubs not only in Ibiza, also in Barcelona there is this legal relaxation.

What is the best social club in Ibiza?

We have visited all the social clubs in Ibiza for you and according to our experience, there is only one recommendation for the best social club in Ibiza:

GREENtime Ibiza in Eivissa

Below the logo is the counter with the different varieties and products (more on that later).

A small exclusive view (lounge area with café) into the GREENtime Ibiza.

The addresses of the social club are kept relatively anonymous. This is also to avoid ongoing audience, so that the neighbors are not disturbed. This is also part of the concept of the Social Club here in Ibiza. In addition, the founder and owner is really charming. She herself is from South America and has started her own business with this social club. The passion and passion leads one and you can see it in the relatively high-quality equipment.

During the conversation she also told me about the plans she has for the future, I just say yacht, champagne and cannabis! In this social club you should stop by.

Now, of course, the big question arises:

How do you get into a social club?

If you want to become a member of a social club, ideally you come recommended by a friend.

  • Recommendation of a member (ideal case)

How much cannabis can you buy?

Purely from the philosophy, it is not about buying and selling cannabis, but about the common, responsible consumption. So on site there are commercial quantities, about 20 grams of each variety and usually five to ten varieties. Usually there is also hashish and small snacks made of cannabis, e.g. cakes or cookies. Perfect with a cappuccino!

  • 5-10 varieties
  • 20-50 gram each in stock
  • Cannabis and hashish
  • CBD products
  • Snacks and cafe

So you can decide for yourself if you want just half a gram, a gram, 5, 10 grams or even 20 grams of cannabis.

Is it okay to smoke weed outside of the social club?

Smoking cannabis is not allowed in principle, but it is tolerated. So if you take cannabis with you after your social club visit, it is not a problem.

How much does marijuana cost at the social club?

Prices are not fixed, accordingly, each takes its own prices program and, of course, per variety. As a rule, you pay between 11 and 13 euros for a gram of cannabis. For this you have the great advantage that you can consume here relatively undisturbed, so you do not have to worry as in many countries, for example in Germany, France or even a large part of the USA.

  • Price: ~ 11 to 13 Euro / gram

So the vacation in Ibiza can begin!

Social clubs in Ibiza: cannabis and cappuccino

you see, such socialclubs are something completely different than just a way to get weed. This is about meeting other people, having a cappuccino with friends, not just getting in and out, but also taking 15, 20 minutes or even an hour.