Feli aka Video stuff in interview: Fashionbrand, Podcast, Student Calendar & Positive Mindset

In this exclusive interview, social media star Feli, aka video stuff, reveals all the details about her exciting new fashion brand “felicious”! With enthusiasm she tells us about her podcast “life is felicious” and gives us insights into the topics that are waiting for us there. At the same time, she reveals which exciting projects […]

Sanny Kaur in interview: Self-confidence, motivation & making dreams come true

Today we have the honor of interviewing Sanny Kaur, a confident young woman who has been creating content for social media for over 10 years. Sanny started her journey as a YouTuber and is now also active on Instagram and TikTok. Her channel offers much more than just beauty and fashion tips. Sanny shares with […]

Tim Johnson interview: How do I become a doer? Seize opportunities & increase productivity

Tim Johnson – Power, Power, Power! Lifestyle Influencer Tim is not just a grandiose visionary. He is aware that achieving his dreams always involves hard work and determination. He infects his followers every day with exciting approaches and his unique motivation. From nothing comes nothing! But how does he manage to maintain his discipline in […]

How a positive mindset changes your life: Tatjana in interview

Tatjana has made it her mission to share her knowledge and experience in personal development and growth and inspire her followers to unleash their full potential. She is known for her creative approach to the topic, offering tips and tricks on how to change your mindset to be successful. Tatjana is not only a manifestation […]

Zoe Dvir: VR Avatar, Metaverse, Fashion Show and Future Outlook – Interview

Zoe Dvir – Today we have the honor of interviewing one of the world’s first digital avatars. Zoe is 24 years old and has already participated in some remarkable projects, including the world’s first virtual fashion show, 2021. As a digital avatar, Zoe has set new standards for technology and shown how it can be […]

Imma: Life as a VR Influencer, Japanese Culture and Community Care – Interview

imma – another well-known personality from the Metaverse. She is a virtual influencer who lives in Japan and has a growing fan base there. With her distinctive aesthetic and sense of virtual fashion, she has managed to stand out from other Influencer:ins and create her own identity. In this interview, we’ll get to know imma […]

Ella Stoller: Virtual Model, Future VR, Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence – Interview

Ella Stoller – She likes to change her hair color, has a cute Pomeranian as a pet and works as a model in advertising. Among other things, in commercials for Buffalo London. She has also been in commercials for a food delivery brand, she explains real estate. As a digital avatar, Ella has the opportunity […]

Sua: VR Avatar, Metaverse, life in Seoul and career as a musician – Interview

Sua – She has built an enormous following in the virtual world and is known for her unique contributions and creative demeanor. As a leader in the Metaverse, Sua offers a unique insight into the world of virtual reality and the role it could play in our future society. We’re excited to speak with Sua […]

Lucy: Community, life in reality and live commerce experiences – Interview

The Metaverse – A world in which virtuality and reality continue to merge. Here, virtual personalities like Lucy have a major impact on digital society. With her impressive presence and unique style, Lucy has managed to gain a large fan base and attract the attention of many brands and companies. In this interview, we’ll dive […]

Kyra: VR Model, Metaverse, Life in India and Mumbai Hot Spots – Interview

Kyra – She is a unique personality of the Metaverse and has managed to build a huge following by showing her creativity and unique style. As one of the virtual Influencer:ins, she is an important representative of Indian culture and represents it in a unique and creative way. In this interview we will learn more […]

Yuna: VR Model, Success Factors & CM Models – Interview

Yuna – She shines as a rising star in the social media firmament. In this interview, we learn more about her beginnings as a virtual influencer, what her experiences have been so far and what her future plans are. She is a unique personality and her role as a virtual influencer comes with interesting challenges […]

Met Gala 2023 x Karl Lagerfeld: The Night, Stars and Jared Leto as Karl’s Cat

Met Gala 2023 x Karl Lagerfeld – Hold on to your hats, fashionistas – the Met Gala 2023 just rocked the red carpet and there was more glamour than you could ever handle in one night! From vertiginous shoes to skin-tight glitter suits, the stars pulled out all the stops to honor Karl Lagerfeld and […]

FIV Issue #30: Kim Hnizdo, Jennifer Lopez x Intimissimi, Adorablecaro, Carmushka

The new FIV issue #30 is online! On the cover: GNTM winner Kim Hnizdo. Since winning season 11, she has been working internationally as a model and traveling all over the world. Learn more about her career and why mental health is so important to her. Want more GNTM? Trixiegiese from season 13 reveals to […]

Grace Jones: Singer, Songwriter, Actress – The Icon

Grace Jones is a Jamaican-American singer, songwriter, actress and model. She became known in the 1970s and 1980s for her unique music, androgynous appearance and eccentric styling. Jones had hits such as “Pull Up to the Bumper” and “Slave to the Rhythm” and also appeared in films such as “A View to a Kill” and […]

Carinapranz in interview: About family, content creation & everyday life

Carinapranz interview – Carina is one of the most popular content creators from Austria. She provides her community on her social media channels with fashion, travel and mom content, because besides her full-time job she is mom to three kids, two cats and a dog. Sounds like a stressful everyday life, right? And it is, […]

Julia.kammerer in interview: About tattoos, fashion & Coachella

Julia.kammerer in interview – Fashion, Lifestyle, Food! Julia’s social media channels revolve around these topics. The always cheerful content creator posts fashion hauls, outfit inspirations, recipes and lots of lifestyle content. And she never misses her dog Abbey. She loves to travel and special trips always get a place under her skin. Fashion Inspiration Julia […]