Denmark Insider Tips! Family, child, beach & more! Jørgen Laustsen in interview

Denmark – Dive with us into the world of Denmark, between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, accompanied by our expert Jørgen Laustsen(Feline)! In this talk we will explore the unique facets of this enchanting country. Denmark, characterized by breathtaking nature, warm people and a rich history, has so much to offer. Let’s explore […]

Vacation home Denmark: With family & dog, experience report + vacation home checklist!

Vacation home Denmark – last minute or well prepared, the most important practical tips to find a beautiful vacation home and for beautiful memories, on solo tour, as a couple or with the family! Here you will find peace, sea air, friendly people, wonderful nature and beaches. Directly on the sea of the North Sea, […]

10 tips for Denmark: These places you must have seen! – Vacation, family, child, shopping

Denmark vacation in a vacation home: what to do? Last minute over the weekend or even the long planned family vacation. After my little travel report“Holiday home Denmark” you still do not have enough vacation tips? Discover here 10 extra tips and many good reasons to visit these places! With children, with dog, shopping, North […]

Baltic Sea or North Sea? Camping, vacation home, take a vacation! Travel check

Baltic Sea or North Sea – A vacation at the coast is for many people the epitome of relaxation and recreation! Germany offers two beautiful coastal regions to choose from: the North Sea in the north-west and the Baltic Sea in the north-east of the country. But which coast fits best to your ideas of […]

Roof tent assembly: tips for assembly, roof load & safe camping

Roof tent setup – A roof tent is not only extremely practical, but also offers a comfortable sleeping option in the great outdoors. With a few simple steps and a little practice, adventure seekers can set up their sleeping space for camping very quickly. We’ll walk you through the steps, give you tips and share […]

Which is the best roof tent? – Tips for the decision

Which is the best roof tent? – When thinking about outdoor expeditions, spontaneous trips and camping, the question comes up more and more often: Which rooftop tent is right for me? The question of the best roof tent must be answered by each camper for himself. But we can tell you how to find out […]

Which roof tent to buy? – Checklist, tips & manufacturers for camping

Which roof tent to buy? – The idea of spending the night outdoors and still resting in a cozy sleeping space attracts many outdoor enthusiasts to the rooftop tent. But with the multitude of rooftop tent manufacturers on the market, the question may arise: Which rooftop tent should I buy? From experiences and recommendations to […]

Roof tent advantages & disadvantages: Camping adventure under the stars

Rooftop Tent Suppliers – In the exciting world of camping, there are a variety of ways that you can get up close and personal with nature. Among these, rooftop tents have become an extremely popular choice in recent years. With many different rooftop tent manufacturers and different models, including special varieties like rooftop tents for […]

Roof tent stores: Good prices, good experience – Our recommendation

Roof Tent Shops – When looking for the right roof tent, the question often arises: which roof tent to buy? Given the variety of roof tent manufacturers and different models, including roof tents for three people or more, the choice can be overwhelming. Here are some recommendations for you. In this article, we’ll take a […]

Rooftop tent providers: Campwerk, iKamper and Tuff Trek – Which is the right one?

Roof Tent Suppliers – Roof tents are the ultimate companion for adventurous camping, but with so many manufacturers and different models – such as roof tents for two people – the question can arise: Which roof tent should I buy? In this context, three well-known suppliers are particularly worth mentioning: Campwerk, iKamper and Tuff Trek. […]

Airpass roof tent: setup, size & limitless travel possibilities – for campers

Airpass Roof Tent – If you crave adventure and freedom, roof tent camping may be just what you’re looking for. Here you’ll find the basics of understanding rooftop tents, specifically Airpass rooftop tents. From the fascinating history to the practical explanation, from effortless setup to choosing the right size, it’s all essentials for camping beginners. […]

Bundutec Bundutop roof tent: at the touch of a button retractable sleeping place when camping.

Bundutec Bundutop Roof Tent – If you’ve ever dreamed of stargazing from the roof of your vehicle, or just experiencing nature in a whole new way, then you should check out camping with a roof tent. We’re diving into the world of rooftop camping, with a special look at the Bundutop rooftop tent and all […]

DTBD Outdoor rooftop tents: Self-contained outdoors for camping beginners.

DTBD Outdoor Rooftop Tents – When the longing for outdoor adventures calls and you want to fully enjoy the freedom of camping, DTBD rooftop tents could be the answer. From their fascinating origin story to their practical benefits and valuable tips for camping beginners, we’ll take you on a journey through the world of DTBD […]

Howling Moon rooftop tent: camping adventure for beginners & outdoor enthusiasts

Howling Moon Roof Tent – Dive into the world of the ultimate camping experience with Howling Moon! This renowned manufacturer from South Africa has earned a global reputation for high-quality rooftop tents and camping accessories that impress even experienced adventurers. But it’s not just for professionals – camping novices will also be impressed by the […]

Cheap camping & travel: Roof tent vacation with family

Cheap Camping & Travel – Vacation doesn’t have to be expensive! With a rooftop tent, you can enjoy camping and travel inexpensively by saving on all overnight costs after purchase. Our expert reveals tips on how families can save money with a rooftop tent, such as nearby destinations, seasonal deals and cheap campsites. Plus, rooftop […]

Darche roof tent: robust equipment for your camping adventure

Darche roof tent – The vacation is just around the corner? A very special experience you have with camping in the roof tent! The roof tents from Darche are especially attractive for camping beginners, because they offer easy handling and quick assembly, which make it possible to camp in nature without complications. What makes Darche […]