The infinite widths of make-up. From foundation and mascara to highlighter and contouring. There is an almost infinite number of brands and products. Where is the best place to start? We also introduce you to the best products from high fashion make-up styling to relaxed going out with your friends. Which make-up is good for my skin and which one is just bad for me? We also deal with this for you, so that you always have a look that suits you best.

FIV Issue #27 with Riccardo Simonetti: Glow Up! + Berlin Fashion Week Looks

FIV Magazine #27 – In this issue #27 we have for you, all about Riccardo Simonetti’s new show Glow Up in ZDFneo! We also have the looks of the Berlin Fashion Week. Everything for your spring / summer outfit in 2023. We were on site and show you the collections and looks, directly from the […]

Riccardo Simonetti in an interview: About “Glow Up” – New Show on ZDFneo

Riccardo Simonetti in an interview – entertainer, bestselling author, model, activist and presenter! He has entered the media world with his successful blog and is one of the most popular TV faces in Germany. He has written three books “Mama, ich bin schwul”, “Mein Recht zu funkeln” and “Raffi und sein pinkes Tutu”, with which […]

Glow Up (Season 1) with Riccardo Simonetti: Jury, candidates, challenges! + broadcast dates

Glow Up – Our cover story in FIV Magazine #27 is Riccardo Simonetti’s new show. He is an icon for a whole generation. He speaks from his heart and only pursues projects that he stands behind one hundred percent. Riccardo has one goal: to find Germany’s best make-up artist. To achieve this, Riccardo and his […]

Make it LOUD! Make-up Collection: Created by Ivana Santacruz

Ivana Santacruz – An own collection is always something very special, even for celebrities. But the very first, own collection is something really unique! Just like the first make-up collection by Ivana Santacruz. For the very first beauty collaboration, “singer and musician Ivana Santacruz embodies her bold personal style with sensual nude shadows, extravagant false […]

Tips for a perfect eyelash: Nourishing mascaras, strengthening vitamin E & eyelash serums

Our eyes are the mirror to the soul. To set them perfectly in scene, a thick and long eyelash line is the dream of many women and men. But not everyone is blessed with their “dream eyelashes”. Various influences such as age, life circumstances and care have an impact on the growth and appearance of […]

Long eyelashes mascara: This is how it’s done easily

Don’t you have exactly the eyelash curl you want? Especially with the stars and starlets in the beauty business, lashes always look so great, thick and long. Dark mascara lashes are usually exactly what is missing for the perfect finish of any make-up look. How you can achieve this at home, without having to invest […]

Full eyebrows thanks to Brow Lift, Microblading & Co.

Full eyebrows are the dream of many people, but unfortunately most of us do not grow the desired brows in a natural way and we have to help a little. With the various pens and pomades you can if you have the skills and the time the result herbeischminken what you long for. But not […]

Armani Beauty: Maestro for perfume, make-up and skin care

Giorgio Armani Beauty – Elegant, timeless, Italian clothing. The fashion designer became known mainly for his sleek men’s suits. But already in 1982 he released his own perfume. The beauty segment has always grown by quite a bit. Read this article to know everything about the beauty division of the world famous designer. From make-up […]

Make Up

We show you tips, tricks and live hacks for your make up & Style. Finally, no more make-up borders and the balky bronzer. Make-up too light or too dark? This will no longer exist in the future. We at FIV will give you the best tips for your perfect make-up look and tell you what you need, no matter what occasion and with what products you prepare your face perfectly for your next make-up look, because the daily care routine should not be neglected. To the suitable make-up must of course also the suitable hairstyle her.

Brushes: Tips and Tricks

There are hundreds of different brushes for your make-up look. Is a make-up egg better or a brush? Which brushes do you need for the perfect cateye look? We will show you what brushes are available, what brushes are used for and what cheap but still high quality brushes are available, because it doesn’t necessarily have to be Chanel.

No Make-up Make-up: Natural Look

If you’re more the type of guy who doesn’t wear make-up, then of course you won’t get in line with us. Because we also give you tips for your perfect no make-up look, if you don’t like too much frills and still want to start the day fresh and awake. Then we have the perfect tips for you here. No matter if it’s no make-up, or the morning hairstyle, or even a splash of your old perfume, we guarantee that we will show you how you can still feel beautiful.